High blood lipid, how to eat? Nutrition experts tell you!

In previous articles, the health headline (micro signal: Baojiandaifu) has already introduced to you that during your routine physical examination, there is a [blood lipid] examination, which, as its name implies, refers to the fat in blood, but [blood lipid] is not a single component, mainly including triglyceride and cholesterol. If the physical examination finds [high blood lipid], how should you eat it? Lowering [bad] cholesterol is the key. The latest U.S. Dietary guidelines have lifted dietary restrictions on cholesterol. This is a revision based on scientific progress in understanding cholesterol absorption and metabolism. This revision is understood by some people as [don’t worry about cholesterol], This understanding is totally wrong. Don’t worry, It’s [cholesterol in food], Not [cholesterol in plasma]. Cholesterol in plasma, Especially low density lipoprotein cholesterol (commonly known as [bad cholesterol]), Is still a risk factor for heart disease. For people with high cholesterol, Lower cholesterol (especially [bad cholesterol]), Is one of the keys to maintaining cardiovascular health. The balance of cholesterol in the human body in order to explain where to start to reduce cholesterol, Let’s start with the coming and going of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol has important physiological functions. The human body can synthesize it itself. An adult synthesizes about 1 gram of cholesterol every day. In addition, eat a few tenths of a gram, The total amount of cholesterol in the body is about 35 grams. Some cholesterol is transported to the liver along with the blood circulation. Where it turns into bile, It is secreted into the digestive tract to help digestion. Then, as the food reaches the small intestine, a large part is absorbed into the blood and a small part is taken away by the food residue. In this way, the cholesterol content in plasma depends on three aspects: what is absorbed from the food, what is synthesized by the human body itself, and what is taken away in the digestive tract. Break out the three aspects one by one! To reduce cholesterol in your plasma, We can also start from these three aspects: 1. Cholesterol absorbed in food has little effect because food contains cholesterol, So previous dietary guidelines restricted foods with high cholesterol, So as to reduce absorption from food. More and more studies have found that, Cholesterol in food is esterified, The absorption rate is very low. On the other hand, The synthesis of cholesterol in the human body is affected by absorption-if absorbed more, The body’s synthesis will decline. In other words, Even if the food contains more cholesterol, It also has little effect on the balance of cholesterol. Therefore, The latest dietary guidelines no longer limit the cholesterol content in food. 2. How to reduce the formation of cholesterol in the body According to current statistical data and scientific research conclusions, Several controllable factors affecting cholesterol content are: Saturated fat, trans fat, obesity and exercise. The first three all lead to an increase in plasma cholesterol content. While moderate exercise can reduce it. For the vast majority of Chinese, The intake of trans fats is very low, There is no need to worry. But traditional Chinese cooking uses animal oil, frying, eating fat and other eating habits. It will cause people to consume a large amount of saturated fat. Because these are [traditional lifestyles], many people are unwilling to believe (or do not realize) the risks they bring. In order to reduce saturated fat, consider these aspects: cooking with vegetable oil instead of animal oil, except coconut oil and palm oil, the common vegetable oil is mainly unsaturated fat; Reduce the amount of pork and beef, increase the amount of chicken and fish, and do not use skin when eating chicken (chicken wings, chicken legs and other parts that many people like to eat should also be reduced because of the large amount of skin); Cheese, whole milk, etc. also contain more saturated fat, but fat-soluble vitamins are also removed when defatted, and the flavor and taste of defatted milk are not as good as whole milk, so how to choose needs to be weighed by oneself. Commercial fried foods and cakes also tend to contain more saturated fat. Weight control and moderate exercise can not only reduce cholesterol formation, There are also many benefits for other physiological indicators. In short, Do your best. 3. How to Reduce Cholesterol Reabsorption Cholesterol Enters Digestive Tract in the Form of Bile, A considerable portion is then reabsorbed. If the amount of reabsorption can be reduced, It also reduces the cholesterol content returned to the blood. Method 1: Allow more bile to be taken away by food residue. In large amounts of food ingredients, What is not digested and absorbed is fiber. Research shows that dietary fiber, Especially soluble dietary fiber, It can combine with bile to prevent it from being absorbed. Therefore, Increase soluble dietary fiber in food, It is an effective way to reduce plasma cholesterol. Most [cholesterol-lowering foods], It also works through dietary fiber, Such as coarse grains, vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts. However, in addition to dietary fiber, Often also contains a considerable amount of oil, Although these vegetable oils instead of saturated fats help lower cholesterol, But they are themselves very caloric, It is not conducive to weight control, Therefore, it is generally recommended not to eat too much, One handful a day is enough. Method 2: Eat plenty of [phytosterol]. Phytosterol is very similar in molecular structure to cholesterol, But does not produce the physiological effects of cholesterol. In diet, They will [follow the cholesterol path, Let cholesterol have no way out], So that cholesterol has to be excreted from the body along with food residues. The United States, the European Union and Canada, All approved this [health declaration] of phytosterol-that is, If a certain amount of phytosterol is fortified in a certain food, It can be claimed to have the function of [lowering cholesterol]. Current clinical trials show that, If you take two or three grams of phytosterol a day, Plasma cholesterol content can be reduced by about 10%. According to measurements, All plant foods contain phytosterols, However, the higher content is vegetable oil, beans, nuts, etc. Health Headline (Micro Signal: Baojiandaifu, To reduce cholesterol reabsorption, You can eat more fruits and vegetables, And appropriately replace some meat with bean products, It not only satisfies the intake of high-quality protein, There is also a lot of phytosterol. If you do everything you can, Still not… As mentioned above, It is an area where individuals can make changes. Every aspect, Will help lower cholesterol. But different people, It is difficult to achieve different aspects. Really speaking, This is the direction of some efforts, everyone can try to change according to their own situation. After all, the human body is a very complicated system, and cholesterol metabolism in the body is also closely related to heredity-people usually call this factor [different constitutions]. Some people, no matter how [unhealthy] they eat and drink, have cholesterol content within the normal range. Some people are cautious, All these aspects should be done as far as possible, Cholesterol levels are still high. Cholesterol is still [high] after great efforts have been made in diet and lifestyle. Then it is entirely possible to seek the help of modern medicine-taking medicine is better than bearing the high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol that remains high can be treated with what drugs? Point here to know: reduce blood lipid, prevent coronary heart disease have to know the problem