What problems can be solved at home when the pediatric explosion cannot be arranged?

According to past reports and experience, the average waiting time in many pediatric clinics exceeds two hours, and under the severe situation of shortage of pediatricians, the average waiting time in some hospitals is as long as 4-6 hours.

Does the child have to be sent to the hospital as soon as he gets sick? Obviously not.

Before taking the child to the hospital, learn to do a good job of correct disease assessment and family care. Grasping the opportunity to go to the hospital can avoid many unnecessary troubles.

What about fever?

You can do this first at home:

    Keep the room temperature comfortable and wear light and sweat-absorbing clothes for children. Replenish enough water, such as plain boiled water, diluted fruit juice or oral rehydration salt solution; Let the children rest more; Above 38.5 ℃, or if the child is uncomfortable, then start to consider using antipyretics. For babies over 3 months old, acetaminophen can be selected, and ibuprofen can be selected for babies over 6 months old.

What about cough?

You can do this first at home:

    Tap the child on the back to encourage and help excrete phlegm. Open windows for ventilation to keep the air fresh and moist. Make full use of the warm water vapor in the bathroom; Stay away from smoke, dust and crowded places; Drink more water for more than 6 months, or you can drink diluted fruit juice, you can drink honey for more than 1 year old, and you can use cough syrup for more than 6 years old. If cough affects daily life, you can choose a single-ingredient phlegm-resolving drug. You must ask a doctor to write a prescription and do not buy it yourself.

What about diarrhea?

You can do this first at home:

    Take oral rehydration salts (ORS); According to the specific situation to children zinc supplement (zinc supplement can shorten the course of diarrhea, reduce the risk of dehydration); Don’t eat raw and cold food and food you haven’t eaten before. Wash your hands frequently and do not grab food with your hands. After the symptoms improve, gradually resume diet, and it is recommended to gradually return to normal starting from liquid.

Of course, parents must send babies under 3 months old to the hospital in time if they have flu symptoms.

I’m really not sure. Consult a pediatrician online.