Who should listen to so many rumors about cancer prevention and treatment?

In this era, there are too many kinds of information to distinguish. When it comes to [cancer], there are more statements.

Soymilk cannot be drunk, it will cause cancer.

Acidic constitution is the root of cancer.

If you have cancer, you can’t do radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It’s better not to do it.

… …

Doctor Clove said, all this! Yes! Fake! Yes!

So, how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable statements?

Dr. Clove will give you three or four tips on how to simply identify the pseudoscience about anti-cancer, and tell your family and friends by hand. Don’t be cheated. If you don’t say anything about pocketing money, you will also hurt your body!

Don’t believe anyone who demonizes formal treatment.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the [three axes] for the treatment of cancer.

Some so-called methods to cure cancer will first criticize the three major treatments, such as

Surgery leads to the spread of cancer;

Chemotherapy will destroy the patient’s immunity.

Radiotherapy is all radiation;

… …

After some alarmist talk, everyone will feel [ah, it is really terrible to go to the hospital, it is simply murder for money]. At this time, it is the most deeply rooted in the hearts of the people to talk about how magical their therapeutic effects are or how effective health products are.

Therefore, the simplest identification method is-once regular treatment is demonized, 99.9% of them are rumors when compared with their own products.

Even health care products with approval documents, cupping, acupuncture, decoction and other [traditional Chinese medicine treatment] as people say, cannot replace the regular treatment of tumors, let alone those strange methods of unknown origin.

Don’t believe in hearsay [secrets]

As an oncologist, I have a personal experience: my uncle was diagnosed with liver metastasis, lung metastasis and ascites from his stomach.

At this time, there is basically no good treatment method. The whole family is crazy. I don’t know where the family learned about a magical [anticancer holy water]. A small bottle costs hundreds of dollars. After buying it back for uncle to drink, of course, there is no therapeutic effect.

For example, there are also some patients with breast cancer and nasopharyngeal carcinoma who, after regular treatment, take some health care products or [ancestral secret recipe] in the later period, and their survival time and quality of life are good. They attribute the work to these health care products and secret recipe, and do not think it is the effect brought by regular treatment. These few, individual cases cannot be the guidance or reference for cancer prevention.

If an anti-cancer method is really very effective, it will have long been known and promoted by professionals, instead of just staying in hearsay [secret recipe] or [story].

TV commercials, search results, be extra careful

Many local stations are the hardest hit areas for various anti-cancer health products, folk secret recipes and various irregular private hospitals. In these televisions, cheats will be responsible for some [health programs], usually inviting experts or professors with various titles to be interviewed in the form of symposiums. Others are directly and nakedly bombing products and new technologies and touting their curative effects.

Another way is to search. Now almost everyone has their own smart phones. When searching the Internet, what information is available. At this time, it is often possible to fall into the trap of swindlers.

Therefore, you must be careful about the information you learn from TV or the Internet.

In fact, any regular hospital and regular and effective treatment will not be advertised on TV. The hospital with the best therapeutic effect is often a well-known hospital in a region. Even if it does not advertise, it is still overcrowded every day.

The simplest way

I’ll teach you a trick to see through cheats and not spend money in vain-

When you hear someone say that so-and-so product has a particularly good anti-cancer effect, don’t rush to pay for a month’s pension. Scan the two-dimensional code below and ask the oncologist.