What are the possible signs of diabetes?

There is no subjective discomfort when diabetes is mild, As the disease progresses, Most people suffer from various kinds of discomfort. Part of it is caused by hyperglycemia, Part of it is caused by complications of diabetes. And when you can feel these disappointments, The condition has deteriorated. 1. Discomfort caused by hyperglycemia, abnormal thirst, abnormal increase in urine volume or frequency, abnormal increase in appetite, frequent feeling very tired and tired, like drinking a lot of water, Especially when cold water suddenly likes to eat sweets and eats too much, On the contrary, the weight has become lighter. 2. Discomfort caused by complications occurs with heavy vision and dizziness, It is easy to get periodontal disease when standing. The skin on the body is easy to get rash. Inflammation, itchy skin and foot pain are easy to occur during walking. It is difficult to continue walking, Rest can improve the numbness of hands, feet and limbs, cold hands and feet, frequent cramps in the lower legs, edema of the foot surface, easy to cause suppurative infection after foot injury, easy to cause constipation or diarrhea, hyposexuality, erectile dysfunction, these are some common symptoms of diabetes and its complications, When [discomfort caused by hyperglycemia] occurs, You should go to the hospital, And inform your doctor of your symptoms, The doctor will probably ask you to have a blood sugar test, Confirm diabetes. If diabetes has been diagnosed, Then you should pay attention to [discomfort caused by complications], If these symptoms occur, Then your blood sugar is not well controlled. The disease is getting worse. Not only do you need to go to the hospital and adjust your medication, but you also need to control your blood sugar more strictly by controlling your diet and exercising. [Rome wasn’t built in a day.] These symptoms are not only the precursor of the disease, but also the friendly warning light, reminding you that you should cherish yourself more. Responsible Editor: Haitang