These diseases [said on the Internet] can be treated, but doctors say they cannot be treated. Can they be treated?

Is it true that turning one’s eyeball can cure myopia?


The eyeball is like a complicated and precise camera. After myopia, the eyeball will become longer, causing parallel light to focus in front of the retina. Therefore, one has to get close to reach the appropriate focal length so as to see clearly.

Rotating the eyeball can really rest the eyes and relieve asthenopia caused by long-term use of the eyes, but there is no way to shorten the length of the eyeball, and it is impossible to change the condition of myopia [unable to focus].

At present, the most effective and safe way to correct myopia is to wear glasses. Some people think that myopia will get deeper and deeper after wearing glasses, which is a very common misunderstanding. In fact, wearing glasses can not only make people see clearly, but also has a positive effect on relieving asthenopia and improving binocular vision function.

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Is it true that eating kiwi fruit can cure oral ulcer?


Many people think that oral ulcer is so common that it is usually caused by vitamin deficiency. It is good to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Many people have heard a legend that eating kiwi fruit can cure oral ulcer.

Although modern medicine is quite developed, the real cause of oral ulcer is still unclear. At present, the basic consensus in the medical field is that ordinary recurrent oral ulcer is not caused by [vitamin deficiency]. Not only is kiwi fruit useless, but eating some sour fruits will aggravate oral ulcer instead.

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Is it true that norfloxacin can treat diarrhea?


If you have diarrhea, you will eat norfloxacin. It seems that there is no problem, but in fact the hidden danger is not small.

Norfloxacin is an antibiotic. If you eat it as soon as you have diarrhea, you will abuse antibiotics, which will accelerate the production of drug-resistant bacteria. It may become more and more difficult to treat bacterial infection in the future. However, even if it is eaten occasionally, it is also the wrong use of antibiotics, which may destroy the harmony of flora in the intestinal tract and affect the health of the intestinal tract. Coupled with the side effects of antibiotics, it is easy to further aggravate diarrhea.

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The Internet said that cervical erosion is a very serious disease, is it true?


The name [cervical erosion] just sounds scary, but it cannot be used as a disease name, and there is no such word in medical textbooks.

Most cervical erosion is a physiological change caused by the rise of estrogen level, which is a normal manifestation. You don’t have to be afraid to hear the word.

Although cervical inflammation, some cervical neoplasia and even cervical cancer also show symptoms of cervical erosion, it cannot be said that cervical erosion causes these problems.

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Is it true that depression can be diagnosed by doing a set of questionnaires?


It is true that when doctors diagnose depression, they have to look at a person’s symptoms and manifestations, but in most cases, our own judgment is not accurate enough. The only person who can really evaluate is a psychiatrist.

Although psychiatrists will also ask patients to do some questionnaires when diagnosing, this score can only be used as a reference and is not the only diagnostic standard.

Therefore, it is only a legend that mental diseases can be diagnosed by questionnaire. Don’t take it seriously.

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Is it true that washing nose with saline can treat rhinitis?

This is true.

To relieve the symptoms caused by mild allergic rhinitis, the first choice is to flush the nasal cavity with [normal saline] once or twice a day. However, note that [normal saline] is used here, not water mixed with edible salt.

Physiological saline cleaning nasal cavity can clean out nasal secretions and allergens, keep nasal cavity moist and improve the function of nasal mucosa.

When rhinitis symptoms cannot be controlled, medication should be taken. Once the nose is blocked, the whole person is not good and even the supply of oxygen will be reduced, which will have a greater impact on people.

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The doctor said

Doctors said that it is a good thing that ordinary people are willing to inquire about the disease online, but reliable knowledge can help. Otherwise, listening to those rumors will not only increase the difficulty of communication between doctors and patients, but also delay the disease and damage the health. The loss outweights the gain.

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