Wash your body or your hair first? 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Bathing

If it is the first wish of life to sleep soundly every night, then it is the unshakable second wish to take a comfortable hot bath before going to bed.

In the ninth cold day, Dr. Clove will come to talk with you tonight about the details and rumors of bathing.

Wash your body or your hair first?

Rumor has it:

Don’t wash your hair first when taking a bath, otherwise it will easily lead to sudden death!

A bath is killing me… … …

Professionally speaking, no matter where to wash first, the impact on the body is similar. It is just that different people may have some differences in experience, but it is exaggerated to say that it will die suddenly.

The key is that the water temperature should be appropriate and the washing time should not be too long.

Is the temperature of bath water what more appropriate?

Water temperature up, up, up again? Yeah, burns.

Earlier studies have told us that continuous contact with hot water at 44 ℃ for about 6 hours will lead to burns. If the water temperature rises by 5 ℃ (i.e. 49 ℃), it will take about 10 minutes. However, hot water above 60 ℃ may cause deep burns if it only needs to be contacted for more than ten seconds.

What’s the matter, taking a bath and playing with yourself?

Bathing is not for sterilization, but for [descaling], which includes skin cells, sweat and dust.

To be honest, many bacteria are innocent and need not be killed.

Therefore, the best bath temperature is probably the one that feels not cold or hot and Beier is comfortable.

How long is it better to wash?

There are always some people who, once they enter the bathroom, seem to never plan to come out. They have to wash until they have chest tightness, thirst and old age.

Many people feel chest tightness when taking a bath, which is basically because the room is sealed and airtight, resulting in lack of oxygen and insufficient blood supply. The solution is also very simple. Do not take a bath for too long at ordinary times. Pay attention to more exercise at ordinary times to improve heart and lung function.

In fact, in theory, it usually takes 10-15 minutes to wash. If you wash for too long, you will still feel uncomfortable. What is the figure? However, there is no absolute right or wrong. Taking a bath may be the best time to think about life.

Dr. Clove is only sympathetic to those who have been waiting outside the bathroom.

How to take a bath when there is an old man in the family?

For most people, bathing is a very enjoyable thing, but for the elderly, safety is the top priority. Are there still few elderly people who slip and fall in the bathroom carelessly?

The simple advice given by Dr. Clove is: There is an old man in the home, and there should be no fewer seats, armrests and anti-skid mats.

    Seats: The elderly are easily tired, Can put a chair in the bathroom or something, convenient for them to rest at any time, even sit and wash. Armrest: You can install more vertical and parallel handrails on the ground in the bathroom, so that the elderly can have more support points when entering and leaving the bath, and it is not easy to fall down. Anti-skid mat: the bathroom is wet and slippery, and must put the anti-skid mat well, which can be put inside and outside the bathroom.

Of course, Dr. Clove is not saying that these protective measures are only applicable to the elderly, but if there are elders in the family, there is more reason to do these things better.

Can public bathrooms be contagious?

As long as you take a bath in a clean and regular bathing place, you will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

The pathogens of most sexually transmitted diseases (such as Treponema pallidum, HIV, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, etc.) have relatively high requirements on the survival environment, and will soon lose the ability to infect without leaving the human body.

As for HIV, which is familiar to everyone, unless the infected person bleeds heavily in the bath and the people who bathe together around him unfortunately have open wounds, they will not be infected with HIV because they are soaked in a pool.

As to why so many people are infected with sexually transmitted diseases in the so-called public bathrooms, everyone knows the truth.

In fact… Dr. Clove has always been curious, what are you thinking when taking a bath?