There are all the problems that should be paid attention to before and after taking the medicine.

After reading so many popular science articles, I still don’t know how to take medicine. Today, Dr. Clove will sort out the things you should pay attention to when taking medicine.

Precautions before taking medicine

When you need to communicate with the doctor when you see a doctor, you should try your best to tell the doctor your physical condition so as to increase the doctor’s understanding of you. Avoid doctors prescribing inappropriate drugs because they do not know enough about your specific situation.

If there are any of the following circumstances, you need to actively tell the doctor when seeing a doctor:

1. History of drug allergy, any chronic disease or unusual medication experience;

2. Women who are preparing for pregnancy, are pregnant or nursing; Click to view: How to use drugs safely during lactation

3. Liver and kidney function is not good, doctors will choose other drugs with low liver and kidney toxicity to prevent the burden on liver and kidney from increasing;

4. Drugs taken now or in the past few weeks, including traditional Chinese medicine (don’t think traditional Chinese medicine is natural and it’s okay, it may also cause adverse reactions or drug interactions);

5. Before going to other hospitals or doctors and prescribing different drugs, it is better to bring the previous medical record book or medicine box;

6. If you can’t read, or your eyesight and memory are poor, you should also tell your doctor. Of course, it is best to ask your family to accompany you to see a doctor in this case.

Precautions when taking medicine

After getting the medicine prescribed by the doctor, don’t worry about taking the medicine. First, look at the following points:

1. Do not tear off the drug label or label at will, and do not discard the outer package at will;

2. Keep the doctor’s advice and drug instructions, and take the drug regularly and quantitatively according to the doctor’s instructions, so as to give full play to the best curative effect and pay attention to the effective period of the drug. Click View: How to judge whether it has expired?

3. Avoid taking medicine in dark or poor light places, which is easy to make mistakes.

4. When taking medicine, take standing or sitting posture, take it with warm boiled water, and drink more water appropriately to help the medicine reach the stomach smoothly and avoid the medicine adhering to the esophagus, causing irritation and injury, and also affecting the drug effect;

5. When traveling, prepare the medicine or confirm that the medicine can be obtained at the destination before traveling, and put the medicine in the hand luggage with you.

How to take several special drugs

Some drugs have some special names in their names. These names often represent their dosage forms and drug characteristics. If there are the following situations, special attention should be paid to them:

    Sustained release preparation: cannot be chewed or ground; Acid-making agents (drugs for neutralizing gastric acid, such as aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide): good crushing effect; Intestinal solvent type: cannot be crushed or taken at the same time as the acid-making agent mentioned above; Effervescent tablets: add warm water to foam and take them after no more bubbles are generated. Sublingual tablets: They should be contained under the tongue so that oral mucosa can absorb them and cannot be swallowed directly. When taking liquid drugs, use calibrated measuring cups and spoons to avoid taking them mouth to mouth. The suspension must be shaken well and taken.

Precautions after medication

1. If there is any discomfort, abnormal reaction or side effect after taking the medicine, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist in time.

2. Do not stop taking drugs without authorization due to slight improvement or disappearance of the disease condition. Complete the course of treatment according to the doctor’s instructions.

3. If the condition of acute disease does not improve after 2-3 days of medication or the therapeutic effect is obviously not ideal, the patient should return to the clinic in time and do not give up the treatment.

4. Found missed medication:

(1) If the drug usage is once a day, please take it immediately whenever you remember it;

(2) The usage is multiple times a day. If you just forget it, you should eat it as soon as possible. If it is close to the next administration time (the time is less than 2 hours), it must be supplemented and taken again when taking the medicine next time to avoid repeated doses.

Doctor, after all this talk, I still can’t remember what to do.

Don’t panic, I have summed it up as a pithy formula:

Don’t be disappointed when you get the medicine, look at the instructions and then look at the effective period.

Take the liquid medicine upright and take it. Do not chew it for slow release and controlled release.

Remember regularly and quantitatively, and do not increase or decrease the amount without authorization.

If there is no effect, you should return to the clinic, take less and miss it, and don’t panic.

Take it immediately once a day; Judge many times a day.

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