What’s the difference between the paper used to wipe your ass and the paper used to wipe your mouth?

Paper, as one of the four great inventions in ancient China, has promoted the progress of human civilization.

We have a beloved [Grandpa Mao], endless books, newspapers and magazines, and endless examination papers.

We know not only how to wipe our mouths but also how to wipe our mouths when we eat, and we don’t just rely on swinging and hands to solve the problem after we eat.

So, the problem is… … …

Is the paper used to wipe your ass the same as the paper used to wipe your mouth?

Don’t laugh, this is really difficult to answer.

Simply put, it’s different.

There are differences between the hygiene standards of [paper towel] and [toilet paper] in our country.

Tissue paper

That is, facial tissues and napkins used for wiping faces and mouths. The [Implementation Standard] on the packaging is GB20808, which requires the total number of bacterial colonies to be less than 200 cfu/g.

Toilet paper

That is to say, toilet paper for wiping fart, such as various roll papers, has the implementation standard of GB20810, and the above index is less than 600 cfu/g.

It can be seen that from a biological point of view, toilet paper is not as hygienic as napkins.

The paper used to wipe the butt is generally not as sanitary as the paper used to wipe the mouth.

Some people may ask, what if it is used in reverse?

Can I wipe my ass with the paper that wipes my mouth?

If there is no shortage of money, in fact… GM is not recommended.

Toilet paper has a strong ability to absorb water, but its strength will become very poor after absorbing water. The advantage of this is that when they go to the toilet and go away along the whirlpool, they can be shattered to pieces instead of being stuck in the sewer.

However, if you wipe your mouth with them, the paper scraps stained with water will easily stay on the corners of your mouth. Or let me ask, have you ever wiped your face with toilet paper to wipe sweat?

The water absorption of paper towel paper is relatively weak, and the [efficiency] is also lower, which is more difficult to dry.

Simply put, you may be more [paper-consuming] than others. Especially when it is used by girlfriends.

Pay attention to it, we’d better get into the habit of distinguishing the two kinds of paper used in different parts. If you have to mix them, then be free.

Is yellow [natural color paper] better?

Over the years, more environmentally friendly [natural color paper] (seemingly primitive straw paper), which claims not to bleach, has become popular and costs much more than finished white paper. But…

Natural color and high price do not mean that quality can defeat white paper.

The reason why paper that has not been bleached is yellow is that it contains a large number of small molecular organic matters, especially colored phenols, which volatilize easily and give off some smell.

Without bleaching, this natural color paper is easily mixed with the smell of hay. Believe me, as an experimenter who has been dealing with straw for several years, I can assure you that this is not the smell of [herbal essence] you expect.

Bleaching is also a helpless act [for everyone’s good]. Although bleaching agents usually contain chlorine, it is said that there is a real risk of harm. For example, residual chlorine is a factor causing allergy. However, paper bleached according to the standard is no problem.

Is paper containing talcum powder carcinogenic?

Talcum powder is a common filler in the paper industry. Many people think it is carcinogenic, but it may be confused with asbestos.

Talcum powder is not carcinogenic.

Talcum powder is still allowed to be used in food processing, and it will not be inhaled into the lungs as easily as asbestos to cause diseases, so there is no need to worry too much.

As for other scented paper and paper printed with patterns, there is no need to worry. As an old saying goes, as long as it is bought through regular channels.

If you buy [Heart Similar] or [Qingfeng], then no one can guarantee that there will be what moths in it.