Is milk tea unhealthy food? How deep is your misunderstanding of milk tea?

How deep is your misunderstanding of milk tea?

Is milk tea junk food? Heat bomb?

It’s all made of creamer, all trans fat?

The pearls in milk tea are actually plastic?

After drinking hundreds of cups of milk tea, you still don’t understand it.

Milk tea and milk tea are different

Milk tea, as its name implies, is milk + tea. However, this milk and tea are not simple.

    Milk: milk, light milk, creamer (vegetable fat powder), vegetable fat milk tea: black tea, green tea, oolong tea, scented tea… Of course, instant tea powder is also useful.

Almost all milk teas on the market are free combinations of the above teas and milk, plus different sugars (syrup) or additives such as essence and pigment.

What kind did you drink?

Today, with Dr. Clove, I drank milk tea seriously.

Milk tea sold in supermarkets

    Instant milk tea, cup brewed milk tea: cups can be connected around the earth several times bottled milk tea: cold and hot drinks are suitable for both.

Everyone knows the advantages: convenient and cheap, making a cup of hot milk tea this season warms hands and hearts.

As for shortcomings, they cannot be ignored.

1. The Creamer You Worry Most about

Creamer is not refined milk and has nothing to do with milk.

In fact, you can see cream solid vegetable fat powder and coffee companion with changed names in many places. Liquid cream balls and vegetable fat milk are actually it.

The main ingredients of creamer are hydrogenated vegetable oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, sodium aluminosilicate… Although the names are various and complicated, these do not affect health very much.

The reason why many people are afraid of creamer lies in [hydrogenated vegetable oil], which may contain [trans fat] harmful to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

However, what needs to be clarified is that creamer ≠ trans fat.

Due to the improvement of raw materials and production technology, the trans fat content in many creamer products is very low now. If you pay attention to the product packaging, many milk teas are marked [trans fat-free].

Dr. Clove: According to China’s laws and regulations, if the trans fat content in every 100 g of food is ≤ 0.3 g, it can be marked as [0].

Why should milk tea use cream instead of milk?

It is very simple, because it is cheap, and the milk tea made by creamer is more fragrant and smooth. If you don’t believe you can make a cup of milk tea with milk + tea bag, it certainly doesn’t have such mellow taste.

2. Sugar, good polysaccharide!

No matter instant milk tea or cup bottled milk tea, even if there is no trans fat, the sugar content is almost above 10%, one word: sweet.

STEP 3 Not good to drink

This article does not explain.

Price: 1 ~ 6 yuan

Suggestion: It is good to drink occasionally. If you drink one bottle a day, you will soon gain weight.

Milk Tea Shop: Creamer Milk Tea

There is a big problem with milk tea shops on the streets:

Ingredients and nutrients are unknown. In short, you don’t know what kind of materials the store uses:

What is the quality of creamer? Is there much trans fat? How much sugar did you add? Are the raw materials safe?

Dr. Clove consulted some test data: a cup of milk tea (450 mL) from a milk tea shop had trans fat content ranging from 1 to 4 g.

According to China’s trans fat intake limit-no more than 2 g per day, if you drink this milk tea for many years, it will indeed endanger cardiovascular health.

One more word: Don’t buy the fruity milk tea (what papaya milk tea and taro milk tea) with a few dollars. It is almost entirely made of pigment and essence. You don’t think it has what fruit nutrition.

Price: 3 ~ 10 yuan

Suggestion: Only drink occasionally. Although it may contain trans fat, it is no problem to drink it once in a while. Don’t scare yourself.

It is suggested to choose a reliable chain brand with a hygiene rating above B.

The milk tea sold on the market is usually packed in large cups, with a cup of calories > 300 calories. Even if you feel young and don’t have to worry about your heart, you have to be afraid of getting fat, right?

Milk Tea Shop: Milk Milk Tea

Now more and more beverage shops begin to use milk to make milk tea.

If you choose sugar-free or micro-sugar, this milk tea will be a great choice.

Price: 12 ~ 25 yuan/cup

Suggestion: Recommended! Be sure to ask your boss for sugar-free or micro-sugar.

Hong Kong-style milk tea, the most famous, is [silk stockings milk tea]

Hong Kong milk tea = light milk + black tea + granulated sugar (or not)

Light milk, also called flower milk, is obtained after distilling some water from milk. It can be considered as [concentrated milk]. Apart from slightly more fat than milk, it is actually healthier. Moreover, it has no fishy smell of milk and is very suitable for making milk tea and dessert.

The tea aroma is strong, the milk aroma is smooth, and there is no need to worry about trans fat.

Price: 10 ~ 22 yuan/cup

Suggestion: Boss, have a cup of silk stockings/mandarin duck milk tea with less sugar!

By the way, please don’t drink at night, you know.