These seven sex rumors fooled most people. Did you win?

As reliable sex education is extremely rare, all kinds of rumors about sex life are flying everywhere. For example, the following seven “che” (dan) statements have a broad mass base.

Today, Dr. Clove will help everyone check their authenticity.

1. [Dick] The bigger the size, the happier the woman is?


Which of the three factors do you think [penis] is the most important for sex?

Some people must think it is length, wrong! The answer is actually hardness.

The hardness of erection is crucial to sex.

So what kind of hardness is the qualified hardness? At present, the self-test erectile hardness scale widely used in medicine, also known as erectile hardness score, divides erectile hardness into 4 grades:

    Grade 1, penis swollen but not hard; Grade 2: The penis has hardness, but it is not enough to insert into the vagina; Level 3: Penile erection can be inserted into vagina, but it is not completely firm. Grade 4: The penis is completely erect and firm.

You can test it by your own feelings. If you still don’t understand, use these four kinds of food to simply measure them: tofu, peeled bananas, unpeeled bananas and cucumbers. Both levels of hardness can complete sexual intercourse, but level 4 hardness is the best hardness.

Children only struggle with length, while adults all pay attention to hardness and skill.

2. Do you stop masturbating when you have a partner?


According to incomplete statistics, 85% of men and 45% of women will continue to masturbate after falling in love or getting married. However, men generally masturbate more when they are young, while women’s masturbation peak is mostly after the age of 30.

However, many people feel that if their partner masturbates, it seems that they are implying that they have not satisfied the other party well, and they feel a little hit. In fact, you don’t have to think so. Masturbating is a very natural behavior. No matter how old you are, as long as you have sexual desire, you may masturbate.

If you really feel that masturbation has a problem, the best solution is to be frank with your partner, express your true thoughts, and ask the other party for understanding or help.

In a word, masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon. There is no need to make a fuss or panic, but it should be remembered that a small one is pleasant, a large one hurts one’s body, and a strong one is wiped out.

3. Men are always ready to [Pa Pa Pa]?

Of course not.

It is not a crime for men to suffer, men to be tired, and men to cry … In short, for various reasons, men may not want to [Pa Pa Pa Pa] at some point, which is completely normal.

Besides, the pressure of life and work will affect many physical functions, and both men and women may find it difficult to have [sexual] interest.

However, some studies have found that if a man feels that he [must] be able to make a shot anytime and anywhere, then he is likely to have [psychological sexual dysfunction] and it is best to see a psychologist.

4. Have sex for more than 30 minutes?


If you count the front play, the time of sex life may exceed 30 minutes, and some people need a period of stimulation to enter the state.

However, generally speaking, the time from insertion to end of sex life is about 6-10 minutes. The so-called “golden gun does not fail” is just a folk legend.

If a person lasts far more than 30 minutes from insertion to ejaculation, either he has used some local anesthetic or he is really [ejaculation difficulty], this is a disease, not a good thing in what.

However, if it is only less than 3 minutes, it can only be said that it may be [premature ejaculation].

However, if the man ejaculates for less than 3 minutes, but the woman is satisfied with her sex life, this situation cannot be considered premature ejaculation.

In addition, for men who have sex for the first time or several times before, [premature ejaculation] is normal, because they are too nervous and sensitive, and the time to stick to it will be relatively short. After the two sides run in well, the time of sex life will often be prolonged and the quality will be better.

5. Couples, couples do [Pa Pa Pa Pa] every day?

Of course not.

Most couples and couples have sex 1-2 times a week, so we just need to choose the right frequency.

Some people exercise regularly and are in good health, 4 ~ 5 times a week. Of course, there are also some people who only take a few times a year and are also very satisfied.

Therefore, don’t blindly believe in the frequency of sex life, we should give priority to the pursuit of quality.

6. Only men have sexual barriers?


Some studies show that 40% ~ 50% of women and 20% ~ 30% of men are facing one or more sexual problems, such as frigidity, orgasm difficulty, vaginal spasm, erectile difficulty, ejaculation delay, etc.

There are two reasons, the first is organic, that is to say, the body has diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, hormone disorders, etc., in people 40 years old and above, both men and women are very common; The second is psychological, such as worrying about their poor performance, problems with their intimate relationship, anxiety and depression.

In a word, sexual disorders are not the exclusive property of men. No matter men or women, the solution is to find problems, face them squarely and seek help from doctors in time.

7. The elderly do not need sex?

Wrong, wrong.

50-year-olds can have sex, 60-year-olds can have sex, 70-year-olds can have sex, and there may be sex in the future.

In 2015, a survey of 7,000 people over the age of 70 showed that half of the men and a third of the women still had sex, and even a third of the respondents said they had sex at least twice a month. It’s not what young people think, having [commemorative sex] once a year!

The survey includes people over 80 years old. Women in this age group will have relatively little sex, probably because many of them have lost their partners.

You know, it takes about 45 minutes for women to fully enter the state. But according to the survey, the average time for couples to have sex is only 15 minutes. Therefore, compared with the [passion] when they were young, the [flowing water] gradually unfolding from the former play after entering middle age is actually more enjoyable.