Pregnant Children: Exercise and Nutrition during Pregnancy

In Mommy-to-be magazine, In the books that must be read during pregnancy, On the Internet Forum, One of the hottest topics may be nutrition during pregnancy. Experts of all kinds have their own classics and formulas. More professional nutrition experts will also have many calculation formulas, It’s awesome. There was a expectant mother of gestational diabetes who came to my clinic. She said that nutrition experts gave her very [professional] guidance after evaluating through the computer nutrition assessment system. But strictly implemented, her weight not only did not control well, blood sugar also continued to rise. Later, after my [non-professional] guidance, quickly controlled the weight and blood sugar. In fact, nutrition during pregnancy is not so complicated, the following is my summary over the years, understand, remember, quite effective, without scientific data pregnancy nutrition guidance suggestions:

Principle: Shut up and keep your legs open.

Step 1 Shut up

When you’re not pregnant, Eat what you want to eat and eat as much as you want. But when you are pregnant, you don’t eat for yourself, you should think about the children in your belly. But it is by no means what mothers-in-law and mothers say. When you are pregnant, you should eat more and eat double portions. The principle is: moderate balance. Moderate is not to eat very full, nine points full is about the same, what should you do when you are hungry? You can eat cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots. These melons and vegetables are nutritious and contain little sugar. You can’t eat them. Balance means that meat and vegetables are well matched, diversity is advocated, and the intake of various vitamins and minerals is guaranteed.

Desserts and beverages: Eat less sweet snacks and beverages, because these snacks and beverages contain a lot of sugar, which will be easily absorbed and transformed after eating, and the weight will obviously increase.

[Healthy Fruit]: Attention should be paid to controlling the intake of fruits, “Eat more fruit” is not entirely true during pregnancy. Fruit is getting sweeter and sweeter than it used to be, It also means that the content of sugar is very high, eat too much, weight will gain quickly. Some expectant mothers gain weight too fast, always control is not good, ask her three meals a day when will say eat very little ah, ask her how much fruit to eat again will tell you can eat half a kilo of grapes, a watermelon.

Do you want to know how many cubes of sugar are equivalent to dim sum drinks and fruits you have not counted when calculating the calories you consume every day? I will show you one by one in the next article.

The straw that saved your life: Let’s tell a joke first. A middle-aged man went to see a doctor and said he wanted to live a few more years. He asked the doctor if he had a good secret of keeping in good health in what. The doctor asked: Do you smoke? Not smoking; Drink? Not to drink; Do you like beautiful women? In general; Do you like delicious food? In general; Hello went home and died. He had no hobbies at all. Why did he live so long?

Please note that smoking and drinking are not advocated here. I do not smoke, drink a little wine and love delicious food! If the expectant mother can only eat the so-called “healthy meal” with no taste and hunger during the whole pregnancy, That would be inhumane. And many people look at this posture, I can’t hold on at all. I have a clever trick, This is the requirement that expectant mothers should strictly follow the requirements in front of me every day. But with rewards, Is to have a meal a week to completely indulge yourself, Eat what if you want to eat what, and eat as much as you want (provided you don’t kill people). It is this straw that has saved many people. Many mothers have told me that thanks to their once-a-week indulgence, she can control her weight and enjoy delicious food, otherwise she can’t stick to it.

Diary: Some expectant mothers have bad memories, Not enough perseverance, Weight gain too fast, Not well controlled, I would usually advise her to keep a diary. It is to record everything she eats every day. Whether it’s dinner, snacks or drinks. Write it for me in a week and I will tell her how to adjust and reduce her intake. In fact, the process of writing a diet diary is to involve her in the process of self-understanding and adjustment. Some expectant mothers have already discovered the existing problems and adjusted themselves before they come back to see me.

Step 2: Keep your legs open

In addition to diet control, Also keep exercising. The simplest and most effective way to exercise during pregnancy is to walk quickly. It is best to stick to a brisk walk for half an hour every day. In principle, after walking, you should feel sweaty and your heart beat faster. Of course, this will vary from person to person. You can stick to walking at the beginning, and then gradually transition to medium-speed walking and fast walking. In addition to walking, you can also stick to swimming and yoga.

Objective: After entering the second trimester of pregnancy, the weight gain per week should not exceed 1kg, and the birth weight of the child should be about 6kg (impossible? All right, 6-7 kg).

If the child is born with a weight of about 6kg and insists on walking at a brisk pace at ordinary times, he can walk like a fly. The child will certainly be born smoothly, just like the fruit of a tree, and will fall off when ripe!

Once there was a relatively obese expectant mother who went to see a doctor here. She was very obedient during pregnancy. When she gave birth, she lost 1 kg of weight compared with that before pregnancy and gave birth to a 7 kg child. Envy, jealousy and hatred, normal pregnancy and childbirth can actually lose weight. Of course, this is only a rare case. The purpose of telling everyone is to encourage everyone to stick to [shut up and take their legs].

Well, I admit: at present, food is very tempting and difficult to control. I may not be able to do it myself. But what you can do, you may not be able to do it for yourself, but for your baby, you can definitely do it!


1. Do you have what food during pregnancy? Is chili edible? Can hairy crabs be eaten? Can XX be eaten?

You can eat anything, as long as it is not too much. The principle is balance and diversification. Another reason for doing so is that you are afraid of food safety problems and always stare at one thing to eat. In case there is a problem food, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Do you need to eat bird’s nest to make up for pregnancy?

Yes, in fact, it is not necessary. Bird’s nest is not as nutritious as the legend says. Whenever my mothers-in-law ask me this question, my answer is: Yes, if your family has too much money and no place to use it.

Can I eat sashimi after pregnancy?

Yes, but make sure the sashimi you eat is healthy and fresh.

Author: Duan Tao

The article was reprinted by Clove Garden authorized by the author.