Three menstruations in a year, is it happiness or sadness?

Editor’s Note: Recently, a 2012 [old news]: “Australia Develops New Drugs: Can Make Women Menstruate Only Three Times a Year” went viral on the Internet. Even some medical workers were puzzled by it. Is the arrival of such a [magic drug] really a gospel for all women? Should we celebrate the whole country, [Xi Da Pu Ben]? Is this drug safe? Any side effects? Is it really good to have menstruation only three times a year? In order to find out, Clove Garden specially invited two experts (Klaith and Tian Jishun) to analyze this problem in depth from the perspectives of drug safety and obstetrics and gynecology respectively.

Dear female friends, if someone recommends a new drug to you and says that after using this drug, your menstruation will be reduced several times a year, how will you react? Perhaps some people’s first reaction is: [so good, there will be less trouble in the future.] However, if you think about it carefully, it is estimated that more people will have a question: [Does less menstruation really have no what effect on my health? ]

Although in the impression of many girls, menstruation is bleeding, trouble, wet, sticky, stomachache, fear of cold, or lack of strength. But if it really does not come at the right time, you will miss it for a moment. If the delay lasts a little longer, you will be worried. For this [old friend], when it comes, you may not like it, and you wish it would leave quickly. However, if it really leaves two days earlier, you will feel uneasy and want to retain it again. Therefore, if there is a drug that will reduce the number of menstruations, it is estimated that you will still consider it carefully.

The reason for saying this is because recently, a drug news called Yaz Flex has been circulating on the Internet. The report said that this drug can make women menstruate only three times a year, and does not damage reproductive function, and also [has] contraceptive effect. In fact, which is [both] ah, somebody else is originally a contraceptive pill.

Yaz Flex is what?

Yaz Flex is actually like this. There used to be a short-acting oral contraceptive called Yasmin (Yaz for short). This medicine is also available in China, It’s called Yosmin. Yosmin, because of its low level of estrogen, The corresponding side effects are few, As a result, it is famous for a new generation of short-acting contraceptives. This Yaz Flex is a new version of Yaz, It is characterized by the fact that, The cycle has been prolonged. The usual oral short-acting contraceptives (such as Yousmin) are 21 tablets per cycle. After taking one tablet a day for 21 consecutive days, Stop the drug for a week, And then proceed to the next cycle, This mimics the normal menstrual cycle. But according to Yaz Flex’s instructions, the medicine should be used at least 25 tablets per cycle and can be used up to 120 tablets. Since menstruation does not normally occur during the medication, taking it for 120 days per cycle is equivalent to only one menstruation every four months, thus reducing the number of menstruations.

Originally, we developed this medicine for contraception, but it is true that some women have a very large amount of menstrual cramps every time. They need to reduce the number of menstruations so as to reduce the amount of bleeding. At this time, Yaz Flex’s effect is reflected. At this time, reducing the number of menstruations cannot be said to be a [side effect], which is exactly the purpose of our medicine.

Therefore, regarding side effects, it is actually more for doctors to see, providing information for doctors to weigh the pros and cons when issuing prescriptions. As for the understanding of the general public, it is easy to deviate.

Does reducing the number of menstruations have a great impact on women?

It also depends on what you think. Judging from the mechanism of this medicine, reducing the number of menstruations should have no effect on health (of course, the report said that fewer menstruations per year can delay aging, which is bullshit), but the psychological effect on women is difficult to say.

In fact, apart from this Yaz Flex, We also have an IUD clinically, This IUD is called [Man Yue Le]. Apart from its good contraceptive effect, It can act locally on the endometrium, A considerable number of people will not have menstrual cramps during use. Arguably, Every month has saved so much trouble, saved so much money to buy sanitary napkins, and will not have what influence on endocrine, should be a good thing. But from the clinical use point of view, quite a few people refuse to use, the reason is very simple-after using, I will have amenorrhea.

As a result, prolong menstrual cycles occur after use of Yaz Flex, A decrease in the number of menstruations, It is very likely that in the eyes of some women, It is a relatively difficult phenomenon, at least psychologically. What’s more, the demonization of oral short-acting contraceptives in China has already turned livid with fear when people mention the word [hormone]. After using it, they will reduce the number of menstruations. Who knows if it will bring other unexpected consequences to my health?

In fact, even as an obstetrician and gynecologist, It is also difficult for me to guarantee that it must be 100% safe to reduce menstruation through drugs. Because traditional short-acting oral contraceptives simulate the menstrual cycle, No matter in terms of the number of users or the time, Can be reassuring, It is considered safe. And this new drug, Not yet listed in China, Even in foreign countries, it is not widely used, and the relevant data are still very few, but it should be safe in theory. However, people are not machines, and you cannot solve medical problems by deducing theorems and formulas. Whether its long-term application will bring other related problems is still unknown, and we had better be cautious.

Anyway, it is not yet listed in China. If you really want to use short-acting oral contraceptives, there are still many good choices. Even for patients with excessive menstruation, doctors are not helpless and do not have to use this medicine. Most of the time in medicine, what is not new is good, and it may also contain potential risks. Since it is not what’s emergency medicine, let the bullet fly for a while.

As for the drug news? It is an advertisement. You and the advertisement are called what Jin.