These views on hypertension are all wrong!

Hypertension is a disease that many people have heard of, but there are still many mistakes in people’s understanding of it, causing many people to take many detours in the control of hypertension.

Now I’d like to tell you some common misunderstandings. I hope those who see it can stop repeating the detours others have taken and control their blood pressure early.

Error: Prevention and treatment of hypertension is a personal problem. Correct: General mobilization of the whole family

The occurrence of hypertension is related to one’s lifestyle, but hypertension needs family support.

Personal lifestyle is deeply influenced by family members and the surrounding environment. Even if hypertension patients want to change their lifestyle, it is difficult if their families and society do not support them.

To give a few simple examples:

If the whole family eats salty and high in salt and oil, it will be even more difficult for hypertension patients to limit salt.

If the family does not have the habit of exercising, it is difficult for hypertension patients to get good execution if they want to increase the amount of exercise.

For hypertension patients, family support cannot be underestimated.

Family members know the living habits, psychological status and needs of hypertension patients best, so family members should actively learn the prevention and treatment knowledge of hypertension.

Let every member of the family participate in the adjustment of lifestyle. Starting from home, building a healthy and good living environment is not only conducive to the blood pressure control of hypertension patients, but also promotes the health of other families.

Error: It is normal for older people to have high blood pressure. Correct: The standard is the same for any age.

Some hypertension patients mistakenly think that their blood pressure is high when they get older, and it is normal for them to have high blood pressure.

Others think that the older you get, the higher the diagnostic criteria for hypertension.

This misconception is especially prominent among the elderly, and some hypertension cannot be treated in time.

For adults, regardless of age, the diagnostic criteria for hypertension are: systolic blood pressure is greater than 140 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure is greater than 90 mmHg within different 3 days.

Error: Estimating blood pressure by feeling is correct: Measure blood pressure frequently

Some people think that as long as there are no symptoms, hypertension need not be treated. This is very wrong. The level of blood pressure does not necessarily have something to do with the severity of symptoms:

Most hypertension patients have no symptoms, and many of them have obvious feelings only after various complications such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction occur.

Some symptoms, such as headache and chest tightness, are not unique to hypertension.

Some people’s blood pressure obviously rises, but because of the long illness time, they have adapted to the high blood pressure level and do not feel uncomfortable.

The level of blood pressure is measured by sphygmomanometer, not sensed or estimated. No discomfort does not mean that blood pressure is not high.

Blood pressure should be measured regularly in patients with hypertension, and blood pressure cannot be estimated according to sensation.

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