Want to fart but burst out poop, what’s going on?

Ms. Wang had diarrhea today and made four or five trips to the toilet. When she returned to the office from the toilet for the sixth time, she couldn’t hold back and farted… well, she felt sticky…

Mr. Wang is 91 years old and has recently started to use diapers. Not only does it not work to urinate, but he is deeply troubled by the excrement star every time he farts…

Another woman recently cut off a hemorrhoid, which is sour and refreshing… defecating hurts, and collapses out when not pulling…

They have a common question:

My anus is out of order? ! How does anus distinguish farting from defecation?

How does anus distinguish farting from defecation?

Regarding this, let’s talk about the two doors that poop must cross in order to get out of the anus.

After poop is formed, it will move down the long intestinal tract to reach the rectum. After arriving here, poop people will encounter the first gate, professionally called [internal anal sphincter].

The internal sphincter of the anus has a characteristic. It relaxes from time to time to allow a small number of objects in the small intestine to enter the next channel, which is professionally called [anal canal].

Of course, most of the time, the first door is closed to prevent liquid and gas from flowing out. As the pressure of poop and the like on the intestinal wall gradually increases, some [sentinels] deployed on the intestinal wall, professionally called [receptors], will timely transmit the information of pressure increase to the [small general] of the [low-level defecation center]:

Too much poop I can’t stop!

So the little general issued instructions:

Open the door and let poop enter the anal canal!

At this point, the internal anal sphincter opens.

This process is beyond our control, after all, the [commander-in-chief] brain does not know about it.

Here, poo people will encounter the second door, professionally called [external anal sphincter]. (only one word difference from the first door)

In the upper part of the anal canal, there are also a large number of [sentinels], who can sense the temperature, shape, movement or stillness of various excreta, and then send back information to the commander-in-chief of the brain.

I have to mention, all kinds of excreta here can undergo a complete [physical examination]:

    If it is solid, its movement and the friction of its own texture against the anal canal will be recorded. If it is liquid, its unusual flow rate and movement pattern will be recorded. If it is gas, its physical examination report will have a certain degree of speed and texture information missing.

These [physical examination reports] will be transmitted upward to the commander-in-chief of the brain.

After receiving these signals, the commander-in-chief will integrate them. As he grows older, the more he reads the medical examination report, the more experienced he becomes, and the more accurate his judgment will become. After judgment, the commander-in-chief decides whether to open the second door (external anal sphincter), which is the chrysanthemum.

So see here, everyone also know, whether to come out and whether to come out fart or poop, is controlled by the brain, not the anus.

The anus is only a door watcher. It is the brain that makes decisions according to what it says. If the brain does not say [open the door and fart], the anus will not open the door in general.

People who often pay attention to it!

Don’t laugh!

As one of the four great sorrows of life, farting but shit has become a classic joke. But in fact, this problem is very serious, we must pay attention to it!

If it is not children and the elderly, but often appear [fart collapse excrement] situation, don’t patronize embarrassment, hurry to a regular hospital to check ~

There are three major reasons for farting and excrement (of course, it is very likely that there is more than one):

    There is something wrong with the sentinel of the receptor (insensitivity caused by excessive use, nerve injury caused by hemorrhoid surgery, etc.); Failure of defecation center (senile dementia, etc.); The anal sphincter is not working well, ie is young and ignorant, in disrepair, etc.

Don’t ask me what to do if this problem occurs. I don’t know what to do either. I am on my way to the hospital.

This article comes from the author’s solid high school knowledge and sad real experience. If you have any objection, please don’t discuss it with the author, after all, the author doesn’t like to talk about such a heavy taste topic at all.