Weekly Chronicle of Pregnancy (3): Neglected Magic Weapon for Pregnancy Preparation

Last time we talked about the problem of “which one is strong in early pregnancy test”. In addition to the familiar urine test, blood test, menorrhagia and early pregnancy reaction, In fact, there is another way, It is effective, It is convenient and cheap. However, it is often not paid attention to by the pregnant owners-that is, [basal body temperature measurement], BBT for short. Let’s talk about it this time. A good way to monitor pregnancy preparation. Miss Zhou has a best friend named Fat Linlin. At present, I am preparing for pregnancy, but I often need social parties and business trips in my work. Now, the early pregnancy test has become the most tangled thing in Linlin’s mind: every time I wait for menstruation to determine pregnancy, the risk is too great, and the menstruation cycle has not yet arrived, but I have been sent on a business trip or received social parties. What should I do? Do you use pregnancy test paper? At the earliest, it will be more accurate until the 31st day of the menstrual cycle, and if the test paper is negative, it does not mean that you are not pregnant. What about nausea, vomiting or other early pregnancy reactions? Individual differences are too great, such as suddenly seeing her husband unhappy, is this counted? As a result, she had to choose the method of blood test. This is really a [blood] book. During the preparation of pregnancy, Every time I need social parties, business trips or accidentally catch a cold and need to take medicine, I have to take half a day out of my busy work, crossing the city’s car sea, rushing to the hospital to register and draw blood. Look at her so tangled ordeal, Miss Zhou really can’t bear it, and she recommended the hidden artifact to fat Linlin: basal body temperature measurement. How to measure basal body temperature? Back then, when the girl was preparing for pregnancy, she dragged Dr. Tian all day and asked, “Is this a sign of pregnancy?” [Do you need a blood test to make sure? Dr. Tian, who has been turned into a neurasthenia, finally came off work one day. Pull out a form, I told the girl this method of basal body temperature measurement. Basal body temperature: Refers to after 6 ~ 8 hours of sleep, Body temperature measured without being affected by exercise, diet or mood changes, It is the lowest body temperature in a day. For women, the basal body temperature will change with the changes of menstrual cycle and pregnancy status. Generally speaking, the basal body temperature before ovulation in the menstrual cycle is lower, and after ovulation, the basal body temperature will rise by about 0.3 ~ 0.5 ℃ on average, and will drop again until menstruation comes. [So get up in the morning to measure? ] The girl asked. Dr. Tian said: [Not only that, Before getting up in the morning, When I woke up, Don’t talk, don’t exercise, don’t get up, Put the thermometer in your mouth and measure it immediately. It will be more accurate.] The basal body temperature is measured on a cycle of at least one month. Measurements over several months can more accurately reflect changes in the body. At the same time, It is necessary to mark out menstruation, amount of bleeding during menstruation, sexual life, medication and late sleep. [You see, it is low before ovulation and high after ovulation until menstruation. This low and high temperature is called biphasic body temperature.] Dr. Tian pointed to the form in the textbook and showed the girl. [What if the curve does not fall off after it goes up? ] Miss Zhou started again [100,000 whys]. [If the body temperature keeps at a high temperature, It means that she may be pregnant.] After learning of the pregnancy, Dr. Tian took out Miss Zhou’s basic body temperature record, pointing to the curve that remained high during the month of pregnancy, and said, “If you could have seen the result earlier, you wouldn’t have waited so late to find out the fact of pregnancy.” Can the basic body temperature also reflect what? There are not a few girls around Miss Zhou who are suffering from pregnancy like Pang Linlin. These girls often have various examinations, Make sure that both husband and wife are in good health, A few months without success, I wish I could live in a hospital, In order to test blood and do B-ultrasound at any time, so as to know whether they are ovulating, ovulating, implanting and pregnant… Dr. Gao Hui, deputy chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, once told me: [the use of basal body temperature is not as simple as “finding pregnancy”. If they had known earlier, how much trouble could they have saved! “The basal body temperature of normal women of childbearing age will change with the menstrual cycle: after ovulation every month, the human body secretes progesterone, and the basal body temperature will rise by 0.3 ~ 0.5 ℃, forming a [high temperature phase], which generally lasts for 12 ~ 16 days; During menstruation, the progesterone level drops, the body temperature drops, and returns to the [low temperature phase], thus forming the [biphasic] body temperature. If pregnant, Progesterone continues to secrete, The body temperature continues to be in a high temperature phase. The basal body temperature can not only tell whether you are pregnant or not, Can also judge whether there is ovulation, which day ovulation, It can also help to judge the function of corpus luteum and find out the cause of menstrual disorder. [Of course, BBT is not omnipotent, This is only a simple and relatively crude monitoring method.] Dr. Gao said, Biphasic body temperature can only indicate progesterone secretion in the body, Ovulation is not necessary. But in general, BBT can provide us with a lot of valuable information. Women who are preparing for pregnancy and have irregular menstruation are worth trying. Dr. Gao also told me that there is no need to worry too much about the influence of air conditioning, late sleep, business trips and quilt kicking on body temperature. As long as there is a general trend, the measurement has already produced results. Why not use basal body temperature? Since there is such a good method, but the girl found that there are still many friends who are still willing to go to the hospital after knowing this method, instead of doing it at home. Why? [Superstition Examination]-This is the answer given by Dr. Gao. Among the patients she met, Many people think that only relying on sophisticated instruments, Given a large number of numerical or image checks, Talent [reliability]. For example, The follicular development was monitored by B-ultrasonography in gynecology, Although the appointment is troublesome and painful, But seeing the egg through the ultrasound image, Is the real [reassurance]. [fear of trouble]-this is Miss Zhou’s answer. Basic body temperature monitoring takes several months in a row, Every day. Although it is only 3 or 5 minutes before getting up, But many people just feel too troublesome to stick to it. I would rather spend a lot of money, Asking for leave and queuing up to go to the hospital, I hope to find a doctor to solve the problem [once]. This is just like someone who always tries to find fast, effective and safe weight loss drugs through [spending money], but is unwilling to insist on [shut up and take his legs] every day in exchange for his healthy body. Although the basic body temperature has limitations, it can continuously record body changes, find trends and summarize laws at a very low cost. However, a hospital examination can only get those accurate but incoherent information. Hand in hand teaches you to record the basic body temperature conveniently [but the time to get up every day is so tight, how can you take the basic body temperature in time? ] Fat Linlin tried for a few days, Complaining incessantly. This, Girls also have tricks. Buy an electronic thermometer for measuring basic body temperature. This thermometer is made of plastic instead of glass and mercury. It will not be accidentally bitten. The reading can be accurately counted to one decimal place. And automatically retains the data until the next test, There is no need to record readings in the precious time of the morning. Put the electronic thermometer in the entrance, After about 5 minutes of measurement, it will automatically sound a warning tone. The girl wakes up in the alarm clock every day. Grab the thermometer and put it in your mouth, The sound of [beep], Like a second alarm clock, When the girl nearly passed out again, Just wake up, Get up and go to work, Perfect. Download an app that records basal body temperature. So, There is no need to be half asleep and half awake. Facing a crumpled piece of paper, It is difficult to draw small dots between the X-axis and the Y-axis. The amount of menstruation, sex life, etc. Also only need to click on the option can be realized. You can also choose to output images, output forms and other ways, when seeking medical treatment, directly take the perfect form to the doctor. The girl found that some foreign manufacturers have begun to produce wearable devices that can automatically record the basic body temperature. The product is not yet mature, but it is worth looking forward to! Miss Zhou can be said to have contributed all her private goods at the bottom of the closet, hoping to help all the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy.