Which one should breast augmentation surgery choose? Three Cases Take You to Learn More

Breast is not only a lactation organ, but also an important part of a woman’s lithe and graceful figure curve.

Because of heredity and various acquired factors, many female beauty seekers are deeply troubled by too small breasts. Although there are various methods of breast augmentation, some women are still deterred by fear of surgery and fear of side effects.

Let me use real cases to give you a more perceptual understanding of breast augmentation surgery.

Case 1

Miss W is a thin college graduate who has not yet married and had children. Her breasts are not small, but she hopes to create a career line.

Surgical plan

According to Miss W’s situation, we recommended to her the breast augmentation method of implanting silicone gel prosthesis.


  1. The breast augmentation method of silicone gel prosthesis can place the prosthesis under breast or pectoralis major muscle, and its advantages are definite effect, immediate effect, and no influence on lactation and lactation in the future.

  2. Prosthesis implantation usually selects hidden parts such as armpit, areola edge or inferior breast fold to make incision, but scar of incision after operation may still be found.


  1. If the breast of the beauty seeker is very small, the implantation of silicone gel prosthesis can make the appearance close to nature, but the touch will appear somewhat stiff.

  2. Hematoma caused by surgical injury or hemorrhage may stimulate the body to produce fibers, wrap the prosthesis and contracture, causing prosthesis deformation and breast morphological changes. At this time, the prosthesis needs to be removed.

Case 2

Miss Z is a slightly fat married woman. She has no plans to give birth or breast-feed again in the future. Moreover, although her breast atrophy is not obvious, she hopes to return to the state before breast-feeding as much as possible.

Surgical plan

I told her that there are two commonly used breast augmentation surgery methods: silicone gel prosthesis implantation and autologous fat injection. After introducing the two surgical methods to her, Miss Z chose autologous fat injection for breast augmentation.


  1. The greatest advantage of autologous fat injection is to kill two birds with one stone. It not only completes the sculpture of the body curve, but also transplants the extracted fat to increase the breast volume. There is a poem saying: We don’t produce breast beauty, we are just fat porters.

  2. The hand feeling after fat injection for breast augmentation is softer and close to the natural breast.


  1. The survival rate of fat transplantation varies greatly among individuals and can fluctuate between 30% and 70%. Some beauty lovers need multiple injections to achieve the ideal effect.

  2. Unsurviving fat may form small fiber packages and even calcification spots, which will affect the accuracy of mammography diagnosis in the future to some extent.

  3. Although doctors will inject fat into the superficial fat layer as much as possible, it is difficult to avoid accidental injury during the operation, so strictly speaking, lactation function may still be affected.

Case 3

The individual situation and requirements of every beauty seeker are different, such as Miss F. The 27-year-old unmarried woman’s breasts have hardly developed since puberty, and her boyfriend jokingly said that she could not distinguish the positive from the negative.

After palpation and ultrasound examination, it was found that the breast was almost as small as that of an undeveloped child. In this way, women with very small mammary glands will definitely feel very hard when they make silicone gel prostheses, so she hopes fat injection for breast augmentation will ensure the hand feeling.

According to our clinical experience and relevant laboratory studies, if the breast itself is very small, the local pressure after fat injection is high, which is not conducive to fat survival. Besides, Miss F is very thin and the source of fat is not sufficient.

Surgical plan

We suggest that she adopt the combined method of negative pressure suction and fat injection.

  1. First, use breast negative pressure aspirator (BRAVA) for 3 months. At the same time, through multi-meal and high-calorie food intake, increase body weight and adipocyte volume. After 3 months of suction, the skin of the breast is loosened.

  2. In the first liposuction, we obtained nearly 300 mL of fat from both thighs and injected it into both breasts respectively. After operation, combined with BRAVA suction, fat survival was further promoted. Magnetic resonance imaging showed that the survival rate of fat was almost half three months after operation.

  3. Three months later, we obtained 200 mL of fat from the lower abdomen. When we injected it into the breast for the second time, we corrected the asymmetry of bilateral breast size and continued BRAVA attraction. After three months of recovery, Miss F finally obtained a relatively satisfactory upper circumference.


  1. Through the combined method of negative pressure suction and fat injection, the survival rate of fat is increased and the hand feeling after breast augmentation is ensured.

  2. Because the breast itself is relatively large, it can be further upgraded by implanting prostheses in the future, while avoiding stiff hand feeling.


If you cannot maintain high calorie intake after transplantation, you cannot maintain fat volume. If you lose weight in the future, your breasts may also [lose weight].


Everyone has a love of beauty, but there is no hard and fast standard for beauty. More often than not, it is everyone’s own feelings. Some people love [choppy], while others think microemulsion is more beautiful.

Breast augmentation surgery is not mysterious or terrible, but it is very important to customize breast augmentation programs according to one’s own conditions and subjective wishes, which is also an important step to avoid complications and obtain ideal results as much as possible.

Responsible Editor: Haitang