These methods will help you eliminate your double chin.

Many friends accumulate too much fat around their necks due to overweight and obesity problems, resulting in double chins, sometimes N chins. This is medically called “mandibular fat bag”.

Some lose weight too fast, the skin does not have time to tighten, easy to become loose, so that [I am very thin, why still have double chin]; Or just as you grow older, your skin becomes loose, which will make your skin droop into several layers under the influence of [gravity].

Reasons for the Formation of Double Chin

There are several factors that may promote the formation of double chin: poor body posture, lack of exercise, obesity, age growth and heredity.

For example, genes determine that some people are born with round faces, which in turn determines that fat will easily accumulate in the chin. However, metabolism slows down and lack of exercise, the muscles in the chin will gradually decrease, the skin will lose elasticity, and the skin will droop…

However, this does not mean that you cannot eliminate it. There are various methods.

Cosmetic modification

Women, in particular, can help [hide] their double chins and achieve visual beautification effect through makeup, hairstyles and accessories that are more suitable for them.

    Make your eyes bigger and more noticeable. Use dark foundation to highlight the lower jaw line. Choose an open collar shirt, a V-neck jacket. Wear more gorgeous pendants and so on to prevent them from noticing your double chin. However, be careful, wearing too exaggerated necklaces may make your double chin more prominent instead.

Injection laser surgery

Through regular medical channels, some active ingredients can be injected or laser heat can be used to dissolve fat locally on the chin or face. Surgical operations can also be used to tighten sagging neck muscles and remove flabby skin to improve neck muscle tension.

However, the shortcomings of this kind of surgery are also very prominent: the cost is large, but also suffering from skin pain.

Diet Exercise Weight Loss Method

The most effective but must adhere to the method: is exercise, plus control of diet. Through healthy weight loss, to achieve a systemic reduction of fat, to reduce excessive fat on the face.


You need to eat more foods that need to be chewed slowly, full, low in calories and high in nutrients, and eat enough dietary fiber, drink enough water, eat less all kinds of fine processed foods and drink less sweet drinks.


Diet alone to lose weight, thin chin thin face effect is very poor, it is easy to cause muscle loss, chin more loose. Moreover, people’s facial muscles are more difficult to be effectively stimulated. Therefore, must do whole body exercise, slowly try to eliminate chin fat.

Posture correction

This is the important content of this article: how to correct the double chin caused by bad posture.

Step 1 Sit up straight

First of all, we must maintain a good posture in daily life. Don’t be too lazy. Lazy sitting posture will also cause fat to accumulate around the neck. Sitting up straight will prompt your neck and chin, including back muscles, to pay attention to exertion and keep tightening.

Step 2: Head-up training

This exercise helps to strengthen and tighten the muscles on your face and neck. Keep each movement in groups of 10 seconds and repeat about 10 groups. You can do it every day.

3. Exercise platysma muscle

This is a muscle from your neck to your chin. With your cervical spine in the neutral position, tighten the muscle of your chin and your mouth will face down, similar to frowning. Hold it for 10 seconds, then relax, 5 ~ 10 groups.

4. Pinch training

Place the tennis ball under your chin, then apply a pressure on the ball with your chin, and then relax. Do 10 ~ 15 times in groups and practice 5 groups.

Step 5 Chew sugar-free gum

Chewing gum can make the muscles around your chin stronger, thus preventing fat from accumulating easily. It is enough to chew one chewing gum every day.

STEP 6 Vocal Practice

You can practice the sound of A, I, U, E and O letters every day.

Step 7 Massage

Through massage, to dredge the body fluid that may block the accumulation on the face and chin.