What if the air enters the blood vessel during infusion?

From [Secondary 2] Years: Death with Dignity, Air Needle!

At the end of the year more than ten years ago, winter began, everything was cold, phoenix trees fell in rain, and frost condensed dead branches.

The teacher was ruthless, [Please Parents] The lingering sound of the three characters curled up, Even if I hang the beam and stab the strand, Studying hard, We have already reduced the daily time spent in Internet cafes to a mere three hours. The results also improved to the second from bottom in the class, But still can’t escape the head teacher’s eyes, He was dragged out of the class and beaten. “till that branch of the moon, Still not relieved, He used his trump card, Want to join my parents in a nine-court hearing, Sentenced me to justice. The winter night is deep, Winter rains, The winter wind is tight, It is a good time when blood is above the head, brain is the second in the middle, imagination and destructive power are excellent. Naturally, I thought of saying goodbye to the world. Re-enter reincarnation. After all, there is no escape from a dead word. However, this method of death takes a lot of brains. Wrist cutting is too painful, gas harms people, jumping off buildings to disfigure their faces, hanging themselves too fat, sleeping pills cannot be bought, and gasoline and diesel cannot be bought. In a state of panic, I don’t know from which dog blood TV series saw the third-rate bridge segment that came into my mind. It seems that there is a method of death, which is simple and easy to do without losing dignity and tolerance: air needle. It is popular among the rebellious: air needle can cure diseases! First of all, I would like to tell a more stunning history. Injecting air into the body, It was considered an effective treatment for a long time. In the 1980s and 1990s, It was a magical period for the Chinese medical profession. In that era, The whole people are extremely keen on Qigong, Led by Yan Xin, who studied Qigong and published papers in numerous top SCI magazines, An endless stream of [masters] paraded through the city, All kinds of ideas cure diseases, healthy qi and preserve one’s health. And all kinds of mountain heroes also took advantage of this east wind, They jumped out one after another to show their determination [to keep up with the pace of leadership], There are many therapies combined with Qigong. I don’t know which [master] had a sudden whim at night. A new therapy was invented: Air needle therapy. The main features of this therapy are: The materials are readily available (everywhere), The cost is low (only needles and needles are needed), The operation is simple (trainee nurses can do it), It is a necessary prescription for home travel. For patients with waist pain, Injecting 10-15 milliliters of sterilized air into the acupuncture points around the pain can relieve the pain. Later, After improvement by [masters] all over the country, air needles have become high-performance precision guided weapons, hitting them from head to toe and wherever they feel uncomfortable. According to the literature they wrote, the cure rate can reach 98% frenzied. Soon, this trend swept across the medical field. Ophthalmologists found that air injection can effectively treat retinal detachment. The nurses proved that, A little air during the injection, It can effectively relieve the pain of pricking needles. In the end of the story, As the [Qigong] craze dissipated, Air therapy also gradually withdrew from the stage of history. Soon, Similar ozone injection therapy has appeared abroad, This is another story. We can know one thing from this. At least, in muscle tissue, a small amount of air is not a big problem. But if it enters blood vessels, then it is another sad story. Fortunately, it can be said responsibly that in hospitals, it is almost impossible for patients to feel uncomfortable because air enters blood vessels. Hidden in details of life: Does the injection bring in air? We usually use WeChat to read novels. I don’t know how many people have imagined this scene: looking up after a long time of infusion, the infusion bottle was already empty, immediately the tiger’s body was shaken, his legs were sore, and I don’t know how much air had entered the body. I think I was wise for a lifetime. In the end, I died in this humbled situation. Wouldn’t it be that heaven had no eyes and good people were short-lived? In fact, this kind of worry is completely unnecessary. Not to mention the negative pressure in the infusion bottle, Even if the pressure in the infusion bottle is calculated according to the atmospheric pressure, it is far lower than the blood pressure. Therefore, what needs to be worried about when infusion is [whether the blood will flow back to the infusion bottle], not [whether the air in the infusion bottle will enter the blood vessel]. I still remember that the junior high school physics students will raise their hands: you are talking nonsense! The atmospheric pressure is 760 mmHg and the blood pressure is only about 100 mmHg! How is it possible that blood pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure? His number is correct, but the problem is that atmospheric pressure is [absolute pressure] and blood pressure is [relative pressure]: we often say [blood pressure is 100 mmHg], which means [100 mmHg higher than atmospheric pressure]. Since infusion will not enter, injection will always enter! In fact, the possibility of this kind of situation is also very small, because the most important step for the nurse before giving the injection is to empty all the air in the syringe. Then some stubborn classmates will say: I don’t care, I don’t care! What if I meet a careless nurse and give me air? This is the next question: Will air enter blood vessels cause how? Stop at the harsh reality: air kills people! Our peripheral blood vessels are divided into arteries and veins. Arterial blood flows from the heart to all parts of the body. Venous blood flows back to the heart from all over the body. The main principle of air killing people, Is to form air emboli in blood vessels, Like stones, Blocking blood vessels. Take elbow infusion as an example. If air enters through the artery, Then the result is likely to be that bubbles embolize the blood vessels at the tip of the finger. Affect hand function. And if air enters through veins, That would be more tragic. The components will first combine with hemoglobin in the blood, If it cannot be combined, it will return to the heart and enter the lungs, which will be discharged along with the alveoli. If the discharge is still not clean, the remaining air in the heart will stir with the blood to produce a large number of blood bubbles. On the one hand, the heart will shoot out very little blood, which will lead to acute heart failure and organ ischemia. On the other hand, the emitted small bubbles will enter the pulmonary artery or brain artery, producing the effect of lung infarction or brain infarction. To sum up, it is a word: air can really kill people! Dose of death: For example, how much air is needed to cause death? It’s the same sentence: Toxicity alone, Regardless of the dose, Is to play rascal. The preaching is too pale, Let’s take some examples (the following may cause psychological discomfort, Please skip to the next paragraph). In 2009, The Forensic Medicine Department of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a case report in the Chinese Journal of Forensic Medicine. It describes in detail how a man committed suicide by using an air needle. This strong man obviously does not understand the principles of medicine, There is no scientific way to commit suicide. I restored the suicide process based on the autopsy results. This is probably the case: First of all, he tried to blow air into his chest. But obviously, He doesn’t have the technique to stick a needle directly into his heart, As a result, after several subcutaneous emphysema bulging in the chest, He gave up his breasts, Start trying the belly. Maybe the belly is softer and bigger, This time he had nine needles in one go, But unfortunately, still did not find the blood vessel. So he turned to the thigh again, after 7 needles in both thighs, finally found the blood vessel. After the air entered, he began to feel uncomfortable. He breathed 400 mL of air into the body. In the end, cerebral infarction, heart, liver, lung, spleen, kidney and pancreas were all entered by air, and multiple organs were embolized to death. Is 400 mL of air a concept in what? At present, the thickest and largest needle tube commonly used in hospitals, or 50 mL. In fact, Air lethal doses don’t need to be that high, As long as more than 2 mL/kg of air enters the body, There is a risk of sudden death. Based on 50 kg for an adult female, At least 100 mL of air is also needed. In addition, friendly reminder, must be finished within 1 minute to have a better effect. And can take the thickest needle into the patient’s blood vessels to hit a full two tubes of air nurses… This is generally because of love killing, not carelessness. Then we will lower the requirements, do not seek death, only need to produce body discomfort, how much air do we need? It is generally believed that, Air less than 0.02 mL/kg enters the body, I don’t feel anything. Let’s take 50 kg of adult women as an example, Is 1 mL of air. And more than 5 mL of air enters the blood vessel, Only then can clinical symptoms such as elevated venous pressure and slight cough occur. Considering that the most commonly used syringes in hospitals are 5 mL, 10 mL and 20 mL syringes, In this case, you can inject 5 mL of air into the patient’s body… should still be in love. Therefore, in the hospital, as long as you don’t have the hatred of killing your father and seizing your husband with the nurse girl in charge of you, and the hatred of breaking the country and the family, you don’t have to worry about the problem of air entering the blood vessels at all. Finally, the reincarnation of the world: anyway, it is good to live! Finally, I went back to my old days. Like that strong man, After the attempt, I found that in addition to a few more bulging emphysema on my body, I can still run and jump, eat and sleep as usual. Different from that strong man, I am more unintelligent. I think the sky will not kill me, so I gave up and went home honestly to be beaten by my parents. Many years later, sitting in class and holding medical books, I realized that I was young and ignorant at the beginning, with no strength to bind the chicken and no talent in my chest. I can’t help feeling: people, if I don’t have some culture, it is difficult to live. Want to die, also difficult!