What do gynecologists think of [ovarian maintenance] in beauty salons?

Frankly speaking, I think [ovarian maintenance] is another successful marketing case after [painless abortion] and [cervical erosion].

These four words alone touched everyone’s inner heart itch:

    One is [ovary]: The ovary has the function of ovulating and secreting hormones. It is very important to women’s health, When this word is widely mentioned in advertisements, it is difficult for women not to pay attention to it. The other is [maintenance]: we have heard of skin care, hand care, eye care, hair care… there is no place on the body to maintain, as well as jewelry care and leather shoes care. In short, the Chinese are familiar with this word and it is quite useful.

Look at the benefits of [ovarian maintenance] mentioned in the advertisement: healthy eggs, delaying aging, adjusting cycle, enhancing sexual interest, good sleep, improving skin, being younger, and the husband coming home on time…

Let’s talk about [ovarian maintenance].

Ovarian health is really important

As one of the important reproductive organs of human body, ovarian health is very important to women.

Paying attention to ovarian health means paying attention to menstruation, fertility, skin, aging and other issues. Of course, it also includes a series of problems of the ovary itself, such as ovarian cyst, premature ovarian failure and so on.

The ovary mainly has the functions of ovulation and hormone secretion:

Step 1 Ovulation

The ovary has to discharge 400 ~ 500 eggs in this life, each of which is fully prepared for the birth of a new life. The condition of eggs is directly related to the health of the next generation.

The passage of time is irreversible. Like other organs, the ovary will also experience development, activity and aging. When it completes its mission, it will naturally decline.

Moreover, the number of eggs that a woman can discharge in her life has been fixed since she was a baby girl, and it is difficult to change this fact the day after tomorrow.

Step 2 Secret hormones

Ovary can periodically secrete estrogen and progesterone, coordinating the normal operation of corresponding organs and tissues in women’s bodies.

These hormones are like lubricating oil used in automobiles. Although they are rare, they can effectively prevent the wear and aging of various parts.

Is [Ovarian Maintenance] Reliable?

This should start with beauty salons. Note that it is a beauty salon, not a hospital. Although some hospitals are also doing it, they still dare not be as blatant as beauty salons.

I don’t know from what, the beauty salon business began not only to make an issue of the face, the scope of the field is eye-popping. Some even took off the brand of the beauty salon, directly hung up the brand of the hospital, [ovarian maintenance] is only a part of many businesses.

Generally speaking, the so-called [ovarian maintenance] mainly has the following ways:

1. Essential oil and drug massage

Many beauty salons use essential oil, drug massage and the like, saying that some drug ingredients can be delivered to the ovaries by massaging abdominal skin to achieve the purpose of maintenance.

In fact, in order to protect the ovaries, the human body has evolved into the position of the ovaries in the bilateral iliac fossa area below the pubic symphysis. Simply put, the ovaries are also protected by a hard pelvis in case of emergencies such as trauma.

It is for this reason that the ovaries of normal size are almost invisible from the outside, even if we have routine gynecological examination in clinical practice, it is difficult to touch them. It is hard to imagine that the ovaries can be massaged from the belly alone and the drugs can be passed on.

2. Hormonal drugs

If the beauty salon only deceives some ordinary skin care products or essential oil what, it is also fine, and it is afraid to mix some hormone drugs with them, there will be certain risks.

At present, it is known that hormone drugs have certain promoting effects on some ovarian tumors, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Although there are very few drugs that can be absorbed through the skin, these beauty salons are not ready to offer strange tricks, not only abdominal massage, but also oral drugs.

In order to achieve those good wishes, some consumers spend money on drugs and swallow them in one go, but they do not know the risks behind them.

Not to mention the impact on those cancers, the metabolism of these drugs with unknown components alone increases the burden on the liver and kidneys, not to mention the unknown dose of hormones in them.

3. Red light, hot compress and physical therapy

It is true that some people say that they feel much more comfortable after finishing red light and hot compress, and even dysmenorrhea has been cured.

This is possible, because physical therapy can relieve the pain of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic adhesion, etc. to a certain extent, which can relieve some of the pain of patients and is being carried out in many hospitals. At the same time, hot compress and electric baking are all treated by the heat generated by electric energy, which does relieve primary dysmenorrhea to a certain extent, and is also widely used in the treatment of scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, etc.

Therefore, physical therapy is not Mongolian, but it has nothing to do with [ovarian maintenance] in what, let alone boast about its magical effect in what. If you really want to try it, you can also buy one yourself…

Can ovaries be maintained?

This also has risks and that is not reliable. Can we do some what for ovarian health?

1. Habits

Keep a good mood, stick to proper exercise and learn to adjust your mood.

Is it very much like chicken soup for the soul? But it does have some effects. Although these methods will not have obvious effects if problems really occur, they still have some effects as prevention.

2. Diet

Well, finally the part that readers like to see is to rely on food to solve the problems of the whole world.

Maintaining good eating habits and taking in sufficient nutrients are necessary to maintain the health of the female reproductive system.

There is a saying that works almost all the time: women can eat more foods containing protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, folic acid and other nutrients, such as eggs, milk, meat, beans, green vegetables and so on.

Therefore, don’t say that what can “maintain their ovaries” by eating certain foods. The correct way is to eat enough, eat evenly and eat scientifically.


[Ovarian Maintenance] is only a marketing plan. The reason for its success is that it has grasped everyone’s psychology of paying attention to ovarian health.

Of course, it is right to pay attention to issues closely related to women’s health, but be rational. Maintain good living habits at ordinary times, and go to the hospital in time if you really have health problems.

Editor: Yidan