What is a long foot [corns]? How to govern?

In this colorful city, Nana, a female white-collar worker, has just been promoted to the head of her department. In response to the change of her status, she seems to need some assistance to show more momentum.

Small pointed high heels seem to have helped her a lot. Since she put them on, she has straightened up, like other new city women, neat and agile, and speaks as aggressively as the sound of heels beating on the floor.

Only she knew that the shoe was hard and felt a pain in her feet every step. When she came home from work at night, she looked at her feet. Her toes were squeezed together by the shoes. Each of the two small toes had an oval pale yellow hard skin with clear boundaries on the outside. Press it and it hurt!

Probably got the legendary corns! Nana thought to herself.

A few days ago, I saw on the roadside that a stall said “take corns”. The stall owner said that taking a corns only cost 15 yuan and guaranteed to recover within a week. When she heard that the corns were wrapped in a week, Nana was so happy that she quickly lifted her skirt and sat down on her buttocks that she took off her shoes on the roadside.

The vendor took out the tools and quickly dug up the corns.

But a week passed, and she dug up the corns on the soles of her feet and suffered from redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms.

What a courageous friend!

Sit down on the street and you can start simple [operations] such as taking corns and treating onychomycosis from stalls without pain, blood and hair. It looks approachable and has immediate results. Do you dare to believe it?

Let the health headline tell you, corns are what’s symptoms? Is there a good way to treat corns in what?

What is the corns?

[Corns] are similar to [calluses]. Different from the so-called calluses, corns generally grow on the lateral side of the small toe or the medial side of the big toe, on the joints of the toes, and on the feet.

The reason why it is similar to calluses is that their causes are the same. They are all defensive reactions of the body. In order to cope with cutin hyperplasia caused by frequent friction that local areas need to bear, they are very hard and not easy to bleed.

Little [corns], why do you want to see a doctor?

Nana has a female colleague who has a similar thing on the soles of her feet, but it is relatively rough and there are small black spots in the hard skin. The female colleague scraped herself with a household knife, and the result was bleeding without much scrape. It is very frightening and this is absolutely unreliable.

Later, the female colleague went to see a doctor, only to know that the thing on the sole of her foot was not a corn. It looked quite similar, but it turned out to be a plantar wart caused by the virus.

Nana also wondered whether this was corns on her feet. She decided to see a doctor, too.

In the hospital, the doctor explained to Nana in detail the difference between [corns] and [plantar warts]:

Corns are different from this plantar wart in etiology, symptoms and treatment methods. As a patient, you still need to see a doctor and let the doctor help you make sure it is more reliable.

In terms of etiology:

The etiology of corns mentioned just now is caused by physical stimulation such as friction, but plantar wart is different. Plantar wart is a flat wart growing on the sole of the foot, caused by human papillomavirus, with the characteristics of virus wart, with rough surface and bleeding after scraping.

In terms of symptoms:

Corn texture is clearly demarcated from the surrounding normal skin, but the surface is smooth, and even the skin texture is continuous with the surrounding.

However, plantar wart not only causes bleeding due to scraping, but also often causes trace blood extravasation due to walking and squeezing, thus forming small black spots in the rash one by one, which is actually intradermal congestion spots one by one.

The doctor looked at Nana’s toe, pressed the corns and asked, “does it hurt?” Nana said: It hurts.

The doctor squeezed the corns from both sides with his finger and asked, “does it hurt?” Nana said: It doesn’t hurt much.

The doctor explained that this is also one of the key points for distinguishing corns from plantar warts: corns are pressing pain and plantar warts are pressing pain.

How to treat [corns]?

Nana knows now that it is not reliable to take corns from stalls. What about other methods?

Step 1 Soak your feet in hot water

Nana tried to soak her feet in a basin of warm water every night before going to bed.

At first it felt good, the corns seemed to soften, and Nana felt hopeful. But then it was the same. After drying her feet and sleeping for a while, the corns became extremely hard again in the morning. It still hurt when she pressed them, and she tried to tear them off, but she still stood still.

Practice has proved that the corns cannot be removed just by soaking the feet in hot water.

2. Corn Cream

Later Nana went to a roadside drugstore to buy corns cream.

The clerk was very enthusiastic and told her that the composition of the plaster was salicylic acid. The principle was to corrode and dissolve cutin. After soaking feet at night, the plaster was pasted and changed once a day. It would take about 3 to 7 days to recover.

Nana posted it for a few days and really removed both corns. She felt that she saw hope again.

However, within two months after stopping using corns cream, new corns grew in the original place.

3. Hand up and knife down

For stubborn corns, they can be removed surgically. Not only surgery, but also freezing, laser and other methods can remove corns.

However, for most ordinary patients, the corns can slowly disappear by themselves just by changing into loose and soft shoes.

4. Radical cure of the cause!

Different from the nonsense of charlatans, the doctor told Nana that corns can really be cured easily.

There is only one way to cure corns: change into a pair of loose and soft shoes, which is as simple as that.

Whether it is hot water soaking feet to soften cutin, external corns ointment to corrode corns, surgery or laser to remove corns, if the cause cannot be removed, the therapeutic effect cannot be maintained for a long time.

This is like you eat unclean food and make your stomach trouble. This time it is cured. If you still want to eat unclean food, then no one can guarantee that you will not make your stomach trouble in the future.

The same is true of corns. Corns themselves are cutin hyperplasia caused by long-term friction and pressure. If you want to put an end to it forever, you must remove the inducement.

If your shoes grind your feet, change them. For people with foot deformities, they must correct the deformities.

However, most of the plantar warts caused by the virus mentioned just now can disappear within two years even without any intervention.

Speaking of which…

Nana looked at her deformed little toes as if she had seen her soul deformed by the fast pace of city life. She decided not to torture herself any more and immediately went to buy a pair of soft round-headed cloth shoes.

No matter what others think, health is the most beautiful, and people who are physically and mentally happy have the most powerful aura.

Responsible Editor: Cat Capricorn