What [Penis] size is normal?

How long is Penis normal?

Although I have been saying that [your size is really normal], judging from the frequency of receiving such messages, men’s concern for their [baby] size has never decreased.

[Am I normal or not? I am a what level compared to others? [Is mine too small? ] …

A paper published in the British Journal of Urology Internal Medicine (BJU) can probably answer these questions preliminarily.

The research team systematically analyzed the data of 17 previous studies, covering 15,521 penises of men over 17 years old worldwide.

13.12 cm will enter the top 50%!

Researchers have calculated such a set of data:

    The average length in relaxation state is 9.16 cm. The average length in relaxation state is 13.24 cm. The average length in erectile state is 13.12 cm.

Note: Some scholars have proposed that the stretching length of penis under relaxation is basically the same as that after erection.

    The average circumferential diameter in relaxed state is 9.31 cm, and the average circumferential diameter in erectile state is 11.66 cm.

But aren’t all the small movies 18cm? Please, [Art comes from life, but grows on life], that is already very few people close to the top 1%!

How did I know? Of course… look at the picture!

Don’t think crooked, the picture is a serious picture. Based on the results of the data analysis, the researchers made two charts to let people know at a glance how many percent of men their size [beat].

Have you already rubbed your hands and started to measure yourself/the one around you? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait

How to measure correctly?

Measure Length

After erection, use a ruler to hold one end against the root of the penis and measure along the penis to the glans penis at the other end.

When measuring, you should press your skin slightly, because some people have more abdominal fat and subcutaneous fat covers part of the penis, which may cause measurement errors.

Note: A little force means a little force. Don’t stretch hard in order to measure larger data. It will break down.

Measure circumference

After erection, use the tailor’s soft ruler to measure the position around the middle of the penis.

Note: Don’t use steel tape measure! There is really no tailor’s soft ruler. You can wrap a length of rope first and then measure the length of the rope with a ruler.

Is it not normal that … is shorter than the average?

Of course not.

Although the research data cited in this paper cover different races in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, most of the subjects are still white.

So, if your data performs well in this chart, congratulations, you have a Penis with an international perspective.

If the performance is average, don’t think hard, because the male Penis in Asia is about 6 ~ 8cm in length under relaxation, 10 ~ 12cm in erection length and 7 ~ 10cm in circumference.

Is it not normal that … is shorter than the Asian average?

Nor is it.

Professor Mei Hua, a senior male scientist in China, once pointed out that “penis shorter than 9.5 cm can only be said to be short, not necessarily abnormal”.

At present, it is believed that the real penis is short and its length should be less than 2.5 cm or more of the average normal person. Some people also think that less than 7 cm is the penis short. The length here refers to the erection length.

If the measurement is still very short according to the correct method, you can go to the urological department of a regular hospital for examination to see if there is any abnormality.

After reading the data, don’t think hard.

For people with a good mind, this study provides some data to refer to. However, the competition about penis and anxiety about size will not end there. Otherwise, people will not ask Ji Ge every day what size is normal, and there will not be so many kinds of unreliable [penis enlargement methods] on the Internet.

In fact, it is impossible for the other party not to feel whether there is equal service spirit and whether it is really for the sake of the partner when they treat each other honestly. On the contrary, if the partner knows that you have done strange things to increase your size, it will be really embarrassing. Well, you can look at Ji Ge’s previous < < those unreliable [Penis] augmentation methods > >.