Why are some people [Penis] curved?

What is the curved Penis like?

As a urologist, I have probably seen more Penis than you have eaten. Straight, curved, some people believe in off the charts, some people feel ashamed (covering their faces).

According to the definition of Mayo Clinic, Bent Penis refers to the bending of Penis in the left-right direction or up and down direction under erection.

Feel a little abstract? Look at the picture:

Think of the rocker chassis as your lower abdominal plane. Penis can bend left and right along the X-axis or up and down along the Y-axis. As for the bend along the Z-axis… there is no brain supplement.

Is it normal for Penis to bend?

For the vast majority of men, this is too normal and is not a disease at all.

This situation is so normal that I have not found any data on the incidence of Penis curvature. It is like some people’s nose is upturned, others have hawk-shaped nose, because of the polymorphism of human genes and phenotypes.

Is there anything abnormal?

There is a degree in everything. If the nose bends down to block the nostrils and affect breathing, it needs to be treated as a disease. Penis’s bending is also the case. If it affects life, it needs to be paid attention to.

As a disease, Penis curvature corresponds to [penile curvature] in English to show the difference. It is called penile curvature. The causes of penile curvature are divided into congenital and acquired two categories:

    Congenital penile curvature: Incidence is less than 1%. Most of them are related to lower/upper urethral fissure, causing abnormal development of cavernous body of penis, which leads to penile curvature. Acquired penile curvature: There are two common causes, trauma and Peroni’s disease.


Do you see these two words, the lower body has a dull pain? Please remember one sentence: Don’t imitate actions with too high difficulty coefficient easily.

Peyronie’s disease

In China, this disease is also translated as cavernous sclerosis of penis, which is a connective tissue disease and can be divided into acute phase and chronic phase.

    Acute phase: Symptoms are mainly penis pain and palpable induration, It may also be accompanied by gradual formation of penis curvature. Chronic phase: 90% of patients have pain symptoms that can be relieved, palpable induration gradually stabilizes and calcification, and about 50% of patients have penis curvature that tends to stabilize, but some may worsen. However, the problem is that 48% of patients will suffer from depression due to their penis curvature.

As for the English name of the disease, It was from Fran ç ois Gigot de la Peyronie (1678-1747), a French surgeon who was the chief surgeon of French Emperor Louis XV. He was also the first doctor to systematically describe and report sclerosis of the penis. Unlike other surgical pioneers who made history, his name is not only forever engraved on the monument of human medical cause, but also forever tied to the male Penis… … …

Do you want to treat Penis’s bending?

If there is no erectile pain, erectile dysfunction, dysuria and other problems, does not affect the normal sex life, curved Penis does not need treatment.

Worries stem from the unknown. I hope this article can help everyone dispel some doubts about Penis’s bending.

Male friends should not feel inferior because of your curved Penis. As long as it does not affect [entry and exit], curved Penis may help you and your partner to lead straight to the great harmony of life!