How do children of different ages choose suitable toothbrushes?

The design of toothbrushes is varied, Size, shape, bristle hardness and arrangement are different. It can be roughly divided into general and special types, manual and electric types. For people of different ages and oral conditions. Universal toothbrushes are generally straight handles, Bristles are moderately hard and soft, and are arranged flatly. The brush head shape and bristles arrangement of special toothbrushes are designed to adapt to the special circumstances and special purposes of the oral cavity. When choosing toothbrushes for babies, targeted and phased choices should be made according to the baby’s age and oral environment characteristics.

1, 6 months-2 years old

The baby’s deciduous teeth have erupted. At this age, parents basically brush their children’s teeth. At first, they can choose finger cuff toothbrushes and gradually transition to children’s toothbrushes with wide handles and soft hairs, so as to facilitate adults to hold them. Soft glue is best around the brush head to avoid damaging oral soft tissues.

2, 2-4 years old

The baby’s deciduous teeth are basically completely erupted, and you can begin to learn how to brush your teeth. You should choose a small-headed soft-haired toothbrush that is suitable for children to hold and is not slippery, and try to choose a toothbrush with bright colors or cartoon patterns to improve the baby’s interest in brushing your teeth.

Three, 5-7 years old

The baby’s first permanent molar began to erupt. In order to be more conducive to cleaning this important tooth, a toothbrush with longer end bristles should be used.

4, 8-12 years old

Children are currently in the tooth replacement period. Deciduous teeth and permanent teeth coexist in the oral cavity, making it more difficult to clean the oral cavity. Some toothbrushes with specially designed bristles can be selected to improve the effect of oral cavity cleaning, such as toothbrushes with cross bristles and longer end bristles.

Five, try to choose health toothbrush, its characteristics are:

1. The shape of the brush head and urine and feces can rotate freely in the oral cavity when entering the hard-to-brush part in the oral cavity;

2. The bristles are arranged reasonably, generally 10-12 bundles long and 3-4 bundles wide, with a certain distance between each bundle, which is beneficial to cleaning;

3. The bristles are thin and soft, with appropriate length, good resilience, and the top of the bristles is round to avoid damaging teeth and gums.

4. The brush handle is moderate in length and width, with sufficient emphasis and hardness, in line with ergonomics, convenient to hold, and preferably has anti-skid design.

Six, electric toothbrush

Early electric toothbrushes simply imitated the way of brushing teeth in front and back movement, and the brushing effect was lower than that of manual toothbrushes. With the progress of technology, the movement form, driving mode and brush head design of electric toothbrushes have been greatly improved. For those whose brushing effect of manual toothbrushes is not ideal, electric toothbrushes can be appropriately selected to ensure oral cleaning effect.

Author: He Wei

The article was reprinted by Clove Garden authorized by the author.