Want to gain muscle and weight? Skinny people, look here

Nowadays, it is popular [to be thin for beauty], but being underweight is not a good thing in what. In addition to the visual lack of masculinity in men and gentle curves in women, being overweight will also cause symptoms such as low immunity, osteoporosis and anemia. Many young people, especially men, have been distressed by their difficulties in gaining weight, [clearly eating a lot is not fat].

Compare the weight gain errors and skills introduced below to see if you have done the right thing.

Why are you so thin?

There are three main reasons for being underweight:

    Congenital (genetic) factors: Some people are born with higher metabolism than ordinary people, or have low digestion and absorption function, which makes nutrition utilization efficiency low and makes weight gain difficult; Acquired factors: excessive aerobic exercise and insufficient daily diet intake lead to weight loss; Pathological factors: Depression, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and other diseases that affect metabolic function will cause weight loss.

Excluding pathological factors, the problem of underweight can be improved by diet and exercise.

Can you really eat?

Some people suggest that [eat more chocolate, biscuits and cakes, and you will definitely gain weight! [This is actually unscientific.

Simply relying on the intake of a large amount of high-fat and high-fever food, perhaps the weight will indeed increase, but most of the increased ingredients are fat, and the visual effect is [limbs are still thin, but accompanied by beer bellies and swimming rings].

I believe that most skinny friends do not want to increase this kind of [fat].

Others will say, “I can eat three bowls of rice at a time, but I can’t get fat.”

You know, weight gain depends on the overall intake over a long period of time, not the amount of food in a certain meal.

Regarding eating, you can try the following suggestions:

    If conditions permit, quantify and record how much you eat every day. Increase carbohydrate intake, such as various starchy foods such as rice and flour; If you feel that you eat too much in one meal and the burden of digestion is too heavy, you can eat less and eat more. Don’t be afraid to eat [healthy fat]. People who gain weight don’t have to [turn pale at the mention of fat]. Foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as egg yolk, avocado and nuts are very good choices.

Can eat, but also can practice

Eating reasonably can lay a good foundation for weight gain. However, scientific practice will make the body better and make the increased [meat] grow to the place where it should grow.

For skinny people, the recommended training is mainly anaerobic exercise, with less or no aerobic exercise to maximize muscle growth.

Only with muscles can men show strong masculinity. And women also don’t have to worry, due to hormone reasons, it is difficult for women to practice anaerobic exercises to produce obvious large muscles, which will only make their body shape more tall and straight and their curves more obvious.

Recommended Training Plans:

    Training is carried out about 3 times a week, with strength training as the main training. During training, each group repeats 8 ~ 12 movements, which is most conducive to muscle growth. Each time you practice in different parts, for example, four times a week, you can cycle the upper body/lower body twice. Practice three days a week can be divided into a cycle of chest/shoulder and arm/hip and leg. For muscle growth, weight-bearing exercise is generally better than self-weight exercise. However, women who do not have a training foundation can start with self-respect training. Common self-weight exercises: push-ups, in-situ squats, cutting squats, flat support, squats and jumps, various abdominal curls, squats against the wall…

In the process of implementing the weight gain plan, there are also the following precautions:

Don’t rush for success: The BBC once made a documentary that made a group of thin people overeat in a short period of time. As a result, everyone gained weight rapidly. However, after returning to normal diet, they all returned to their original weight. This shows that building muscles and weight and sculpting body shape is not an overnight thing, but a long and arduous project.

Aerobic exercise should not be excessive: Avoid a large amount of aerobic exercise, let alone excessive aerobic exercise. Many men like ball games, mountaineering, swimming and so on, which actually consume more energy. When doing these exercises, it is necessary to increase energy intake appropriately.

Only through scientific diet and reasonable training can we gain weight scientifically on the basis of ensuring good health. Skinny people, might as well give it a try?