Why are some people allergic to metal jewelry?

Gold, the light of my life, the fire of my desire, my evil thoughts, my soul!

A gold ornament weighing the head can make you complacent as a promise of love at the wedding, and can also make you find a bright spot when you raise your hand in the ordinary life of daily necessities!

Oh, this dazzling light is so bright and blind that people don’t love it!

However, it is also wearing gold and silver. Some people shine brightly, while others can only produce erythema at the contact area: allergy.


Jewelry allergy is how to return a responsibility?

As soon as you wear gold and silver, you are allergic, not necessarily to gold and silver. It may be that the electroplated layer on the surface is at fault.

Nickel, a white metal with large output, has been widely used in electroplating since 1950s due to its low cost, good glossiness and corrosion resistance.

Jewelry made of nickel-containing electroplating solution has a bright appearance and is very close to the color of platinum. However, nickel is also a major problem causing metal allergy.

After many people come into contact with nickel-plated jewelry, erythema, papules and so on appear at the contact site, accompanied by obvious pruritus, and a few people with severe allergy can also develop systemic skin allergy.

Besides jewelry, other items can also be allergic.

In addition to nickel-plated jewelry, nickel-plated watches, glasses frames, leather heads and nickel-containing metal dentures are also the hardest hit areas.

Among the allergic reactions caused by these products, the result of denture allergy is the most painful.

Because other items are usually cured quickly as long as they are taken off and no longer contacted, even if they are not cured by using some antiallergic drugs, but if the denture allergy is to be removed from the allergen, it must be pulled out.

The cause of allergy needs to be checked to confirm

The relationship between this disease and contact history is so close that most people believe that the cause of allergy is [contact with metal products].

As a matter of fact, everyone knows but does not know why. It is only the material problem of jewelry itself and does not know that it is caused by electroplating process.

It was not until I went to the hospital for allergen tests that I realized that the main culprit was nickel plating on the outside.

In fact, no matter whether the bread is real gold or silver, as long as the electroplated layer in direct contact with the human body contains nickel, people with allergic constitution are prone to rash after contact.

Can metal allergy be cured?

Allergy, which is called allergy in medicine, is a very large and complicated topic. Its classification, individualization and complexity make people unable to completely and thoroughly study it so far.

Therefore, the so-called [cure] is out of the question.

From the statistical data, we can find out some of the most common allergens to guide clinicians to consult and treat.

When we go to see a doctor for skin allergy, doctors usually ask whether we have eaten high-protein foods, whether we have been exposed to dust, paint, cat and dog hair, cement, nickel-plated jewelry… These are common allergens in our life.

The best way to avoid allergy is to stay away from allergens.

Have a history of metal allergy, can I wear jewelry?

If you want not to be allergic, you can start from these three points.

1. Selecting inert metal products

Generally speaking, inert metals seldom cause allergy due to their stable properties, so even the sales staff of jewelry counters know how to sincerely advise people who are prone to allergy to choose ornaments made of platinum, high-purity gold, sterling silver and other materials.

2. Selecting a good electroplating process product

The process of electroplating layer in direct contact with skin is also crucial for anti-allergy. If neither the electroplating layer nor the inner material contains nickel, people who are allergic to nickel can wear it at ease.

3. Choose products from regular manufacturers

In the products of regular large manufacturers, coatings composed of inert metals such as rhodium and palladium are generally used, which are not allergic, but the cost is much higher than that of palladium and nickel coatings.

For large manufacturers, although the cost is high, it also stabilizes the brand’s reputation. However, due to limited scale and capital, the metal jewelry produced by small workshops may not have this guarantee.

As for some [platinum] and [platinum plated] jewelry that can be bought and mailed on the Internet for dozens of dollars, the price is far from the market, not to mention the cost of gold, even the cost of a better coating is not enough.

Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should choose and buy accessories suitable for themselves from regular manufacturers in order to reduce the possibility of allergy.

Responsible Editor: BruceLi