The so-called safe diet pills are all a cover.

Many mothers will find that they are so heavy when they are happy after giving birth to their babies. The thought of returning to work after three months of maternity leave makes these new mothers extremely distressed: how can they face their colleagues with such a fat figure? At this time, many mothers think of losing weight. So they look everywhere for quick-acting weight-loss drugs.

Breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight.

There is no safe and effective weight-loss drug in the world. I do not recommend using drugs to lose weight during lactation, nor do I recommend nursing mothers to lose weight by controlling diet. On the one hand, we should restore our own health; On the other hand, they have to shoulder the heavy responsibility of lactation and nursing babies. Every day need to secrete 600 ~ 800 milliliters of milk, need to take in a lot of nutrition, so breast-feeding mothers can’t rely on diet to lose weight. However, for mothers who gain too much weight, fat intake should not be too much. When cooking food, the amount of edible oil can be properly controlled, and cooking methods such as steaming, boiling and stewing can be used.

In fact, breast-feeding mothers can lose weight by breast-feeding, Because breastfeeding itself is a process that consumes energy. And, Breast-feeding mothers should pay attention to the fact that they should be patient in losing weight at this time, because Rome wasn’t built in a day. How can the fat accumulated gradually in 9 months be wiped out in one day? Therefore, breast-feeding mothers should at least give their bodies 9 months of recovery time. If you rush to lose weight with drugs, it is not good for yourself and your baby.

Don’t make yourself a mouse

The current market for weight-loss drugs is very chaotic, Many diet pills not only have no weight loss effect, It may also bring great side effects to the body, For example, the “trimester ban” incident mentioned earlier. There are also many weight-loss drugs that are not drugs at all. But some health care products, It is more dangerous to take such health products, Because they can be sold on the market without obtaining the approval document of the Chinese medicine standard, Moreover, the quality control in the production process of health care products is not as strict as that of drugs, Therefore, there are often reports of illegal addition of harmful chemical components, and these illegally added chemical components are often harmful components that have been banned from sale in the market. It is also very simple to distinguish between drugs and health care products. It can be seen from the medicine box that there are the words “Chinese medicine standard” on the medicine box and the words “healthy food” on the health care product box.

L-carnitine is a typical weight loss health product without weight loss effect.

The human body can actually synthesize L-carnitine itself, Its main function in the body is to transport fat into mitochondria. Mitochondria then convert fat into energy and consume it. Here, L-carnitine is only used for transportation. Some people have made an image analogy about its efficacy: If fat is compared to coal, L-carnitine is a truck carrying coal, Mitochondria are power plants, L-carnitine acts like a truck that sends coal to a power plant to generate electricity. The power generation capacity of a power plant is fixed. Therefore, the amount of coal it needs for a period of time is also fixed, and the trucks it needs are also fixed. If one or two hundred trucks are artificially added to transport coal, the power plant cannot consume more coal at the same time. Therefore, L-carnitine has no weight loss effect in clinical use.

Clinically, L-carnitine is used as a drug under the name L-carnitine, Its effect is to treat renal failure, Patients with renal failure are no longer able to synthesize the physiological demand for L-carnitine, so they need to supplement this drug. In addition, a little L-carnitine will be added to the milk powder given to premature infants or low birth weight infants, because the ability of these two types of infants to synthesize L-carnitine in the body is relatively weak, so some L-carnitine will be added to them.

Lactation to lose weight, in addition to insisting on nursing, can also try the way of exercise, step by step for the purpose of health and lose weight. Don’t rush for success, more can’t to achieve the goal of taking weight loss drugs at random, otherwise it will do more harm than good.

Author: Ji Lianmei

This article is taken from the book “Ji Lianmei Talk: Chinese Should Use Drugs This Way”, which is reprinted by the author’s authorized clove garden.