Be careful [liver], this is the right way to eat in spring.

We often refer to the liver as the central bank of the human body because it is an important metabolic organ that controls the storage and transportation of nutrients. If the metabolic function of the liver is damaged, it will lead to diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity and other diseases.

It is often said that [liver is nourished in spring], but as long as the following points are paid attention to in diet, liver can be nourished all the year round.

The staple food should be mixed with thick and thin food, with more meals and less sugar.

The liver is the place where sugar is metabolized and glycogen is stored. It plays an important role in regulating blood sugar concentration and maintaining its stability. Often excessive hunger, or eating too much, hungry and full, it is easy to cause abnormal blood sugar and burden the liver. Diabetes and fatty liver, but you have me, I have you, a pair of friends who depend on each other.

Usually pay attention to the rule of three meals, eat less and eat more, staple food should not be limited to refined white rice flour food, often alternately eat a variety of coarse grains whole grain, miscellaneous beans, potato, is conducive to controlling blood sugar.

At the same time, try to eat as little sweets as possible and limit the addition of sugar, such as white granulated sugar, various candies, sweet drinks, cakes, concentrated fruit juice, jam and even honey, and eat as little or no as possible. Reducing the risk of obesity is conducive to maintaining the normal metabolic ability of the liver.

Dark fresh fruits and vegetables, one kilo of vegetables, one portion of fruit

In the statement of “protecting the liver and protecting the liver”, it is often mentioned that “green enters the liver”. We all know that eating more vegetables is beneficial to all aspects of the body, and spring is the season when everything grows, and it is easier to eat rich vegetables than winter, so [spring is more nourishing to the liver] is still reasonable from this angle.

It is suggested to try to eat enough one kilo of vegetables every day, of which dark vegetables, especially dark leafy vegetables, such as spinach, rape and purple cabbage, can account for more than half a kilo. It is not only carrots that are rich in carotene, which is conducive to vitamin A supplement. Dark green leafy vegetables are also rich in carotenoids, which is beneficial to the repair of liver injury. Eat about 22 (100g) of kelp, agaric, mushrooms and other bacteria, algae and bamboo shoots every day to obtain more abundant dietary polysaccharides and cellulose.

Eat a portion of fruit every day, generally with the amount of a fist is more appropriate. Eat less or no fruit, easy vitamin C, vitamin E deficiency; However, if you eat too much fruit, you will also eat too much sugar in the fruit, which is not conducive to the stability of blood sugar.

Fish, poultry, meat, eggs and milk are of various kinds and not in large quantities.

All kinds of fish, shrimp, crab, chicken, duck, poultry, pig, beef, mutton, eggs and dairy products contain proteins that belong to [high-quality proteins], just like [repairers] of liver, which can repair cells and promote cell regeneration.

Even friends with fatty liver problems do not need to reject this kind of food too much. They can give priority to low-fat milk or yogurt (1-2 cups a day), fish and shrimp meat and peeled chicken and duck meat (the amount of a slap area a day). Do the total amount of food you eat every day, the total calories are appropriate, and you can control your weight.

One point that needs to be raised is that animal liver is also rich in high-quality protein and vitamin A, and [eating liver to tonify liver] also makes some sense. However, it is not appropriate to eat in large quantities frequently, once a week, one or two ounces at a time.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol, such as drinking, and limit it to

Finally, it should be emphasized that drinking hurts the liver, and the damage of alcohol to the liver is clear and unmistakable. Long-term heavy drinking, in the initial manifestation of alcoholic fatty liver, often without symptoms or slight fatigue, right upper abdominal dull pain; After that, it will further develop into alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis and possibly chronic alcoholism with psychiatric and neurological symptoms.

[If you drink alcohol, you need to limit it]. The specific interpretation of this sentence in the dietary guidelines is: it is best for anyone not to drink alcohol; If you must drink, adult men drink no more than 25g of alcohol a day, that is, 50 g of high-grade liquor, 75 g of 38-degree liquor, 250 ml of wine and 750 ml of beer, while adult women drink 50 g of 38-degree liquor, 150 ml of wine and 450 ml of beer.

Be alert to hepatotoxic drugs

Many people know that some chemicals can cause liver damage, When taking medicine, you will be more careful. However, it is often easy to ignore that many Chinese herbal medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines also have hepatotoxicity. The toxicology of Chinese herbal medicines has not been fully studied, and scientific usage and dosage cannot be obtained. Taboo people and adverse reactions only depend on a sentence [unclear] in the instructions. Therefore, you must be cautious.

The last advice for nourishing the liver is: bid farewell to the cold winter, the weather is warmer, take advantage of the good weather to go out of the house, have more outdoor activities, and take active exercise.