Vaginitis, the lingering shadow of all women?

Vaginitis, together with vulvitis, is the highest incidence of gynecological inflammation, and is also the worst-hit area for Jianghu traveling doctors and various medical advertisements. The recurrence of this gynecological inflammation will not only affect physical health, but also bring negative effects on the quality of life and mental health.

Sometimes, some simple lifestyle adjustments can also help avoid recurrent vaginitis.

The balance of vaginal flora is very important.

Although vaginitis is divided into several types, on the whole, it can be roughly divided into two types. One is inflammation caused by external pathogens entering the vagina, and the other is inflammation caused by imbalance of flora in the vagina.

The former is what we call mycotic vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis and some bacterial vaginitis. The latter is another part of bacterial vaginitis and non-specific vaginitis.

Let’s talk further about [flora imbalance].

There are more than 30 kinds of resident flora in the vagina, the most common of which is Lactobacillus, which is recognized as the most important probiotic member in the normal flora of the vagina. Sixteen kinds of Lactobacillus have been isolated from the vagina, of which Lactobacillus that can produce H2O2 plays a key role in maintaining vaginal self-purification and anti-infection.

Of course, there are other aerobes and anaerobes. Their function is to maintain a stable microecological balance, which is actually a barrier. In addition to the natural physical barrier that the labia minora can form, the flora balance in the vagina is also crucial. They are like generals guarding different regions, cooperating with each other and restricting each other.

In this check and balance relationship, white blood cells will also participate as guards to suppress regional generals who suddenly stir up their heads. This is why white blood cells are sometimes found in normal leucorrhea routine.

Once the balance between flora is broken, there will be a series of changes, which will eventually lead to vaginitis.

Therefore, as long as the flora balance in the vagina can be maintained, the recurrent attacks of vaginitis can be effectively reduced.

How to maintain the balance of flora?

STEP 1 Do not flush the vagina

In some cases, such as too much vaginal secretion, serious vaginal contamination, or the need to flush the vagina before using vaginal packing drugs to ensure the effect of the drugs, the doctor will tell you that you need to flush the vagina.

In addition, no matter using what lotion or medicine, please do not flush the vagina without authorization, and should not turn flushing the vagina into a habit.

In particular, girls who are obsessed with cleanliness think that what in their vaginas is not the most ideal state. In fact, it is easy to cause infection. The reason is very simple. The original soldiers guarding the family and protecting the country have all been removed from the country. Naturally, there will be no soldiers to protect the country. The invading enemies easily occupied the country and committed crimes.

Moreover, it takes a long time to recover the imbalance of vaginal flora caused by this case. In addition to treating pathogens, drugs should be used to restore its resident flora, which may be re-infected at any time during the recovery process. This is the reason for recurrent attacks.

What about what? Wash the vulva with clear water every night and keep it dry and clean.

Clear water is boiling water put to room temperature. The way is scrubbing, not soaking, not lavaging, not even sitting bath. The site is vulva, including labia majora and labia minora, as well as the ravines between them, the pubic mound, perianal, etc. After that, choose to stay dry and don’t start wearing underwear or using pads when wet.

Step 2: Change your bad habits

Under normal circumstances, the occurrence and development of vaginitis are related to sexual life. The influence of sexual life on the balance of vaginal flora is obvious, especially for those who have frequent sexual life.

Therefore, for those who have regular sex life, please pay attention to the cleaning of both partners before and after the same room. If there are obvious symptoms of infection, it is recommended that sexual partners take drugs together. If there is no pregnancy plan or there are multiple sexual partners, please use condoms for contraception and protection. If you are currently under medication, please be sure to stop having sex.

Or is the underwear cleaning, please be sure to clean the close-fitting clothes separately to avoid incomplete cleaning of the close-fitting clothes caused by mixed washing. Another is not to hang underwear in a closed and humid space such as toilet, please hang it in an open and ventilated space.

There are also some bad habits including: frequent use of sanitary napkins and pads; The choice of sanitary napkins is inappropriate; The material selection of underwear is inappropriate; Do not pay attention to cleaning during menstruation, etc. These habits need to be changed in order to create a clean and stable perineal environment, which is of great significance to the treatment and recovery of vaginitis.

3. Regular treatment

Many women are afraid to go to the hospital out of shyness after finding symptoms of vaginitis, so they begin to seek help from online information. However, the Internet is full of all kinds of unreliable information mixed with good and evil people. It is likely that after buying a lot of food, use and lotion, the symptoms have not improved.

There are also some women who choose to go to irregular hospitals out of shyness. After a period of ordeal and fear, not only is there no cure, but also the inflammation may become more serious or recur.

I hope everyone can make it clear that regular examination and treatment are the correct way to treat diseases.

4. Strictly follow the doctor’s advice to treat

Only by strictly following the doctor’s advice can the cause of the disease be eradicated. Frankly speaking, non-strict medication and self-withdrawal are possible problems for all patients.

Some diseases have obvious effects at the early stage of medication. For example: Bacterial vaginitis usually in the use of metronidazole vaginal tablets after 2-3 days, will have obvious effects. At this time, some patients will stop taking drugs on their own because the symptoms are relieved or disappeared, plus some bad habits have not changed, and such a short period of time of medication has no way to root out the cause of the disease, inflammation will relapse soon.

There are also some people who decide to extend the medication time on their own, Hope can rely on this to cure vaginitis at one time, It is also counterproductive. Especially with a large amount of antibiotics, It is like putting poison into the well water of this country, which will not only kill the enemy, but also kill the beneficial flora guarding the country. Then there will be another desolate scene, increasing the probability of inflammation recurrence. Therefore, whether the medication time is too short or too long, it is incorrect.

To sum up, paying attention to hygiene at ordinary times, seeing a doctor regularly and following the doctor’s advice can effectively reduce the recurrence of vaginitis.

Responsible Editor: Fu Ting

The article was reprinted by Clove Garden authorized by the author.