Those things about pregnancy and childbirth: lateral episiotomy is not recommended regularly during natural childbirth.

For many expectant mothers who plan to have their own children, Episiotomy is not only a pain in the skin, but may also be a pain in the chest. Some expectant mothers originally planned to give birth by themselves, but they began to back down at the thought of cutting a knife [below]. According to their statement, I would rather cut a knife [above] (cesarean section) than a knife [below] (episiotomy).

In fact, there is already a lot of evidence-based medical evidence to prove that conventional episiotomy has not brought the benefits we hope to see. On the contrary, it will increase some complications, For example, 3-degree and 4-degree perineal laceration, sexual intercourse pain, etc. Neither WHO (World Health Organization) nor NICE guidelines in Britain nor ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) recommend routine episiotomy during vaginal delivery, but only when there are indications, such as forceps delivery, fetal head attraction delivery, shoulder dystocia delivery, fetal distress, etc.

Therefore, in order to reduce unnecessary cesarean section caused by fear of lateral episiotomy and reduce the increased complications caused by conventional lateral episiotomy, it is strongly urged to stop conventional lateral episiotomy during vaginal delivery.

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