Vomiting is not a patent for stomach diseases, beware of glaucoma!

Often receive calls from other departments in the middle of the night: [Is the ophthalmologist there? I am a respiratory department. We have a patient with eye pain and vomiting. It is useless to use antiemetic drugs. I can’t see clearly. Can you come and have a look? ] In the past, the patient’s eyes were red, his eyesight was seriously reduced, and his intraocular pressure was 50 mmHg. The intraocular pressure was too high! On the ophthalmology must weapon: slit lamp, found is a typical angle-closure glaucoma acute attack, antiemetic medicine first don’t use, intraocular pressure drop, natural will not vomit. This vomiting, is not the patent of stomach trouble, may also be glaucoma. What is glaucoma? Glaucoma refers to a kind of disease that causes intraocular pressure to be too high due to various reasons and causes optic nerve damage. Generally speaking, it is the intraocular pressure to be too large, compressing optic nerve, resulting in vision decline and visual field defect. Normal people’s intraocular pressure is between 10 mmHg and 21 mmHg. Why does intraocular pressure abnormally rise? Maintaining normal eye shape, It is mainly due to the normal circulation of aqueous humor, a liquid in the eyeball. Aqueous humor comes from the ciliary body of the eye [faucet]. It produces a steady stream of aqueous humor every day, Slowly and steadily draining the eyeball through the aqueous humor channel. If there is too much aqueous humor, Or aqueous humor drainage is not smooth, Because the eyeball is a closed structure, The increase of aqueous humor will lead to abnormal increase of internal pressure of eyeball, This is the cause of glaucoma. Early diagnosis, early treatment of pain, Often glaucoma is the first warning to patients. In addition, there are abnormal vision, abnormal increase of intraocular pressure will compress the optic nerve, and once the optic nerve is damaged, vision will become worse and worse, the field of vision will shrink, even blindness, this kind of damage is irreversible. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are particularly important. Who will glaucoma prefer? Interestingly enough, This glaucoma, Have physical bias, In other words, glaucoma patients have some specific personality characteristics, It is a kind of physical and mental disease. Like Lin Daiyu, melancholy and sentimental, Zhang Fei’s character is scorched and dry. And people with small eyes, That is the object of glaucoma. But the love of glaucoma is really unbearable. Once we are identified, It is not easy to move the nest. Current research shows that Glaucoma has a certain genetic tendency, Generally, if the immediate family members have glaucoma, My chances of developing glaucoma will be greatly increased. Therefore, Children of glaucoma patients, We would recommend that they be screened for glaucoma, Angle, intraocular pressure, optic nerve, intraocular pressure, And regularly reviewed, Strive for early detection, Early treatment, Keep glaucoma out. Medication, Treatment of Skilled Glaucoma Although it is a blinding disease, But it can also be controlled and prevented. We can use drugs, Reduce the production of aqueous humor, Promote the outflow of aqueous humor. In addition to drugs, At present, ophthalmic surgery is also very advanced, For example, through laser surgery, Preventive treatment can be achieved, It can also be done through trabeculectomy and other methods, Create a smooth [sewer], Let the outflow of aqueous humor become smooth again. However, Whether with drugs or surgery, Patients should remember to check regularly, Look at the intraocular pressure, Changes in visual field. The most commonly used medicine in ophthalmology is eye drops or eye ointment. And a small drop of clear medicine, But it can also affect the whole body. Under normal circumstances, The eyes communicate with the nose and mouth through, Eye drops or eye ointments can be absorbed into blood vessels through nasal mucosa, causing systemic effects. In order to reduce systemic side effects caused by drugs, we will suggest pressing the inner corner of the eye with your fingers for 5 minutes after use. Self-cultivation is the key glaucoma can take away vision, so patients with glaucoma should pay attention to some what at ordinary times? Optimism: Mood has a great influence on illness, Try to keep a cheerful mood. Drink a small amount of water in batches: Water is the source of life, For glaucoma patients, Normal drinking water is carried out in turn, But try to avoid drinking too much water at one time, Also avoid thirst before drinking. Calm down: Not too excited, When excited, The pupils dilate, Maybe glaucoma will follow, It is waiting for its pupils to dilate. Pursuing Light: Stay as little dark as possible, In the dark, our pupils get bigger, Look, this glaucoma is hiding in a dark corner. Therefore, we can install a small night light in the room, not all black, also don’t in order to save electricity, watching TV does not turn on the light, glaucoma is not polite, where dark where to come from. Magnanimous, revealing eyes: for those who love beauty and play cool, we should try our best to wear less or no sunglasses, because under sunglasses, our pupils will become larger.