Which [women’s diseases] should men also prevent?

Yes, you are right, some [women’s diseases] will also find men.

In fact, the so-called “women’s diseases” are only easier for women, but it does not mean that men will not suffer from these diseases.

Men also get breast cancer

Everyone knows that women will get breast cancer, but men may also be breast cancer if they have the following symptoms:

    There is a lump in the breast. The nipple sank in. The nipple flowed out of red liquid. The breast swelled and became bigger.

Once there are these abnormal changes, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. If breast cancer can be found as soon as possible, the general therapeutic effect is better.

Men also get osteoporosis

Women usually lack exercise more than men, and after menopause, all physical indicators will decline (especially estrogen levels will decline), which is prone to osteoporosis. In fact, men, too, age, smoking and drinking, these factors will affect bone health.

Both men and women should do these three things to prevent osteoporosis:

1. Timely calcium supplement

Timely calcium supplement can well treat and prevent osteoporosis, how to supplement? Click here to see < < 10 Suggestions on Calcium Supplement > >

Step 2: Keep exercising

It is difficult to make the calcium supplement work just by paying attention to calcium supplement but not doing exercise. Running, jumping, cycling and striding are all beneficial to bone health.

3. Regular physical examination

Most of the time osteoporosis has no obvious symptoms. Only through bone mineral density test can bone loss be determined, so regular physical examination is required.

Men also get lupus erythematosus

In the pre-menopause stage, more than 90% of lupus erythematosus patients are women. Among the population aged 20-40, female lupus erythematosus patients are also more common.

However, if men have the following conditions, they may also have lupus erythematosus:

    The face appeared butterfly-shaped erythema long-term fever, high body temperature long-term arthralgia memory becomes worse and worse.

At present, there is no very simple method to detect lupus erythematosus, so once these symptoms occur, we must pay attention to them and see a doctor in time.

Men can also be infected with HPV.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common cause of sexually transmitted diseases. Its family [has a large population] and is medically called different [subtypes].

In most cases, the HPV [carried] by women is [low-risk subtype], which may cause verruca plana and generally does not cause serious problems. However, some dangerous [high-risk subtypes] can not only lead to cervical cancer, but also harm men and even cause penis cancer. Click here to see < >

To do these three things, we can deal with HPV:

STEP 1 Pay Attention to Physical Abnormalities

Unusual hyperplasia, tumor or ulcer is found in genitals, oral cavity, throat, etc., and medical treatment is required immediately.

Step 2: Pay attention to hygiene

Women can detect HPV through cervical smear examination, but men do not have a good detection method, so they should pay attention to the hygiene of sexual behavior at ordinary times, such as using condoms and avoiding promiscuity.

3. HPV vaccination

Since HPV vaccines have not yet been listed in the mainland, they can only go to Hong Kong for the time being. Click here to see < < It is a how experience to go to Hong Kong for HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer? > >

Men also get migraines

Studies have shown that women are three times more likely to suffer from migraine than men, which is related to fluctuations in hormone levels in women, but even so, many men suffer from migraine.

If these situations occur, you should find a doctor to deal with them in time:

    The headache is very severe, vomiting during headache, sensitive to light, and the location and duration of headache are not fixed.

The key to preventing migraine is to remove inducements, such as strenuous exercise, smoking, drinking, etc. In addition, drinking more water and ensuring adequate sleep can also help prevent migraine.