Those real and fake wrinkle removal methods

As we all know, wrinkles are the inevitable manifestation of human aging. If you live for a long time, you will naturally be engraved with several rings.

Everyone has a love of beauty, and everyone hopes to remain young forever. The demand for anti-wrinkle has given birth to a huge market. Numerous products are overwhelming and difficult to distinguish between true and false. Is wrinkle produced in how? How to prevent wrinkles, anti-wrinkle is safe and effective? No chicken soup, no dog blood, let me speak slowly for you.

How do wrinkles grow

We all have such experience that people with black skin and unsmiling people are not prone to wrinkles. Why is this?

Last time I talked about scars, I roughly introduced the tissue structure of skin. This time I talked about wrinkles, we should start with the skin composition.

Collagen, elastic fiber and hyaluronic acid are the components with the highest content in skin. The first two are most closely related to skin thickness and elasticity, while the latter is closely related to skin water content.

These components are synthesized by cells in the skin. With the aging of individuals and the damage of the external environment, the cell vitality decreases, the synthesis of these components also gradually decreases, and the skin becomes relaxed and dry.

As ultraviolet rays can directly damage dermal cells and elastic fibers, causing skin photoaging, dark skin can block more ultraviolet rays because of more melanin in the epidermis, so dermal cells and tissue fibers are less damaged, cell vitality is better, and wrinkles are less.

In addition, wrinkles are often the worst-hit areas around the eyes (crow’s feet), forehead (head-lifting) and mouth. Because these areas have rich expression muscles, they will constantly pull the skin on the surface every day. Over the years, elastic fibers will be damaged and wrinkles will follow.

Naturally, those who are unsmiling are not easy to grow wrinkles.

Wrinkles: nip in the bud

Now that the causes of wrinkles are clear, let’s re-examine the popular anti-wrinkle products.

These are really unreliable:

  1. Collagen Mask: Looking forward to the transdermal absorption of this macromolecular glycoprotein with a molecular weight of over 100,000? Collagen Jun wept bitterly, [male and female servants can’t do it! However, the bacteria on the skin surface are very welcome. [After being hungry for a long time, I finally improved my life! ]

  2. Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) facial mask: Although the molecular weight is small, it cannot enter the dermis layer through the barrier in large quantities due to hydrophilicity.

  3. Oral collagen: There is only one fate for such a large glycoprotein molecule to enter the human digestive tract-it is decomposed into polypeptides and amino acids, which cannot reach the skin in the form of collagen. Moreover, due to the lack of essential amino acids, the nutritional value of collagen is relatively low.

  4. Traditional Chinese Medicine: The author does not black traditional Chinese medicine, and there are indeed many [successful cases] of traditional Chinese medicine beauty care. However, those ladies in history who have been able to maintain their youth often benefit more from the living environment and medical care that are better than those of the common people. After all, individuals who lack clothes and food and have to resist diseases age faster.

Try these:

  1. Sunscreen products: Blocking photoaging caused by ultraviolet rays killing skin cells can naturally delay aging.

  2. Scavenging Oxygen Free Radicals: Dear, Do You Remember Dabao SOD Honey? SOD is the English abbreviation of superoxide dismutase, a small molecule extracted from pig blood and liver that can be absorbed through the skin to remove oxygen free radicals harmful to cells in the skin. Even the cheapest vitamin C has the same effect, not to mention the newly developed antioxidant drugs, which can effectively protect the skin.

  3. Botulinum toxin: Strictly trained plastic surgeons can weaken the function of facial muscles through precise injections, thus reducing the pulling of skin caused by daily facial movements. It is worth mentioning that this drug can cause serious consequences if not used properly. Be sure to go to a regular medical institution if necessary.

Wrinkles: mend the fold after a sheep is lost.

When wrinkles are already obvious, preventive measures can only delay their aggravation. To treat wrinkles, you need to seek the help of a doctor.

Physical therapy

Lattice laser, Radio wave skin lift, Thermage, photon skin rejuvenation… These treatments can be described as all reaching the same goal by different routes. They all apply acute physical damage to the dermis layer, enable the skin to start the repair mechanism, rejuvenate cells, rearrange elastic fibers and collagen fibers to restore elasticity, and improve local microcirculation. The effect on early wrinkles is better.

Surgical treatment

At present, there is a new technology, which penetrates the absorbable thread with barbs into the skin and fascia system and fixes the upper end, thus achieving the effects of minimally invasive facial promotion and wrinkle treatment.

In addition, traditional surgery makes incisions in hidden parts (such as hairline and behind ear), lifts SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) and resets it after removing part of skin. Very obvious wrinkles and facial sagging can be obviously corrected.

No matter prevention or treatment, it is only delaying the development of wrinkles. Aging is fair to everyone. Only by keeping an old heart can beauty bloom more lasting.

Responsible Editor: Haitang