What if there is body odor?

Body odor is a common problem in summer, Especially the sunshine teenagers who love sports, After sweating freely on the playground, Bowed their heads and smelled it, Immediately the flower turned pale, Say hello to someone you know, You dare not lift your arms and wave them. Sweating is the first factor that produces body odor. People sweat mainly through two sweat glands. Their location is different from the sweat they secrete. 1. Eccrine glands eccrine glands are relatively shallow, Is the most common kind all over the body, The opening is directly on the skin, They are called sweat pores. The sweat they secrete is colorless and transparent. It’s not very smelly. 2. The apocrine gland is about 10 times the diameter of the eccrine gland. It is distributed in armpits, perineum and other places. Sweat secreted, It is a sticky milk-like tasteless liquid, But after being glycolyzed by bacteria on the skin surface, It will produce a bad smell. Because the secretion of sweat glands is mainly affected by sex hormones, Adolescent secretion is exuberant. And body odor, This is how it came about. Antiperspirant, antiseptic, and body odor. We already know the principle of body odor, That requires various methods to inhibit bacteria or stop perspiration, Individuals can choose dermatological topical drugs or surgical methods according to the actual situation. 1. Antiperspirant lotion Antiperspirant lotion is one of the most commonly used products. The kind sold in supermarkets, The main active ingredient is aluminum hydroxyl chloride. After application, It breaks down into aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride can block the opening of sweat gland duct, And atrophy of a few sweat gland secretory cells, Long-term use, It can also slowly reduce the amount of sweat secreted. But this kind of antiperspirant, Take a bath and take it off, Individual differences, It will take about a day or two to use it once. 2. Osmanthus fragrans dew Osmanthus fragrans dew is sold in many pharmacies. It is a compound preparation, There are aluminum chloride and alum in it. Alum has strong moisture absorption and astringency. In addition to drying skin, It also inhibits bacteria on the skin surface, So that there are fewer bacteria that can glycolyze sweat, Of course, the taste will be smaller. What about this kind of thing, It will work for a week or two if it is used once. But there may be some individual differences, Personal effects are different. 3. Charlene Charlene, As the name implies, It will last for a summer. Smear it on the skin, The summer dew breaks down into formaldehyde and ammonia, Then formaldehyde starts to play its role in inhibiting bacteria. Although there are still individual differences, But it usually works for at least a week or so. In particular, Because Xia Lu contains formaldehyde, Not suitable for pregnant women. 4. Liquid nitrogen, laser and surgery are only temporary relief. There are always people who are too troublesome to get rid of roots, so they have to destroy those sweat glands. Liquid nitrogen freezing, laser and traditional surgery are all good choices. Even hair follicles and sweat glands are destroyed, and hair removal and body odor removal are all over. Can you get cancer with antiperspirant? This is a long-standing saying. It is said that by stopping sweating, things harmful to human body are blocked in the lymph nodes under the armpit, and cancer is easy to develop over time. Lymph nodes can indeed help remove bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, but that is not through sweating! What’s more, the axillary lymph nodes and sweat glands are not connected. And the carcinogens we usually talk about, Most of them are metabolized by the liver or kidneys. In addition, Aluminum in antiperspirant lotions that are thought to be potentially harmful, The amount actually absorbed may not be as much as we eat. So far, There is no evidence that, Antiperspirant lotions can cause breast cancer. Thankfully, Great sweat glands are greatly affected by sex hormones, so their secretion increases obviously after puberty and produces bad smell. On the other hand, after surviving a smelly youth, when they get old, the sex hormone level decreases, the secretion of sweat glands and sebum decreases, and most people naturally do not need antiperspirants. [1] [Online] Available: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/other carcinogens/athome/antiperspirants-and-break-cancer-risk (October 14, 2014)