Truth: Blood vessels will rupture after drinking wine and taking a hot bath?

It is said that blood vessels will rupture when taking a hot bath and blood vessels will rupture when taking a cold bath. (Also let no one take a bath! )

-I heard that getting up too hard will rupture blood vessels.

-I heard that too much poop will rupture blood vessels.

What, blood vessels are so easy to rupture? Is it true that all our organs are burst drummers who enjoy breaking blood vessels every day?

Actually, it is not.

So, what exactly will affect the blood vessels and cause them to rupture, and which claims are just rumors?

Come on, walk into today’s scientific world with dr. Clove… oh no, let’s listen to what dr. Wang su of cardiology department said.

Rumor 1: Take a hot bath immediately after drinking wine, and blood vessels will rupture if they expand excessively.

I often hear people say that after drinking wine and taking a hot bath, I will feel dizzy and nauseous, but this has nothing to do with blood vessel rupture.

From drinking alcohol into the body to discharging it out of the body, It will go through a series of complicated metabolic processes, some of which have the effect of dilating blood vessels. If you take a hot bath again at this time, the body will mistakenly think that the external temperature will become higher and increase blood flow to speed up heat dissipation, which will lead to further expansion of blood vessels, drop blood pressure, and people will feel dizzy and nauseous.

At this time, as long as you leave the high temperature environment and have a good rest, when the alcohol metabolism is finished, the feeling of dizziness and nausea will disappear (wake up from alcohol).

Rumor 2: If you take a cold bath, your blood vessels will rupture due to excessive contraction.

According to the previous rumor, our blood vessels are really fragile, and expansion is neither contraction nor contraction. The Creator must have designed the function of expansion and contraction for blood vessels to amuse us…

In fact, many people will feel [headache] when washing their hair with cold water, which is indeed related to the decrease of external temperature and vasoconstriction, just like eating a big mouthful of ice cream suddenly on a hot day will also cause headache, right?

However, this vasoconstriction is a normal physiological regulation and will not lead to vascular rupture.

Rumor 3: Get up too fast and blood vessels will rupture.

I can’t even get up.

For healthy people, this kind of situation will hardly happen. Some friends may have experienced getting up too fast, resulting in dizziness and even fainting to the ground.

This kind of situation is called [postural hypotension] in medicine. In case of this kind of situation, don’t panic, lie back and stay for a few more minutes, and get up slowly.

Note that there are reasons for lazy beds.

As for other statements, such as forced poop, which will cause blood vessel rupture, it will not happen in most people.

See here, friends feel very relieved?

Yes, what I said above hardly happens to healthy people.

But! Yes!

What matters is always [but] …

There are three categories of people who need special care.

The first group of people: hypertension patients

The vascular wall of hypertension patients is fragile and the dilatation ability is weak.

For them, if the external stimulation is too strong, such as suddenly entering the cold environment, or taking a cold bath, defecating hard and lifting heavy objects, the blood vessels contract and the blood pressure rises, which is indeed very likely to cause blood vessel rupture.

This rupture occurs in cerebral vessels and will cause cerebral hemorrhage. Occurring in the eyes, fundus hemorrhage will occur.

However, patients with extremely high blood pressure and poor control effect may even have aortic dissection or even rupture when encountering these conditions, which is very dangerous.

The second group of people: patients with cerebrovascular malformation

This kind of patient is easy to be ignored, in fact, the incidence rate of this kind of situation is not low, such as arachnoid artery hemangioma, moyamoya disease and other patients, must pay attention to avoid activities that may cause sudden rise in blood pressure, not just because of an careless, paralysis in bed or loss of life.

The third group of people: acute phase of myocardial infarction

Although patients with acute myocardial infarction are now placed in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CCU) for close monitoring and treatment, However, although some of the patients had difficulty defecating, they did not tell the doctors and nurses because they felt [ashamed]. As a result, they defecated hard, but their blood vessels were not broken and their hearts were broken. This situation was basically [unable to be rescued any more].

If there are elderly people in the family who are in the acute stage of myocardial infarction, they must be told that if poop is difficult, they should seek help from doctors and nurses in the first place and not be embarrassed.

We really can’t gamble our lives on a lump of poop.

In short, if you are healthy, you don’t have to worry too much about blood vessel rupture in your life (of course, you don’t encourage friends to get drunk or take a shower by force), but if you are ill, you must be careful. Fragile blood vessels need your patient care.