Thin leg needle thin leg, unexpectedly whole body poisoning was first aid!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and for girls who love beauty, the desire for thin legs will become more urgent.

Recently, there were two girls who actually had a good figure, but when talking about their calves, they all felt a little thick and not good-looking. Therefore, they met to go to the [micro-plastic studio] opened by a friend of their friend and had two thin leg injections.

Unexpectedly, there was a very serious situation: at first, the whole body was weak, and even it was difficult to walk and climb stairs. After that, the problem gradually lost weight, and symptoms such as weak eyes, blurred vision, dysphagia and slurred speech were sent to first aid. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, it was the thin leg needle that caused the whole body poisoning of the two people. If the treatment was late, their lives would be lost.

Skinny leg needle is what?

Many people may not know that it is what. But if you say that it is a thin face needle or a wrinkle needle, you may be much more familiar with it. They are actually the same, they are all injections of botulinum toxin.

Botulinum toxin (also called botulinum toxin), which was first found after eating poisoned pickled meat, is purified and extracted from botulinum. It is one of the strongest known microbial toxins. It can paralyze neuromuscles, make them lose motor function, cannot contract, and has very strong neurotoxicity.

But after the toxin was diluted, The toxicity will be greatly reduced, As long as the toxic dose is not reached, It just makes local muscles lose function. So, Botulinum toxin was first used to treat muscle spasmodic diseases, such as strabismus, torticollis (crooked neck), facial spasm, etc. Occasionally, people found that botulinum toxin injection into the skin can reduce brow wrinkles, and then was introduced into the medical beauty service industry, except fishtail wrinkles, except forehead lines, thin small V face, thin legs… are especially sought after.

What needs to be added is that botulinum toxin is a kind of protein, which will be consumed and metabolized when injected into the part of the body, and the neuromuscular function will be restored again. Within 3-8 months, the [body beautifying effect] of thin legs will no longer be maintained.

How does poisoning occur?

Generally speaking, it is safe to select doctors with professional experience and practice in regular medical institutions, use botulinum toxin of regular origin, and strictly control the dosage and interval of each injection.

The poisoning incident occurred mainly for the following reasons:

1. Informal medical institutions, botulinum toxin of unknown origin

According to the “Notice on Inclusion of Botulinum Toxin Type A in Toxic Drug Administration” jointly issued by the State Ministry of Health and the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in 2008, Botulinum Toxin Type A and its preparations are included in toxic drug administration, and it is clearly stipulated that drug wholesale enterprises can only sell Botulinum Toxin Type A preparations to medical institutions.

The [micro plastic studio] that the two girls went to was not a regular medical institution. The source of botulinum toxin is questionable. It is likely to use cheap botulinum toxin: it contains many impurities, the dosage is often not standard, and the injection technology is even more insecure. In addition to easily causing allergic reactions, over-dose injection or unprofessional injection, self-injection, the consequences may be very serious.

2. Non-professional doctor’s operation

The injection requirements of botulinum toxin are very high, and improper operation will cause serious consequences. For example, the choice of injection location is very exquisite, and it is necessary to keep a proper distance from each other to avoid excessive muscle paralysis, and to ensure that all target nerve endings are included in the injection range.

Only beauty institutions with medical beauty qualifications can carry out botulinum toxin injection beauty treatment. Only plastic surgeons who have received strict training and have the qualification certificate of beauty medicine are qualified to operate.

Do you think the price of acquaintances is easy to discuss and snacks will be held during operation? Innocent. Have you ever thought that [friends of friends] are not doctors at all?

3. Improper injection interval

Clinically, it is generally safe to inject 300 units of regular product botulinum toxin type A. Dosage for medical cosmetology, usually less than 100 units; Generally, the interval is 3 ~ 8 months.

However, the two girls injected 300 units for the first time. Less than a month later, they thought the effect was not obvious and injected another 300 units.

In addition, it must be noted that botulinum toxin must not be used in pregnant women, breast-feeding women, myasthenia gravis patients, allergic constitution patients, ptosis patients and patients with visceral diseases such as heart, liver and kidney.

How to Skinny Legs Scientifically?

If you have a clear understanding of the above risks and voluntarily take the risks, of course you can choose a formal and professional way to inject botulinum toxin, but it is not necessarily the most suitable method for you.

To slim your legs scientifically and effectively, you can also try the following options:

1. Adjust diet to lose weight

Many people have thick calves, not because their muscles are strong, but because they have too much fat, and thin leg needles can only affect muscles, so they are basically not effective for this kind of fat calves.

2. Increase exercise and thin legs

Many people think that the calf is very hard when running, and the calf will become thicker, which is a very common misconception. The hard calf after exercise is just a short-term muscle congestion. Running with ordinary intensity, not strength training, will not make the calf thicker. Which marathon runner have you ever seen with small thick legs?

In addition, if you sit still all day and exercise little, exercise can also reduce water retention in your legs and eliminate edema.

Step 3 Correct your walking posture

When trying to walk, consciously increase waist and abdomen muscle contraction weakness, thigh lift hard, calf not hard, at the same time the sole of the foot parallel to the ground, over time the calf will be weakened because it is used less. This is also a method to solve the muscular calf, not to solve the fat type.

4. Correct body leg shape

Some people have the problem of [knee hyperextension], and their posture leans forward than that of normal people, so that the calf muscles (gastrocnemius muscles) remain activated all the time and exert force all the time, which makes it easier to be thick.