Those things about pregnancy and childbirth: B-ultrasound is very important for early pregnancy,

Some female friends have some psychological resistance to B-ultrasound after pregnancy, Afraid that B-ultrasound will have a bad effect on the embryo. In fact, there is no need to worry, B-ultrasound in early pregnancy will not have adverse effects on embryos, On the contrary, there are many advantages. Take a look: Is the embryo in or out of the uterus? There are now about 2-3 ectopic pregnancies in every 100 pregnant women. Once missed diagnosis, the consequences are unimaginable. Second look: is it one, two or three embryos. Twins and multiple births are not only double and multiple surprises, but also great risks and troubles. If it is twins and multiple births, chorionic sex should also be judged, because chorionic sex has a great relationship with the poor prognosis of the fetus.

Third look: Is the embryo dead or alive? In normal people, The embryo loss rate is about 15%. So for about 15% of pregnant women, the result will be disappointing. But on the other hand, abortion is not necessarily a bad thing, because nearly half of spontaneous abortions are caused by chromosomal abnormalities of embryos. Abortion is a process of natural elimination and natural selection.

Fourth, see: whether there are abnormalities in ovaries and uterus.

There are so many benefits to doing a simple ultrasound for early pregnancy, why should there be resistance? In fact, early pregnancy ultrasound is also an important measure for us to implement patient safety: [confirmation system] to confirm that there is nothing wrong with expectant mothers and children!

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