What should I pay attention to when visiting the mother who has just given birth to the baby?

Since I entered the age of marriage, I can see the good news of my relatives and friends having a baby on various social networks at regular intervals. Every time I see such good news, as a good friend and classmate, besides envy and blessing, I wish I could hug the baby immediately or even shake it for a few minutes.

Wait a minute! Visiting new babies and new mothers is not as casual as visiting them at ordinary times. There is a lot of knowledge in it.

Before visiting

Different families have different taboos. If you don’t pay attention to them, it will easily cause embarrassment and trouble. Therefore, before deciding to visit, you should communicate with your new mother and make the following arrangements:

1. Is what Time Suitable?

Unless they are close relatives, it is generally not recommended to visit the baby immediately before the full moon. First, the new mother is extremely weak at this time and should be given sufficient rest time to recover her strength. Second, the new mother does not want the guests to see the mess in the home. Third, the baby was only born, and the small family was scrambling to go through various procedures and prepare various utensils at this time. If they visit now, it will cost them more energy.

2. Is what’s gift suitable?

There are only two principles here:

(1) Don’t send [health food]. Think about it. After nine months of all-round bombing of health food, the new mother will definitely collapse if she sees anyone carrying such a lot of things to send her.

(2) It is best not to buy flowers. Some babies may be allergic to pollen, and no one wants the baby to get sick because of the gifts he gives.

Visiting time

Make an appointment, buy a good gift, and finally arrive at the new mother’s house. Give a hug to your best friend immediately, then pinch the baby’s little cheek, and then……

Stop! To be a good guest, there are still many rules for visiting new mothers and babies.

1. Hygiene is the most important thing

You know, a healthy person [lurks] hundreds of millions of bacteria and viruses. Because of our health and strong resistance, these bacteria and viruses are at peace with us for the time being.

However, new mothers and babies are now in a period of weak resistance and are vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, the following four points should be paid attention to in hygiene:

(1) Do not visit when you are ill;

(2) Wash hands before contacting new mothers and babies;

(3) Don’t smoke;

(4) Don’t have too many visitors.

Step 2 Make room

Although the baby is lovely, no matter out of courtesy or respect, there should be room for the baby and the new mother.

(1) Pay attention to taboo

When visiting, it is inevitable that when the baby wants to drink milk, if the visitor is of the opposite sex, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid it.

(2) Don’t wake the baby

If you find the baby is asleep, don’t wake him up. You know, in order to let the baby sleep, the novice parents spent a lot of thoughts.

(3) Timely [retreat]

Rest is the first priority for the baby and the new mother. If you really loathe to give up the lovely baby, there will still be plenty of opportunities to visit in the future. Now, put up with it for the health of the baby and the new mother.

STEP 3 Do the Right Position

For a newly born baby, the cervical spine and muscles of the neck are not yet mature. When picking up the baby, besides being stable, attention should also be paid to holding the baby’s neck and small buttocks with hands.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that don’t neglect safety in order to tease the baby and don’t shake the baby at will, which may cause serious consequences such as intracranial hemorrhage to the baby.

Step 4 Help with housework at the right time

If you see the young couple busy together, don’t look at them either. It is better to give some help within your power than what.

Of course, before doing it, it is better to ask the novice parents’ wishes.

Every novice parents are somewhat confused about feeding their babies. If you have profound knowledge of parenting at this time, you will definitely be their most popular guest.

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