Three types of eye drops that can be selected for lactation

Hello, I am a breast-feeding mother. Because of acute conjunctivitis, the doctor prescribed Coke Bituo (0.5% levofloxacin eye drops). Can you nurse the eye drops when you drop them? If you can’t feed them, how long can you stop taking them? Can I use what eye drops during lactation?

Similar problems appear on my microblog every day. Many mothers struggle with the choice of eye drops during lactation and whether they can breast-feed after using eye drops.

There are many kinds of eye diseases, and eye drops are also divided into many kinds. Although many eye diseases have symptoms of red swelling and pain, their pathogenesis is different, so the use of eye drops needs to suit the remedy to the case. This section will introduce the main types of eye drops, the symptoms they treat and whether they can be used during lactation.

First, sterilization eye drops. It is the largest type of eye drops. For example, levofloxacin eye drops mentioned by the mother above, Also commonly used eye drops or eye ointments such as ofloxacin, tobramycin and erythromycin belong to this category. This kind of eye drops contain antibiotics. Can be used to treat bacterial infections in the eyes, Abuse of this eye drop will destroy the ecological balance of bacteria in the eyes, Therefore, most of these eye drops are prescription drugs, and no eye drop can resist all types of infection, so antibiotic eye drops must be used according to the doctor’s prescription. Once the doctor recommends the use, it is safe to use these eye drops correctly for a short period of time during lactation.

Second, antiallergic eye drops. These eye drops are mainly used to relieve eye congestion, pruritus, burning sensation and other irritating symptoms caused by dust, colds, allergies, rubbing eyes, etc. For example, Nasuda, sodium cromoglycate and other eye drops. Most of these eye drops are over-the-counter drugs and can be bought in general pharmacies. Short-term use during lactation to relieve congestion and itching symptoms is also possible.

Third, eye-moistening eye drops. Mainly used to increase eye moisture, Relieve eye discomfort symptoms, such as polyvinyl alcohol eye drops and Xiao Liwei, new tears and other artificial tears. There are about a dozen kinds on the market, some have preservatives, some disposable packaging without preservatives, sold in pharmacies according to over-the-counter drugs, breast-feeding mothers can buy them themselves, and it is safe to use them during lactation.

This article is taken from the book “Ji Lianmei Talk: Chinese Should Use Drugs This Way”, which is reprinted by the author’s authorized clove garden.