How to see through the scam of cancer treatment?

In the traditional concept, advanced cancer means that only surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be given up, because any treatment is ineffective.

This is not only the traditional view of the public, but also some medical practitioners have similar views.

For example, a scholar argued in an article [1] that [cancer cells cannot be killed], [In the middle and late stages, You treat cancer cells, To kill the cancer cells, This idea is wrong], [Treatment for advanced cancer does not need to be done, Because it is useless], he recommended patients with advanced cancer to accept the [autologous blood activation therapy] invented by him and boasted to his patients that the therapy [100% kills cancer cells]. In addition, he also presided over or participated in the treatment of glioma with traditional Chinese medicine injection, the treatment of glioma with Chuanhong Baliu Ointment, and the promotion of spirulina, an anticancer health product, which may actually belong to medical scams [2-4].

The real situation is that cancer cells can be killed in the early or middle or late stages. The only things that cannot kill cancer cells are those deceptive [cancer therapies].

Modern medicine believes that most advanced cancers can be treated. It is wrong to give up treatment. It is wrong to give up regular treatment to accept non-mainstream therapy.

So, how do ordinary patients identify scams in the field of cancer treatment?

There are many kinds of tumors, According to statistics, There are estimated to be more than 170. For different types of tumors, The efficacy of chemotherapy varies greatly. I can’t list all the more than 100 kinds of malignant tumors. It is hoped that patients can fully communicate with their attending doctors. Don’t listen to rumors made by some fraudsters on the Internet. Here are some ways to identify medical scams. Stick to the standard treatment course as mentioned at the beginning of the article. Standard treatments for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Today, Cancer treatment has achieved good overall curative effect, and most patients can live for a long time. Taking breast cancer as an example, statistics from the United States in 2013 show that after regular treatment, the 5-year survival rate of stage 1 (i.e. Early) breast cancer has reached 100%, stage 2 has reached 93%, stage 3 has reached 72%, and even the most advanced stage 4 has reached 22%. The 20-year survival rate after diagnosis was 64.5%, The overall 5-year survival rate was 89.0% [2]. Therefore, Cancer patients should go to regular hospitals to seek standard treatment for cancer, Both traditional Chinese medicine and [cancer immunotherapy] in this article, It basically belongs to [the sword goes astray] [crooked ways]. Check [experts] doctors’ licenses and doctors working in regular hospitals. It is generally unlikely to cheat people to accumulate wealth online, on TV or in psoriasis advertisements. However, most fraudsters posing as [experts] do not have a doctor’s license. It is very simple to check a doctor’s license. Log on (click) the official website of the Health Planning Commission, Enter the name of the person and the place of practice to inquire. However, there is also a category of doctors that cannot be found on the website of the Health Planning Commission. Is the doctor of the army hospital, Therefore, [old military doctors] often become one of the signboards for swindlers to sell dog meat under the guise of sheep head. Go to the hospital’s official website to inquire. If someone claims to be an expert in a famous hospital, It can be verified directly on the official website of the hospital. Now major hospitals all over the country, They all have expert information bases, Can find relevant information of experts, Even photos. I once questioned a [expert] from 304 hospital. Just because the hospital’s official website cannot find any information about the [expert]. Exaggerated curative effect = conclusive fraud, Don’t believe that if some exaggerated descriptions appear in advertisements and brochures of some [therapies], it is 100% a hoax. For example, how high is the [cure rate] of cancer when talking about a certain cancer or a tumor that is not directly classified? The reality is: the tumor field generally does not say [cure rate], but talks about survival time, or 5-year survival rate; Except for a few early cancers and special types of cancers, No cancer therapy claims to cure malignant tumors. There is also a common exaggeration. It means that the survival rate of advanced cancer with a certain therapy can be as high as 80%. I will cite non-small cell lung cancer. Even after regular treatment, The 5-year survival rate for advanced stage IV is only 1% [3]. This mythical curative effect, I haven’t won the Nobel Prize yet, Only hiding in the alleys of China to cheat money, This is too humbling. Unfortunately, All kinds of medical information such as [immunotherapy] and [biotherapy] searched out on the Chinese network in our country, Almost all of them were scams, In particular, [a certain degree of promotion] ranked in the top few searches, Readers must not be fooled. A certain search, Has long been reduced to an accomplice of medical cheats. Note [Repeatability] and [Publicity] One of the characteristics of modern medicine is [repeatability], Specifically, It is that a therapy can be applied by different hospitals and doctors without any connection. Can be used on different patients, Can produce generally similar stable curative effects. Repeatability, It is the result that different medical institutions can verify and supervise each other. It can ensure the truth and objectivity of the curative effect. The drugs, therapies and methods of modern medicine, It is all the result of multi-center, large army research and development. None of them are worked out behind closed doors. If a therapy is only used by a [expert], Or just exist in a certain organization, or just take some [magic] [cases] as an example, it is often a hoax. [Publicity] is an inevitable requirement of [repeatability]. If the specific operation process of a therapy and the specific ingredients of a drug are not disclosed, how can repeatability be achieved? Without repetition, how can we ensure that it is not a hoax? Therefore, [exclusive secret recipe] does not exist. To be open, It is necessary to publish relevant results in authoritative academic journals. To inquire about this, it is a little threshold for ordinary patients, but you can try it and need to know a little English. Pubmed (click to go) is the most commonly used medical database, which can input and retrieve the name of a [expert] to see if he has any research results in related fields.