Three pounds on festive days? Teach you a few ways to eat fat

There are always people around you who will complain that they will gain weight as soon as they have a holiday. Even if they have a short holiday for three days, they will not escape the fate of gaining three pounds.

What is even more terrible is that I have to go to the party and may meet the male gods, goddesses and banhua of that year.

Therefore, today Dr. Clove will talk about how to eat so as not to gain weight during the Chinese New Year and holidays.

Meat and vegetable collocation

During the Chinese New Year and holidays, big fish and big meat must be the main characters in the dishes.

However, vegetables (especially dark green vegetables, etc.) and coarse grains, even if they are small supporting roles, should also give some part.

According to the principle of dietary balance, eating one portion of meat requires at least two portions of vegetables. Specific suggestions include:

    Meat: It is recommended to give priority to marine fish, shrimp, poultry and lean meat with low fat content, and to choose less fat meat with high fat content. Vegetarian dishes: such as cold mixed purple cabbage, stir-fried lettuce, boiled spinach, etc. Staple foods of coarse cereals: such as rice, red bean rice, whole wheat steamed bread, rice and millet porridge, etc.

Eat the right snacks

The principle of eating snacks during the New Year is: low sugar and low fat.

Despite all kinds of snacks, people can’t help but want to stretch out their hands and hug, but also reluctantly give up what they should give up and refuse high sugar and fat (potato chips, spicy strips, candy, biscuits…)

Some healthy snacks, such as nuts and fruits from what, can be eaten.

Choose light and mild drinks.

Don’t drink too much high-sugar or stimulating drinks such as cola, strong tea or coffee. Just drink to cater to the festive atmosphere. Don’t mention high-sugar drinks. Irritating foods will increase appetite and thus eat more.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can eat freely. Even if you eat healthy snacks, you should arrange how much you eat according to your daily diet.

If the desire for snacks is extremely strong, it can be satisfied by reducing the amount of staple food.

The ultimate way to restrain your desire to eat snacks is to take snacks farther away and farther away.

Diet rules

The nine-character truth often heard when losing weight is: eat regularly and do not overeat.

The harm of overeating is not only obesity, but also gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases.

In general, you should not only eat less dinner, but also avoid all kinds of paralysis after eating extra meals before going to bed or after a big meal.

However, considering that it is a big Chinese New Year, if the last meal is greasy, the next meal should be as light as possible.

If you eat greasy food at noon (such as braised pork, fried chicken and three fresh dishes), you will eat light meals such as coarse cereal porridge, tofu clear soup, steamed eggs, pumpkin soup, etc. at night.

Grasp skills

When people arrive at the dinner table, they will become involuntary. An invisible force is urging you to eat more. If you can still be rational, you can do this:

    Eat carefully, swallow slowly and chew slowly. Or drink a bowl of hot soup slowly, or rinse oil.

The ultimate big move is to give the elders food and add a few words of praise, which can slow down the eating speed and maybe get red envelopes.

Enrich one’s life

As soon as people are free, their mouths become lonely and then they gain weight.

Might as well find something to do, such as:

    Explore learning, such as looking up materials to find out a certain doubt point, or reading a book on a special topic; Do sports, such as squats, sit-ups, etc. Visit relatives and friends, contact feelings.

Good Mentality

During the New Year, it is most likely to be filled with great sorrow and joy.

For example, seeing that Ban Hua has already given birth to a second child and is still single, what if she feels uncomfortable? Eat!

Another example is how to get too excited when I accidentally receive a large number of red envelopes. Or eat!

However, it will become a vicious circle to eat as soon as you feel uncomfortable, to be fat as soon as you eat, and to feel uncomfortable as soon as you are fat. Therefore, a good state of mind is very important.

Work and rest rules

No matter how wonderful the Spring Festival activities are, we must still stick to a regular schedule.

Once the physiological clock of the human body is in disorder, it will affect the secretion of body and obesity-related hormones (such as leptin).

In addition, going to bed early means refusing to take food taken late at night, and it is easier to get up early to catch breakfast the next day.

Persist in sports

Keep your mouth shut and keep your legs open.

Take time to go out for a walk every day. If you don’t go out, you can do more housework, such as:

Wipe the table, wash the dishes, mop the floor, cook, wash vegetables, stir-fry, sweep the floor, buy things, carry things, bring babies, receive guests…

If you do all the above, you will not only be a skinny man, but also a diligent skinny man.