How many of the wonderful uses of salt are true?

Homer, the blind ancient Greek bard, called salt [something given by God]. Plato described salt as something especially precious to the gods.

Salt was once used as currency, contributing to the earliest trade routes, great projects such as the Great Wall of China, and world delicacies such as ham, canned food, bacon and pickles.

From ancient times till now, the working people have accumulated a lot of small tips about salt to solve small problems in life, some of which have something to do with their health.

For physical problems, ask Dr. Clove.

Can salt water clean oral cavity, strengthen and whiten teeth?

He Jianliang, Stomatologist, Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University;

Can clean the mouth, but…

The important thing is always but: saline is useless for strengthening and whitening teeth.

It is said that it can clean the oral cavity, but in fact it is only through the function of gargling to wash the tooth surface and oral mucosa, so that the food residue is washed away and the clean oral cavity is kept, with no emphasis on salt.

However, gargling cannot replace brushing teeth, it is only an auxiliary oral cleaning method.

After food poisoning or drinking too much wine, can saline be used to induce vomiting?

Yu Haipeng, Chief Physician of Emergency Department of First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College:

Under normal circumstances [can], but…

Important but: The best is clean water.

Because in many cases, we do not know the specific composition of poisoned food, if it is acidic, we need to use some weakly alkaline solution.

However, because it is not clear, salt water cannot be used indiscriminately. If poisoning or drunkenness is serious, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment and gastric lavage in time.

Saline rinse nose, can cure nasal obstruction?

Jin Jie, Chief Physician of Otolaryngology Department of Shanghai Yangpu District Central Hospital:

First of all, what should be diagnosed as the cause of lower nasal obstruction.

If the nasal septum is deviated or there are polyps or other masses in the nasal cavity, the nasal cavity flushing effect is not ideal.

If it is chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, etc., or nasal congestion caused by nasal mucosa edema, saline flushing is effective.

Generally, 0.9% normal saline will be used. If nasal mucosa edema is serious, 1.2% will be used. However, the preparation is more complicated and the concentration of salt is not easy to grasp. If the concentration is too high, it may cause dryness and even hemorrhage of nasal mucosa.

When you are not sure, it is better to use purified water or cold boiled water.

Can brine clean fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residues, vegetable insects and decontamination?

Fan Huiru, Nutrition Physician, Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University;


The safest and most recommended way to clean fruits and vegetables is to rinse with clear water, preferably for 30 seconds.

If too much salt is added to the water, the cell atrophy and destruction of fruits and vegetables will be caused by the increase of osmotic pressure, thus losing the original taste and nutritional value of the food.

Boil eggs in salt water, won’t the eggs break?


Boiling in salt water can only make boiled eggs peel more easily.

Generally, taking eggs out of the refrigerator and boiling them directly in water, or putting eggs placed at normal temperature in hot water, will cause eggs to break more easily.

The influencing factor is temperature difference, and salt is not helpful.

However, if the boiled egg itself has cracks, when boiled in salt water, the salt water can really make the egg white with the shell seam quickly condense without boiling the egg.

Can saline shampoo cure dandruff?

Chen Qiquan, Dermatologist and Venereologist of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Third Military Medical University;


Salt water itself does not have any sterilization, anti-inflammatory and cleaning effects, and can only dehydrate cells or bacteria at most.

Dandruff is generally a mixture of sebum and local bacteria or fungi, air dust, etc. Salt water does not contain substances that can dissolve lipids and has no decontamination effect, so dandruff cannot be washed off.

If you wash your hair with saline for a long time, it will cause dehydration of local epidermis and increase sebum antitonality secretion, resulting in aggravation of dandruff.

Can brine wash face remove blackheads?


Blackheads are caused by abnormal keratinization and blockage of hair follicle orifice.

There is no big difference between washing face with saline water or washing face with clear water. It is just washing. There is no way to change the problems of abnormal hair follicle keratinization and blockage of dirt. It is better to wash your face with conventional skin cleaning products.

Can salt water soak feet sterilize and remove foot odor?


Foot odor is generally related to fungal infection and excessive foot sweat.

Saline water has no way to kill fungi or inhibit sweat gland secretion. Naturally, it has little significance in treating foot odor. What is the difference between washing feet with clear water?

Do you have to wipe salt and flush salt quickly after scalding?

Su Yangfa, Burn Physician of Hunan Fire Brigade Hospital:

Sprinkle salt on the wound? … …

Of course not.

Don’t wipe salt after scalding! Also don’t rinse with salt water!

Rinse with cold water for half an hour at the first time. After rinsing, if the local burning sensation is strong, soak in cold water for another half an hour.

Speaking of which, the wonderful use of salt in life is actually beyond imagination.

Can salt prolong the shelf life of milk?

Not reliable. Try to buy small packages of milk, and drink it as soon as possible.

Can salt prevent peeled apples from turning black?

If the concentration of strong salt water is 20%, theoretically, but are you sure this is not pickled vegetables? A better way is to soak lemonade or vitamin C water. Otherwise, it is good to eat it as soon as possible.

Can salt prevent cooking from sticking to the pan?

Unreliable… Wouldn’t it be nice to change to a non-stick pan?