Truth: Can Australian celery seeds cure gout?

Not long ago, gout doctors skinned female radishes. Recently, many gout friends asked again about celery seed essence, an anti-gout [artifact] from Australia.

The author silently sang the song in his heart: [just captured a few demons, and then subdued a few demons. Why is there so many demons and shadows? …]

Ahem ~ ~ to get down to business! Let’s talk about this magical [celery seed essence].

Celery seed, a seasoning in western food

Celery originated in the West, but has been incorporated into Chinese dishes. Celery fried with lily, celery fried with shrimp and celery fried with meat slices are delicious and healthy dishes. Some people may not like the unique taste of celery, but because it is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, it has always been popular.

However, celery seeds are rarely seen in Chinese dishes. This celery seed is the seed of celery, because it contains terpenoids in the essential oil of celery seeds and has a strong smell, which is often used as condiment in western food.

Anti-gout effect is only effective for animals for the time being.

Studies have found that celery seeds do have medicinal value. The active substances in their extracts include volatile oil, flavonoids, L-apigenin a, dietary fiber, etc. Among them, the most famous is [L-apigenin a], from which an anti-stroke drug developed in China is synthesized.

About celery seeds on gout, in recent years there have been studies at home and abroad. Some studies have found that the flavonoids contained in celery seeds have inhibited uric acid production and anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. This is indeed a new idea for the development of new gout treatment drugs.

However, [inhibition of uric acid production, anti-inflammatory and analgesic] are only obtained from experiments on animals, that is to say [it cannot be proved to be effective for human beings for the time being].

Those who now hype that celery seeds can treat and relieve gout may have ulterior motives.

Of course, we can’t bad-mouthing celery seed research either. After all, many new drugs were first proved to be effective through animal experiments, then confirmed by human experiments, and finally developed.

[Natural Extract] Is Not Equal to [No Side Effects]

The drug treatment for gout takes a long time, and many people are worried about the side effects of the drug, so they always hope for a [pure natural and non-side effects] magic drug that can cure gout. At this time, the so-called natural extract from Australia, celery seed essence, has also been sought after.

But is the extract from natural food really free of potential safety hazards and side effects?

We often say that [regardless of dosage, we talk about toxicity, we are all playing hooligans]. The harmful ingredients in food can be metabolized in the human body without toxic and side effects due to their small content, but after purification and refining, the concentration will increase. If a large amount of food enters the body, it may produce toxic and side effects.

Celery seed extract contains a variety of substances, and its impact on human body has not been fully studied. Even if celery seed is a natural food, its extract may also have potential safety hazards on human body.

[Celery Seed Essence] is a health product, not a drug.

[Australian Celery Seed Essence] is not a drug, this product is registered as a food and is regarded as a health product. At present, the authenticity of health products on the Chinese market can be queried through [China Food and Drug Administration Website].

However, the author did not inquire about the imported health care products of [celery seeds], that is to say, this health care product should be imported into China through overseas purchasing. This way of purchasing may have hidden dangers and the quality of the products is not guaranteed.

In addition, at present, the supervision of food in all countries in the world is not as strict as drug supervision, and lacks dose evaluation and effect evaluation, that is to say, its therapeutic dose and effect for gout have not been strictly verified.

Perhaps [Australian celery seed essence] can play an auxiliary role in the treatment of gout, but its effect is also limited and cannot replace regular drug therapy.

There is still a long way to go to overcome gout.

The pain of a gout attack will be unforgettable for life, so the hope of curing gout is urgent. And some mercenary businesses are using this mentality to promote the so-called gout [magic medicine].

Disappointingly, there is currently no [magic medicine] to cure gout. Blind belief in dietotherapy, folk remedies or health care products will delay the disease, and the disease may further worsen and endanger the body.

None of this is what we want to happen. Overcoming gout requires the joint efforts of patients and doctors.