What vaccines does the baby need?

In our country, vaccines are divided into two categories: planned vaccines and unplanned vaccines: Planned vaccines are the vaccines included in the national regulations for planned immunization. Infants must be vaccinated after birth. Vaccination within the plan is free of charge. Planned vaccines include BCG vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, poliomyelitis vaccine, DPT triple vaccine, measles vaccine, Japanese encephalitis vaccine and meningococcal vaccine, totaling 7 kinds of vaccines.

The recommended vaccination time is as follows:

At birth: hepatitis B vaccine (first time), BCG vaccine

1 month old: hepatitis B vaccine (second time)

2 months old: polio vaccine (first time)

3 months old: polio vaccine (second time), DPT (first time)

4 months old: polio vaccine (third time), DPT (second time)

Five months old: DPT (third time)

6 months old: hepatitis B vaccine (the third time), group A meningococcal vaccine (the first time)

8 months old: measles vaccine (first time), Japanese encephalitis vaccine (first and second time of inactive), (first time of inactive)

9 months old: group a meningococcal vaccine (second time)

Novice parents should regularly send their babies to be vaccinated according to the vaccination plan, and don’t forget it.

There are also some vaccines that do not fall within the scope of the planned vaccines, such as chickenpox, influenza, mumps, rubella, mumps, pneumonia, etc., which are charged and can be given or not given voluntarily.

Precautions for Babies after Vaccination:

1. After vaccination, the cotton swab should be used to hold down the needle eye for a few minutes. Only when there is no bleeding can the cotton swab be removed. Do not rub the vaccination site.

2. Don’t go home immediately after the baby is vaccinated. Rest for about 30 minutes at the vaccination site. If the baby has high fever and other adverse reactions, please consult a doctor in time.

3. After vaccination, let the baby rest properly, drink more water, keep warm and prevent triggering other diseases.

4, to ensure the cleanliness of the vaccination site, to prevent local infection. The day of vaccination can also take a bath.

5. Do not eat any warm or hot food or drink within half an hour after oral polio vaccine. If induration occurs at the vaccination site after inoculation with DPT vaccine, hot compress can be started on the second day after inoculation to help the induration subside.

6, after vaccination if the baby appears slight fever, loss of appetite, irritability, crying phenomenon, don’t worry, these reactions will disappear automatically within a few days. However, if the reaction is strong and lasts for a long time, you should immediately take your baby to the hospital.