Weekly Chronicle of Pregnancy (11): It’s really [Kengniang] to protect the baby.

On the so-called “baby protection” issue, Miss Zhou is a typical negative case. After getting the results of the pregnancy test paper [two bars], The girl went to the hospital for further examination, Both blood tests and B-ultrasound results confirmed pregnancy, All indicators are also within the normal range. As a result, As soon as the girl came out of the hospital, I was so excited that my friends shared the news that I was going to be a mother. Congratulations, congratulations. [Dear, You have to pay attention to see if hCG and progesterone are normal.] A best friend congratulated her, Quietly leaned in and said to the girl. She also explained to me carefully. hCG and progesterone are two indicators that are closely related to the normal development of embryos. [Very important, It’s about a what value every week, There are standards, If you don’t meet the standards, it will be very dangerous. It’s easy to stop and miscarry. What’s… I’m not sure, In short, you will understand by checking the Internet yourself.] This best friend’s kindness [reminder], Like Pandora’s box, Opening the girl’s rather unreliable [history of fetal protection]. Zhou’s history of fetal protection [studious] Zhou sat in front of the computer, After inquiring about the key words-hCG and progesterone, I went to several well-known maternity forums with my mobile phone, and finally got the following information in pieces: hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) will appear in women’s blood after pregnancy, and will increase rapidly before 8 weeks of pregnancy, usually doubling every 48-72 hours; If the growth is normal, it indirectly indicates that the embryo is developing normally. If hCG rises slowly, it may be abnormal at the implant site (such as ectopic pregnancy); If hCG shows a decreasing state, the embryo vitality is poor or even dead. If the value is too high, it indicates the possibility of hydatidiform mole, etc. Progesterone is also crucial to the development of embryos during pregnancy. Generally speaking, it has the effects of inhibiting uterine contraction and immune response. Throughout pregnancy, Serum progesterone levels will continue to rise. Miss Zhou did not care about other more news, Only two tables were fixed-the standard reference values of hCG and progesterone for different gestational weeks. I took the form, Carefully compared with his own checklist: I instantly saw miscarriage in my mind, expectant mothers crying to tear their hearts and lungs, a family clouded and other sad scenes, clamoring for Dr. Latian to go to the hospital again to draw blood for testing. Dr. Tian expressed incomprehension and opposition: this is a typical index control! Obstetricians and gynecologists all think there is no problem, why do they have to take the test? My reason sounds very reasonable: [To the doctor, I am only one of countless parturients, so I can conceive again if something goes wrong; But for me, If something happens, it’s 100% bad.] Can’t convince my Dr. Tian, We have to start from that day on, Pull the girl to the hospital [poke a needle] every week, 20 kilometers back and forth, Catch the traffic jam, Each trip lasts about 2 hours. Forget the rush on the road, Above all, Although the hCG value has risen normally, But the girl’s progesterone level changed dramatically, Still always hovering in the low position, No one has ever been able to meet the [standard], In the 8th week, it actually fell to a [record low] of 8.17 nmol/L. On the phone, WeChat and forums, enthusiastic expectant mothers and friends gave me advice one after another: unable to withstand these agitation, Dr. Tian was forced by Miss Zhou to call the attending doctor after each examination result came out, constantly confirming [is such a low value normal] [should progesterone be used to protect the fetus]? Every time, after the doctor carefully inquired about the hCG value and whether there were symptoms such as abdominal pain and bleeding, he flatly refused Miss Zhou’s request. Finally, the attending doctor finally [collapsed]: Don’t check again! Dr. Tian put down the phone with satisfaction, Analyze the situation for the girl: Progesterone, don’t use it indiscriminately. For Dr. Tian, Gao Hui, deputy chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology at Beijing Tiantan Hospital, also agreed. She said, These days, Abuse of progesterone to protect fetus has become a big problem. Many doctors in primary hospitals, Even some medical workers in big hospitals blindly let pregnant women inject or take progesterone orally based on only one index of serum progesterone, which is actually unreasonable. She gave me a detailed analysis: progesterone test results have large errors. Progesterone secreted by expectant mothers metabolizes quickly. If they cannot check in time after drawing blood, the results will have errors. Different hospitals have different examination methods, The results will be very different, There is no comparison in what. For example, the results of my examination in two different 3A hospitals on the same day, One is 27 nmol/L and the other is 17.24 nmol/L, which is far from each other. Low progesterone is the result, not the cause. Most of the time, low progesterone is the result of poor embryonic development, and low progesterone itself is not the cause that affects fetal development. Bleeding, fetal stop, abortion, and most of the time [seed] itself has problems; No amount of progesterone, It can only improve [soil] conditions, Support pregnancy, It doesn’t change the quality of the seed in any way. So, Doctors also need to comprehensively analyze menstrual cycle, hCG value, whether bleeding and other conditions, Will give advice on whether to use progesterone to protect the baby. Generally speaking, Natural pregnancy, no symptoms of expectant mothers, is not need to check progesterone. Fetus, can’t indiscriminate protection but the girl also found that many pregnant women on the forum are sharing their successful experience of using [progesterone] to protect the fetus. Many people’s bleeding, abdominal pain and other symptoms have indeed improved after injecting progesterone. Is progesterone worthless? Dr Ko said: Dr. Tian, who loves to speak with [science], also found a lot of data to prove Dr. Gao’s idea: [In short, Professional doctors will judge according to the comprehensive situation.] Dr. Gao, in the simplest sentence, Pointed out the direction for [worrying] expectant mothers. I see. In this way, I have not had repeated miscarriages, And there was no threatened abortion, This tangled [progesterone baby protection plan], This is really self-defeating. I’m a little embarrassed on my face, Dr. Tian hurriedly stepped down the steps for me, [Although it is useless, it is not harmful. There is some data that progesterone supplementation will increase the risks of fetal malformation and neonatal death, but the research results released by RHL believe that the number of people entering the experiment is too small to confirm these risks, so expectant mothers who take progesterone supplementation need not worry too much.] [Why is it not harmful? Dr. Gao decided to give me a good lesson. Does it take time to run to the hospital? Does blood test and medicine cost money? Does the buttock injection hurt? Does it affect the mood to worry about the shadow blindly? [Summing up, Miss Zhou should also remind all expectant mothers, For inexperienced expectant mothers like me, Although the experience of [past people] is extremely valuable, we should not blindly listen to them, let alone blindly follow non-professional [past people] without the advice of doctors. [Protecting the fetus] is, after all, a medical treatment method, which must be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors and according to professional medical knowledge. Otherwise, the other fetus is not well protected and will be cheated.