My heart and liver, your spleen, lung and kidney, are all busy in what?

[Heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney], isn’t it the legendary [five zang-organs]? It is OK to burn a pot of hair and blood, but there is no need for the old saying. Today, let’s talk about [heart], [lung], [liver], [kidney] and [spleen].

The heart beats and the lungs breathe

One day I asked my mother, what is the use of heart and lung? Answer: [The heart is beating, the lungs are breathing.] He asked again: [Do beating and breathing have what effects? [Answer: [If you don’t beat or breathe, you will die.] Mother’s adult’s understanding of heart and lung is simple, crude and profound.

The heart and lungs are the most basic organs to maintain life.

The heart is a blood pump, which is responsible for collecting carbon dioxide-rich blood from the whole body and pumping it to the lungs, while pumping oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the whole body to ensure sufficient oxygen supply from the brain down to the limbs.

Some people will ask: “Since blood needs oxygen, don’t you just pour oxygen directly into your blood vessels?” ] Wrong! If oxygen is poured into blood vessels, undissolved oxygen will be like blocking blood vessels, and people will die! Only through the lungs can oxygen enter the blood and be used by the human body.

The lung is made up of numerous alveoli, which are responsible for taking oxygen from the air into the blood and releasing carbon dioxide accumulated in the blood to be discharged along with the exhaled gas. Only in this way can we be alive and kicking through continuous gas exchange.

[Liver] Is Almighty King

[Baby] It’s not a hollow name. The liver is the king of omnipotence. You must have a good baby.

    To detoxify: Our liver often filters out the food without stopping. Toxic nitrogen compounds produced by protein decomposition in the body also need to be converted into harmless urea through the liver. Secret bile: Everyone thought that, If the gallbladder is bad, It will be difficult to secrete bile, I’m about to say goodbye to the greasy food. In fact, Gallbladder is only a bladder for storing bile. Bile is made by the liver. Storage of vitamin A: My mother always said that if you eat more pork liver, you can have the same golden eyes as Sun Monkey. This is a bit exaggerated. However, The liver serves as a base for fat-soluble vitamins, There is indeed a large amount of vitamins stored, especially vitamin A, The reserves account for 95% of the total human body. Provide energy: The girls are all delusional that they can throw a few kilos of meat after a few hungry meals, But in fact, when starving, Liver glycogen is the first to come to the rescue. Usually, Some of the excess energy consumed by the human body is stored in the liver in the form of liver glycogen. In the event of insufficient energy intake, Liver glycogen is incarnated as glucose to provide power for the body. Synthetic coagulation factor: [It bleeds when touched lightly, The woman got leukemia, Then the male and female protagonists parted in life and death], Don’t believe that in TV series, Bleeding is leukemia. There are many reasons for bleeding. Part of it is caused by abnormal coagulation factors, Many coagulation factors are synthesized by the liver, Therefore, a bad liver may also be the culprit of coagulation abnormalities. Inactivating hormone: I feel that the hero is no longer strong. Male compatriots should not always be busy [tonifying kidney]. It may also be a liver problem. If the liver is not good, the ability to inactivate estrogen decreases, and the estrogen level in the body will rise. Then, male compatriots suddenly find themselves becoming [gentle]…

Did you find out? Almost all the things in your body, the liver has a foot in it: bile, vitamin A, glucose, coagulation factors, estrogen and androgen are all related to the liver, there is no reason not to be good for it!

[Kidney] Is it for love?

Those cats who played video games all night with their waists tilted and their legs crossed, covering their old waists and shouting [kidney deficiency], wash and wake up to check their lumbar spines first.

What is the kidney used for?

  • Producing Urine and Filtering Waste: The most important function of the kidney is to form urine. The kidney is a filter that filters useless metabolic waste in the blood and discharges it with the urine. It is often said that if a person does not urinate, he is not far from death. If the kidney function is not good, metabolic waste accumulates in the body, and his life will indeed be threatened.
  • Maintaining electrolyte balance: The human body contains electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and chlorine, which play an important role in cell activity. The kidney maintains electrolyte and acid-base balance in the body by excreting or reabsorbing electrolytes.
  • Regulating blood pressure: Generally speaking, drinking too much water and urinating too much; Drink less water, urine is also less, the kidney through the regulation of urine volume to maintain the body’s circulating blood volume. In addition, the kidney will also secrete renin and other hormones regulating blood pressure. After getting hypertension, people’s first reaction is to see cardiology or cardiology, and don’t forget to see nephrology in the future.
  • Promoting hematopoiesis: The kidney also secretes erythropoietin, which promotes bone marrow hematopoiesis. Anemia may sometimes be a kidney problem.
  • Regulating hormones: The kidney can secrete and degrade a variety of hormones. When renal function problems occur, hormone metabolism disorders are often accompanied.

[Spleen] Is it used to lose one’s temper?

It is often heard that anyone who suffered from spleen rupture after trauma almost died. Emergency surgery can save his life by cutting the spleen. Spleen seems to be a very troublesome and dispensable organ, but in fact it also has important functions.

    Blood bank of human body: spleen is usually responsible for removing aging blood cells and platelets, storing blood for the body to use in case of emergency. In case of extreme ischemia or bone marrow strike, spleen will restore hematopoietic function. Immune organs: can generate lymphocytes and some immune proteins to help the body resist foreign invasion.

The spleen is like a reservoir and an arsenal, protecting people’s health.

After chatting so much at one go, do you feel that your [heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney] are especially good? They perform their respective duties and at the same time have several functions. The human body is like an extremely precise instrument, in which various organs are parts, with different division of labor and mutual cooperation.

Only by better understanding them can we protect and care for them.