What should I do in the face of pressure that cannot be solved at the moment?

We must admit that sad and depressed events may happen in life.

No one will like to encounter setbacks and failures, and no one will enjoy the death of a loved one or a close friend. Our life is full of challenges every day. When negative energy strikes, how to keep a positive state at any time is a knowledge.

What if the consultant is depressed?

Many friends have asked me, as a psychological consultant, don’t you feel depressed when you listen to others complaining about all kinds of depressing things in life every day?

To be honest, I am also an ordinary person. If the surroundings are always full of negative energy, I will also be affected.

However, as psychological consultants, we have many ways to reduce the influence of negative energy and maintain a stable and positive state.

One of the [magic weapons] is [spiritual recharge].

We always pay attention to our psychological state. When we are depressed, we will spare time and take suitable ways to recharge our hearts so as to maintain good work and psychological state.

Yes, it is very difficult to recharge the mind.

The matter of recharging the mind is simple to say, but it is very difficult to do in practice.

The competition in our society is fierce, and many people adhere to the principle of “sailing against the current, not advancing or retreating”. As a result, people often waste their energy and refuse to rest, or even dare not rest, for fear that once they rest, they will fall behind others.

Even if it is not easy to have a rest, I feel full of guilt, which makes my mood seem worse after the rest.

But people who do not rest will not work. We need rest both physically and psychologically. No one can always be confident, but when the psychological energy is exhausted, the best way to restore confidence is to recharge the mind.

How to recharge your mind?

Mental charging cannot be solved simply by sleeping. It is a very personal thing.

Everyone has his own charging method, and generally there is more than one.

Only by finding a charging method that is suitable for you and using it in time when necessary can you ensure your confidence and sustainable development.

Next, let’s take a look at how to recharge our hearts.

1. Try more and find some suitable charging methods.

Here are some common [charging] methods. You can choose some of them that suit you or look for them.

If you don’t pay attention at the moment, you can also try some of the following tables first. If you feel relaxed or refreshed after doing it, then that method should be suitable for you.

    Take a nice bath, It’s also good to take a bath if possible. Go to the gym and do some exercise. Have a good sweat, read an inspiring book, watch a movie you like, talk to good friends, write a private diary about what makes you uncomfortable, Go for a walk in the park or nature, get a massage, Relax and cry, Then have a good sleep and collect some favorite sayings. Take it out when you are depressed and remind yourself [feeling is not equal to objective facts] to cook yourself something delicious or go out for a luxurious meal, sit for a while, meditate or incense yoga. Listen to some relaxing music and imagine your unhappiness flowing down your legs to the ground to review your past successes. Make some vanilla tea, drink a candle and wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

2. Record the charging method that is suitable for you.

When you find some suitable charging methods, it is recommended that you make a list of these methods and bring them in your mobile phone or wallet.

3. Charge yourself in time when you need it.

When you are hit and depressed in your life, take it out and choose whatever conditions permit at that time to do.

When people are in a bad mood, they often can’t think of a way to relieve themselves, because at that time their brains are all focused on negative things, and they often feel exhausted or stuck.

And this small watch can become a life-saving grass for your psychological crisis, helping you to have enough electricity and embark on the road of life with confidence again.