Too much sleep makes you tired? How long does it take to sleep?

If the tempting person tells you that he doesn’t sleep enough and his heart is stuffed, you may not be able to help reaching out and touching his head, but if someone tells you that he sleeps too much and then he feels uncomfortable all over, hey, are you a little emotional?

How many people don’t sleep enough every day! How long have you been sleeping?

In fact, sleeping too long, too long, too long and too little, too little, too little, too little is an irregularity for the body, which inevitably leads to various discomforts, including various tiredness, various headaches and various unconsciousness.

So, the first question comes… … …

How long is sleep?

For most adults, it is good to sleep 7-9 hours a day.

Of course, a few people with unique talents or different genes can only sleep for 6 hours a day and can still be resurrected with blood the next day. There are also a few adults who need to sleep more than 9 hours a day.

However, the proportion of these two kinds of people is lower than we thought, so if you sleep more than 9 hours, you may begin to approach [sleep long].

Then, the second question comes… … …

Sleeping is very important, but is it really the more the better?

We may all have had such experiences. We worked hard for a week and just wanted to have a good sleep on weekends, but when we woke up the next morning or at noon or in the afternoon… our minds were not clear, our eyes could not be opened, our bodies felt very tired, and we even had headaches…

Heaven, earth, it’s very bad. Is there any heart? Tired for a week, just want to have a good sleep, but it turns out to be this ghost!

Why is this happening?

Step 1 Sleep too long and feel tired

One of the important reasons why sleeping too much can make people listless is that this long sleep time misleads the biological clock.

In general, The brain’s biological clock will send signals to the whole body, making all the cells in the body at the same rhythm. If you sleep too much on weekends, you will get rid of the original biological clock and start sending signals to the body in another rhythm. This is similar to jet lag, which belongs to irregular work and rest, thus affecting sleep quality and naturally feeling tired when waking up.

Step 2: Sleep too long and have a headache

There should be many people who sleep too much but have headaches… … …

In fact, this is mainly because too much sleep will disturb the balance of neurotransmitters such as serotonin in the brain and people will have headaches.

3. Sleeping too long increases the risk of certain diseases.

Some studies have shown that for most people, if they sleep 9-11 hours a day, the probability of suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity is higher than that of people who sleep normally. At the same time, if they sleep too much, their memory may have problems and even depression may worsen.

I suddenly felt that modern science was going to deprive [sleep], the last thing that made people happy…

Relax, relax, if you choose to [sleep too long], this problem is much easier to solve than [no time to sleep], right?

After all, there is still a kind of thing called [alarm clock] in the world. If one alarm clock fails, set two, if two fail, set three, if three fail, set four, if four fail, set five, if five fail, set 100!

Without what [sleeping too much], 100 alarm clocks cannot solve it. If there is, let’s just let-



Come on




However, there are still some people who do not voluntarily cannot sleep, but sometimes they have physical problems and are difficult to control.

Then, the third question comes… … …

What kind of [sleep too long], may be sick?

Some people will always feel very tired during the day and want to sleep all the time. They really want to sleep beyond their control. These people may suffer from narcolepsy.

Others, due to obstructive sleep apnea, sleep quality is reduced at night and extra sleep time is needed during the day.

In addition, sleeping too much may also be an early manifestation of senile dementia. Some depressed patients will also sleep more, and sleeping more will aggravate depressive symptoms.

Therefore, if your sleeping time seems to be out of your control, you may as well turn to a doctor to cure your illness so that we can sleep well, right?