Unrefrigerated vaccines flowed into 18 provinces, but We Media said [it has nothing to do with human lives]. You are killing people for money!

Editor’s Note:

On March 18, surging news reported the Shandong vaccine incident < < hundreds of millions of yuan of vaccines did not refrigerate and flowed into 18 provinces: or affected human lives, Shandong Guangfa investigation letter > >.

On March 19, a micro-signal for child care was released < < Don’t panic! The Shandong vaccine incident is actually the [theme party] of surging news! > >.

    The main point of view of the child-rearing number is that the report of surging news is [theme party];

[Please don’t panic, Baoma: The vaccine you are giving your baby now is basically not the problem vaccine involved in the case! ]

The author of this article is a former surging reporter, and his current work unit has no interest in the child-rearing number. This is a big issue. This article will refute it one by one. Please learn from it.

Question 1: Should precious mothers panic?

The first section of the article on the parenting number is called [the truth], saying [so first of all, please don’t panic: the vaccine you are giving your baby now is basically not the problem vaccine involved in the case! ], their original text reads as follows:

The incident of Pang Mou and his daughter Sun Mou in Shandong Province illegally selling vaccines is basically true. But-this incident did not happen recently, but a year ago! It was seized by the police on April 28 last year! At that time, Shandong police issued an investigation notice to local drug administration departments, and all localities had organized recovery or seizure according to the batch number of vaccines involved.

Recycling started last year, and basically all the things that can be recycled have been recycled! Other books do not record that cannot be recovered, and it is estimated that they have all expired (the suspects are operating Class II vaccines that are approaching the expiration date, because they are profitable only when they are about to expire; It has been a year since the crime was committed! ) So first of all, please don’t panic: the vaccine you are giving your baby now will not be the problem vaccine involved in the case!

To sum up, there are two reasons:

Reason 1: [(problematic vaccines) started to be recycled last year, and basically all those that can be recycled have been recycled]

This is the most core and powerful piece of evidence in this article on the parenting number. However, I have searched all the official bulletins and media reports that can be found on this matter, and none of them shows [basically all have been recovered].

According to the report of Surging News, only 20,000 problematic vaccines were seized at the scene of the arrest. So the first question I want to ask this micro signal is:

According to what, do you think the problematic vaccines [have been basically recovered]? Did you make it up? Did you make it up? Or did you make it up?

The following is the link of strength beating face.

After the surging news report was released, it aroused strong concern in the society. China Food and Drug Administration responded quickly and issued a circular on the same day (March 18): < < The General Administration instructed Shandong Food and Drug Administration to take effective measures to deal with the problem of illegal vaccine business in conjunction with public security and health and family planning departments > >. The circular said:

The public security organ of Jinan City in Shandong Province cracked a case of illegal business of vaccine products, A large number of unrefrigerated vaccine products have flowed into many provinces. In response, A spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration said that the Food and Drug Administration was highly concerned about the incident and had instructed the Shandong Food and Drug Administration, in conjunction with the public security and health and family planning departments, to immediately find out the source and flow of vaccines and other related products and to disclose relevant information to the public in the first place.

In other words, the current situation is that until March 18, 2016, Shandong Food and Drug Administration has not found out the source and flow of vaccines and other related products, nor has it reported to the State Food and Drug Administration.

March 19, 6: 40. Xinhua News Agency Releases News < < 570 Million Yuan Illegal Vaccine Case Continued: All over the country check the vaccine involved in the case > >, the reporter contacted the Food and Drug Administration in many places and followed up the current situation. The Food and Drug Administration in Henan, Guangdong, Anhui, Sichuan and other places said to Xinhua News Agency reporters that a comprehensive investigation had been launched and that they had contacted the Shandong Food and Drug Administration, hoping to get more clues, and the relevant results were announced immediately after verification.

In this case, the micro-signal actually dares to say [(problematic vaccine) started to be recycled last year, and basically all the things that can be recycled have been recycled]. Capital clothing.

Reason 2: [Other books do not record (problematic vaccines) that cannot be recovered, and it is estimated that they have expired]

What a [estimate]! [Estimate] Why does the word serve the world?

The second question I want to ask this micro-signal is:

Where did you learn about these problems?

According to the report of Surging News:

According to preliminary statistics by Jinan police, For more than five years, Pang Mouwei’s mother and daughter bought 25 kinds of human vaccines (some temporary vaccines) such as influenza, hepatitis B and rabies at low prices from more than 70 pharmaceutical company salesmen or vaccine dealers in more than 10 provinces and cities such as Shaanxi, Chongqing and Jilin, and then sold them to 247 personnel in 18 provinces, cities and autonomous regions such as Hubei, Anhui, Guangdong, Henan and Sichuan at a higher price.

Jinan police news is [some temporary vaccines]. The shelf life of vaccines generally varies from 18 months to 24 months. Pang Mouwei’s mother and daughter were arrested in April 2015, and less than 12 months have passed so far. The public has every reason to question that this batch of problematic vaccines with a value of 570 million involved in the case is likely to still circulate in the market.

This micro-signal has just contradicted the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration and now ignores the conclusion of Jinan police. I really don’t know where confidence comes from.

To sum up, the two core reasons why the parenting number believes that precious mothers should not panic are totally untenable. Such erroneous views are likely to mislead mothers and readers and lead to a big mistake. Readers have to observe.

Question 2: Is this report by Surging News a “theme party”?

Originally, I wanted to put this part in the first part of the article, but considering that this micro-signal misleads mothers and is related to public interests, it is better to say it first. This part refutes the accusation of the child care number against surging news one by one.

It is said that the media has withered, which may be a trend, but if the media has withered and is on the top of this kind of public number without journalism literacy, please let me have a leash.

The reason why the parenting number accused Surging News of being a [theme party] is as follows:

He was captured a year ago, and today his circle of friends exploded! In this era of information explosion, it is simply incredible! It should have been popular last year! Then we found out that the incident had indeed been reported for a long time. At present, the earliest report seen was that on February 2 this year, the Yangguang.com < < Jinan seized a large number of cases of ineffective Class II vaccines for human use, involving the participation of disease control personnel in 24 provinces and cities in China > >. At that time, few people paid attention to the news.

The suspect arrested on April 28 last year has fully reported the incident on February 2 this year. Then why is it suddenly hot today, more than a month later? The report came from [Surging News] (a news media in Shanghai). Their reporter fried cold rice, remade the [old news] and added an additional sentence to the title-[or affecting human lives].

In these two paragraphs, it is fully revealed that none of the operators of the micro-signal has received formal journalism education and none has had formal media experience.

Question1: Why did it come to light one year later?

The criminal suspect captured last year was only exposed this year. The editor of this micro-signal scratched his head and said: “In this era of information explosion, it is incredible! ]

Wait, you think [incredible], please don’t take your readers into the ditch with you. As long as you have a little journalism experience, it won’t be surprising at all.

When public relations agencies make arrests, there will be several requirements for media reports:

    Some may be like live broadcast, for example, after the wanted man is in force, reporters and the police will report in real time together. Some know that it is not a felony or even will not be convicted, but they will invite the media to report widely. Some people understand. Some of them have captured the leader, but the criminal network is too large. In order to avoid startle, they kept it secret until the whole network was knocked out before they moved from internal publicity to publicity.

This case of vaccine is typical of the last kind.

However, it is obvious that these editors know nothing about such a news environment.

Question2: Why is surging news reporting now?

The child care number believed that the media had already fully reported the matter on February 2 this year, and the surging news reported it as fried rice a month later. The reason for the sudden popularity was that surging news [added a sentence in the title-“or affect human life”].

I want to be quiet. There are too many slots, I don’t know where to start vomiting.

Let’s start with the simplest. The report of Yangguang.com mentioned by this child-rearing number is here: < < Jinan seized a large number of ineffective Class II vaccines for human use, involving the participation of disease control personnel in 24 provinces and cities in China > >.

Ordinary readers may not see the difference, but as long as they have a little journalism literacy or formal media experience, they will never say such words as [the incident was fully reported on February 2 this year].

This news is obviously rewritten based on the press release of Jinan Public Security Bureau. There is no incremental information. This is not called [comprehensive report].

Why is it that the surging news reports have greater influence? The understanding of this parenting number is because [an extra sentence was added to the title].

I was speechless.

You have to think that just because surging news changed a title, it will stir up an old news, arouse the attention of the whole country and trigger the response of the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration. Only you can see through the trick at a glance. Are you overestimating your IQ? Or do you underestimate the IQ of netizens too much?

To get back to the point, the news on February 2 disclosed the case in the form of a press release. On March 18, the article of the surging news was an in-depth report, digging out more details on the basis of the general draft and fully reminding the public of the possible risks.

[in-depth report] I said this is only one sentence, but behind it, it means that the two authors of this article have been traveling for days, hitting a wall countless times, hanging up the phone countless times, and revising the manuscript countless times. This is the daily work of journalists, and there is no need to be bitter, nor does it mean that they have the right to be free from criticism.

However, if you want to criticize and question, please take out dry goods. Instead of just relying on the imagination of hiding in front of the computer like some micro signals.

Question 3: Will the vaccine [or affect human life]?

There is a section entitled “Calm Analysis” in the article of the parenting number, which holds that [in the whole incident, there is no evidence to prove that the vaccines involved “affected human lives” or even that these vaccines failed at that time]. There are three reasons:

    The vaccine involved in the case is not a fake vaccine, but a qualified vaccine. Qualified vaccines do not necessarily fail without cold chain storage and transportation. Even if the vaccine fails, it does not actually affect human lives.

Through these three points, they came to the conclusion that [the reporter of surging news “or affects human life” is especially irresponsible and seriously misleads readers].

If the second part of this article proves that the operator of this micro-signal has no journalism literacy, the above logic chain is enough to prove that their operator has no basic logical thinking. Let’s continue to hit the face one by one:

Reason 1: The vaccine involved is not a fake vaccine, but a qualified vaccine.

Strictly speaking, the vaccine involved is not a qualified vaccine, but the qualified vaccine has been unqualified storage and transportation. This is also stressed by surging news: [without strict cold chain storage and transportation].

Reason 2: Qualified vaccines are not stored and transported in the cold chain and may not fail.

First of all, [not necessarily invalid] does not mean [certainly not invalid]. However, as long as there is a vaccine that fails or deteriorates and is used again, there may be risks to the vaccinator. Although the probability is low, it is 100% for those who are successful.

Secondly, surging news is quoted as follows:

According to Jinan police, although the vaccines sold by Pang Mouwei are produced by regular vaccine manufacturers, they are not stored and transported in the cold chain according to regulations. Some of them are temporary vaccines, and there is a risk of expiration and deterioration during circulation.

[Hello, 110? There are people here who don’t believe you.]

Reason 3: Even if the vaccine fails, it does not actually affect human life.

The child-rearing claimed: [Because the whole incident was seized last year and the problematic vaccine was recovered, in fact, no one was killed or injured by this incident! ]

I wondered, [in fact, no one was killed or injured because of this], where did the confidence to say this come from?

Isn’t this case still under investigation by the Public Security Bureau and the Food and Drug Administration, and the authorities have not given a final conclusion? Is it really good for you to talk nonsense, make nonsense and open God’s perspective? Shouldn’t the rigorous statement be [no major adverse reactions or accidents have occurred yet]?

They also said, [There is no cold chain vaccine exposed in this incident, and the biggest harm is failure (in fact, it is very likely that it has not yet failed); It will not cause other active injuries to the human body! ]

The report of Surging News quoted scholars as saying:

[This is killing people.] Wang Yuedan, deputy director of the Department of Immunology of Peking University Health Science Center, commented that the primary risk of vaccination against vaccines that have not been stored at 2-8 ℃ for cold chain transportation is ineffective immunization. For example, fatal infectious diseases such as rabies, if the vaccinators fail to immunize, they will become infected, morbidity and death.

Hello, Peking University Medical Department? Some people here don’t believe what your professor said. Oh. Wait, let me ask.]

The editor of this micro-signal, I ask you, you answer well. You said [it will not cause other active harm to human body], do you guarantee it? Which school did you graduate from medical school?

Therefore, the professor of Peking University Medical Department thinks it is harmful, and the operator of the micro-signal thinks it is harmless. Readers in front of mobile phones, who do you believe?

They also labeled surging news as “demonizing vaccines”. It’s really the biggest thing in the world. Why do I think the first reaction of normal readers after reading it is: even vaccines are fake? ! Next time, you must go to a regular place to get a more expensive one. Instead of: even vaccines are fake? ! Then I won’t play next time.

What is the harm of this batch of vaccines and do you need to worry? < < Southern Weekend > > Public Number [Jianyan], which pays close attention to the health field, released 570 million ineffective vaccines under < < regulatory loopholes on March 19. What is the risk? > >, has a very comprehensive and scientific interpretation.:

It is worth noting that the vaccines involved in this incident have been six years since 2010, and there have been no major adverse reactions or accidents. At present, the public need not panic excessively, let alone worry about the quality and safety of the first-class vaccines uniformly distributed by the state. If there is a need to vaccinate the second type of vaccine, we should try our best to choose a regular vaccination unit with qualified guarantee. However, we should continue to care about finding out the flow direction of vaccines and replanting them in time.

… …

Sanofi Pasteur’s senior medical director, French MD Shu Jiande, and Southern Weekend explained that From a purely academic point of view, there is no data to tell us the safety data of expired vaccines or cold chain break vaccines, because no clinical trials are carried out under the above two conditions. However, theoretically, if expired or high temperature causes protein denaturation in vaccines, it should have an impact.

That is, the problem vaccine incident should be [continuously paid attention to without panic].

In other words, there is no need to panic too much, but it does not mean that the matter has come to an end and requires the continuous attention and vigilance of regulators and the public.

Maybe it’s still a time bomb.