[Vampire Drink] Don’t Buy

Recently, many media have revealed that a variety of [brand] blood bag beverages called [vampire beverage] [vampire diary beverage] [vampire plasma beverage] [vampire energy beverage] [simulated plasma] are selling well on the Internet and in physical stores. The blood bag packaging of such products is similar to medical plasma, and some of them are labeled to distinguish [A, B, AB, O, Other] and other types.

After investigation, such products were produced without the approval of any department. The vast majority have only English labels, Product labels are not standardized, Belonging to the “three noes” product, Some mark false manufacturers and production license numbers, Drinking as a beverage has great potential food safety hazards. This kind of [three noes] product, which is promoted by catering to people’s seeking to stimulate their curiosity, Violating the moral principle of social honesty, Do not conform to the relevant laws and regulations of the State, Misleading consumers, Especially young people. At present, Food and drug regulatory authorities have ordered the relevant online trading platforms to close all online shops selling such products, and require them to strictly check, and will prohibit the sale of similar products in the future. At the same time, strengthen network monitoring and food market supervision and inspection, and severely punish all illegal acts found, and promptly transfer suspected crimes to public security organs.

Here, remind consumers not to buy and use such products, improve the identification ability, so as not to be cheated, causing losses to health and property. If you find the sale of similar products, please immediately call 12331 hotline to report to the local food and drug regulatory authorities. We will promptly carry out investigation and crack down on illegal acts in accordance with the law.