What is a perfect salted egg like?

Why do you eat salted eggs on Dragon Boat Festival?

It is widely spread among the people that the fifth day of May is the most poisonous day of the year. People eat five kinds of red vegetables in order to avoid the scourge of the five poisonous monsters (snakes, centipedes, spiders, geckos and scorpions). (Why is gecko also classified as a monster, clearly it is a beneficial insect…)

One of them [red] is delicious red oil duck eggs.

However, in some places in the south of the Yangtze River, five kinds of red dishes are not enough. Lunch at Dragon Boat Festival must be eaten [12 red], and salted duck eggs are also frequent visitors.

Why only salted duck eggs? No salted eggs?

In fact, from a technological point of view, there is no problem in making salted eggs, but the fundamental reason why it is rare is:

Not as good as salted duck eggs!

In the food industry where taste determines success or failure, duck eggs have decisive advantages: the yolk is large and the proportion is large!

Moreover, some people feel that duck eggs have a heavy fishy smell and are not used to eating them, but when they are pickled with salt, the delicious taste doubles instantly.

Turning into salted eggs can be said to be a good destination for duck eggs. (Preserved Egg: I am not satisfied with …)

What is a perfect salted egg like?

When it comes to salted eggs, we have to improve the mail of salted eggs. As a recognized leader in salted eggs, Wang Zengqi once described it like this:

Gaoyou salted eggs are characterized by fine quality and abundant oil. The protein is tender, unlike dry and powdered hair elsewhere, and the entrance is like chewing lime. Oil is especially less than elsewhere.

Usually, it is usually broken [short] and eaten with chopsticks. As soon as the head of the chopsticks is tied down, cheep-red oil comes out. The yellow of Gaoyou salted eggs is red.

Ah, what a picture feeling, just think about it will drool!

The perfect salted duck egg looks like this:

    Eggshells are cyan and smooth; The protein is soft and white. Egg yolk flows oil, turns sand, and is red and bright.

Why do salted eggs produce oil?

The soul of salted duck egg is the red oil yolk.

But how does the simple operation of wrapping duck eggs with salt and soaking some wine make egg yolks so oily and rustling?

On the Self-cultivation of a Salted Egg;

  1. There are many tiny pores on the eggshell through which salt will spread to the inside of duck eggs.

  2. Originally, the yolk of salted duck eggs was liquid, in which many oily lipoprotein particles were evenly dispersed.

  3. As the salinity gets higher and higher, lipoprotein particles will continuously release oil, resulting in [oil flow];

  4. As oil seeps from lipoprotein particles, many gaps will appear between the particles, which forms an attractive [turning over sand].

Is salted eggs nutritious?

Of course there is!

Salted eggs are pickled with fresh duck eggs and salt (some with wine). Most nutrients have not changed much, but calcium and magnesium have slightly increased due to salt penetration.

But these changes, compared with sodium content, are nothing…

The sodium content in salted duck eggs is as high as 2 700 mg per 100 g (the recommended dietary dose is 2 300 mg per day).

A salted egg is almost 60 ~ 70g, which means that if you eat a salted egg, you will not need to eat salt on this day.

How to eat salted duck eggs?

Salted eggs are so high in sodium that of course they cannot be eaten willfully.

Apart from eating directly like Wang Zengqi, salted eggs are also a good side dish and seasoning. They can be eaten with porridge and steamed bread. A bowl of porridge and 1/4 salted eggs are enough.

The food with salted egg yolk is even more delicious. For example:

    The popular egg yolk meat zongzi is definitely the Top 1 of zongzi. The net red-salted egg yolk meat floss green ball tea restaurant town hall treasure: quicksand bag and countless people love egg yolk baked pumpkin

As for the remaining salty protein, there is no need to waste it at all. Cooking and soup are good.